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Interviews If you ask one of the 80's most respectable Thrash Metal/Crossover bands, we just point Cryptic Slaughter. Their name is still being echoed, because they are fastest Crossover band in history, as well as they inspired to Grindcore genre. A band who plays Grindcore, certainly you can see they have been influenced from Cryptic Slaughter. Firstly, when they showed the excellent combination of Thrash Metal, Hardcore and Punk, their ages were under 18. The band dissolved in 1990 but their marks in metal history, aren't being forgotten. And interview with Cryptic Slaughter from

MORBIDZINE: Hello. Firstly, we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. How are you? What's band's recent position? Can you tell us?

SCOTTY: I'm doing great. And the band has been broken up since 1988.

MORBIDZINE: You released an EP called "Band in S.M." in 2003 which contains cover songs.. What was about the critics in U.S.A.?

SCOTTY: I know the fans really enjoyed it, don't really know what the critics thought of it. We never cared what they thought of us any ways.

MORBIDZINE: Cryptic Slaughter is always an esteemed, legend band for underground scene and inspired to many bands. If we don't know wrong you have financial and manager problems. Why did you disband in 1990? Which factors had effected you?

SCOTTY: It wasn't for those reasons. We were all young at that time I know Bill wanted to go to college, Les wanted to move to Portland and we all just felt CS had ran it's course.

MORBIDZINE: Especially you reached to huge position on Thrash/Crossover genre and you helped the creation of Death Metal, Grindcore genres. Well, what do you think about band's profile from past till today?

SCOTTY: We're all very happy with what we accomplished with CS and we're all very stolked on how our fan base is still growing every day!

MORBIDZINE: Now we want to return to formation days. How was band formed? Which bands has inspired to your music mostly?

SCOTTY: Les, Bill and I (Scotty) met through a mutual friend from playing soccer, and I met Rob through a juinor high school friend. When we first started out we were inspired by bands like Slayer, Venom, Motorhead, Bad Brains, DK, GBH, Black Flag, but also by newer bands at that time like RKL, Excel and Wheremacht.

MORBIDZINE: When the band was founded you were very young. Which difficulties have you met?

SCOTTY: None really. We always played all ages shows, so the only problem was asking my mom for rides to the shows. LOL!

MORBIDZINE: Have you ever been inspired from UK82 movement in U.K.?

SCOTTY: I would say Bill and I were a little. He was a Sex Pistol fan and I grew up on The Clash. But the whole band was fans of The Subhumans and Conflict.

MORBIDZINE: Your debut album "Convicted" brought you one of the fastest Hardcore band reputation. Fast drums, speedy and catchy riffs, sharp vocals... But 1987's "Money Talks" was talked as band's best album. Do you believe this album was a specific in band's discography?

SCOTTY: I believe that "Convicted" was a great album, but we were new at recording and some of the songs were songs we had written when we first go together. "Money Talks" was produced better, the songs and the song writting was better as well. We were also better players by the time we went to record "Money Talks".

MORBIDZINE: And if someone ask me which album shows excellent mixing of Punk and Metal, I can say "Money Talks" and "Stream of Consciousness" as examples. But we know you have met problems too much during recording of "Stream of Consciousness". How were these problems happened?

SCOTTY: Again it was just us being young and dealing with being in a successful band, touring, going to school and just being teenagers. We were always around each other and at the same time we were also finding out who we were as people.

MORBIDZINE: On "Speak Your Peace" album, band's music contains some Grunge elements. Do you really think Grunge movement has influenced you?

SCOTTY: Well you would have to ask Les about that since he was the only original member of CS who played on that record.

MORBIDZINE: Which shows were unforgettable or special for band? Could you give some examples?

SCOTTY: They all were special. We got to play with a lot of great bands, in all different parts of the country and we got to play for some of the craziest fans in the world!

MORBIDZINE: Many old and new Cryptic Slaughter fans want to see you on scene. Do you think making a new album or shows?

SCOTTY: Well I know we get told everyday that we should reform and make a new record. But we're all happy with where we left CS and we're all happy with where we're at in our lifes. So sorry to say there will be no new CS record or tour.

MORBIDZINE: We know Katon De Pena was familiar of band. How did this friendship began?

SCOTTY: We met him at a Slayer show in 1985 and became good friends!

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about Crossover and Thrash Metal genres? Do you follow new Crossover bands?

SCOTTY: I think it's great that bands like DRI, The Accused and the Crumbsuckers are still doing it. As far as new crossover bands I really like Municipal Waste, those guys are bad ass!

MORBIDZINE: Thanks to this great band for this interview by Morbidzine. And thanks all your works till now. We hope Crpytic Slaughter legend will return one day again. Do you want to add last message to fans?

SCOTTY: Thanks to all the die hard CS fans that have been with us since day one and still are to this day! Because of you the new generation knows of us. SO THANK YOU AND YOU RULE!!!
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:30 Gönderen: Sodom
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