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Interviews When we firstly contacted with Pat O'Brien of Cannibal Corpse, honestly it was true "we have thought it would be kick-ass and bloody interview". But as we've realized, Pat is very busy or don't want to give a fuck about answering the questions. So while we were mentioning "cruel guys of death metal", the result was the short answers of Pat... :)

MORBIDZINE: Hi... Firstly, we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. What has band been doing since the last album "Kill"? What about critics in U.S.A. and other countries?

PAT O'BRIEN: Yes we are happy with him and will use him again.

MORBIDZINE: You have worked for last album with Erik Rutan, and we saw that album is quite successful. Well, were you pleased from Rutan and do you think working again on new album with him?

PAT O'BRIEN: Yes we are happy with him and will use him again.

MORBIDZINE: How were the critics of audience in Brazil tour and Wacken Open Air?

PAT O'BRIEN: Brazil and Wacken were great.

MORBIDZINE: 2004's "Wretched Spawn" was talked with technical structure songs. Especially guitars.. Have you really wanted to make technical music expressly? Which factors has effected you?

PAT O'BRIEN: It's a natural progression of the band.

MORBIDZINE: We don't want distinction about Cannibal Corpse albums but many fans think that "Eaten Back to Life" (1990), "Butchered At Birth" (1991) and "Tomb of the Mutilated" (1992) are very special albums in band's career. And we also can't forget these albums because we think these are masterpieces in Death Metal history. Do you believe these albums are special?

PAT O'BRIEN: All Cannibal albums are special in their own way.

MORBIDZINE: Cannibal Corpse tours to many places in every year without distinguishing. Are you usually pleased from audience?


MORBIDZINE: We listened Cannibal Corpse's first instrumental song called "From Skin to Liquid" on "Gallery of Suicide" and this was very tasteful song. Who gave this song's idea?


MORBIDZINE: I can give some example songs which were special for me like "Make Them Suffer", "Festering In The Crypt", "Nothing Left To Mutilate" and many others. Which songs do you enjoy mostly when you play at scene?

PAT O'BRIEN: There are none imparticular. We like playing them all.

MORBIDZINE: Cannibal Corpse's music still shows us 90's early Old School Death Metal. This is excellent. From past till today how do you characterize Cannibal Corpse's music and band's profil?

PAT O'BRIEN: Death Metal

MORBIDZINE: You produce sicker, crazier, gore covers on every new album. Mad doctors, shredded corpses, zombies etc. How are these ideas created?

PAT O'BRIEN: We come up with concepts and give them to Vince Locke.

MORBIDZINE: People usually compares the fans of America and Europe each other. What can you say about this?

PAT O'BRIEN: Fans are fans they rule.

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about new Guttural Slam/Deathcore bands? Do you follow any?

PAT O'BRIEN: If it's good I listen.

MORBIDZINE: And can we learn your ideas about New York, Florida or U.S.A. Death Metal? Which bands do you listen?

PAT O'BRIEN: Once again if it's good I listen too many to mention.

MORBIDZINE: As band, which horror movies has inspired you?

PAT O'BRIEN: As for me, Cannibal Holocaust, Shogun Assassin, Eraserhead, there are alot not all have to be horror movies and movie about people killing and people getting killed. Check out the new Rambo

MORBIDZINE: At last years, bands record at home by computer and they release it. So we see the increasing of bands and genres but the result is poor quality. What can you say about this?

PAT O'BRIEN: Good for them if thats waht they can afford and want to do.

MORBIDZINE: Adam Pfeffer and Veronica Valenzuela covered "Stripped, Raped and Strangled" and it was very cruel although playing by piano. Do you like this cover?

PAT O'BRIEN: Yes it's killer.

MORBIDZINE: If we don't think wrong, your new album will be released in 2009. What will fans see on new album? Can you tell us?

PAT O'BRIEN: More brutality. You won't be disappointed.

MORBIDZINE: Thanks to this legend band for interview again by Morbidzine. We will wait and follow your new works. Do you want to add last message to fans?

PAT O'BRIEN: Stay sick, stay brutal, support the scene. and when the new album comes out fucking buy it!!
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:33 Gönderen: Sodom
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