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Hoşgeldin, Misafir
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Interviews You know Tygers Of Pan Tang, if you want to say NWOBHM.. They knocked down 30 years and they still continue in the same way. Their debut album called "Wild Cat" in 1980, was a milestone in NWOBHM movement with other classic albums of same year. Later, they have released another masterpieces like "Spellbound", "Crazy Nights" and this year their 9th studio album called "Animal Instict" will be released. Recently, Robb Weir who is the founder/leader and guitarist of band, answered our questions. We thank Robb Weir and band's manager Simon Morton for this great interview.

MORBIDZINE: Hello... Firstly we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. Tygers Of Pan Tang released an EP last year and we saw some tracks re-recorded. What's about critics in U.K.? Especially new versions of "Hellbound", "Rock 'N' Roll Man" and "Take It"?

ROBB WEIR: Thank you for this opportunity to talk to your readers! The reviews we have had have all been fantastic. We have been very careful when re-recording the old songs to make sure they sounded fresh and relevant but at the same time still keeping with their NWOBHM edge and raw- ness..

MORBIDZINE: The new album "Animal Instict" will be released in the forthcoming months and this album is spoken nowadays, it is said to remind band's legend albums like "Wild Cat" and "Spellbound". Well, can you tell us new album?

ROBB WEIR: The new album has a 'Classic Hard Rock,' sound to it, a sound which nobody is really producing now. The songs are in the vain of our first two releases but with the benifit of to-day's technology. So drums sound bigger, guitars fatter, bass deeper and much better vocal sounds. The album really rocks from start to finish, if your readers love eraly 80s British hard Rock its a must purchase.

MORBIDZINE: Your last studio album "Noises from the Cathouse" was quite fresh, powerful and it had good production. Although Tygers Of Pan Tang has never left old NWOBHM roots. This is excellent, what do you think about band's music from past till today?

ROBB WEIR: Bands do change there style sometimes, maybe that's because of a new member or members coming into the band with there particular style of song writting. The balance in the band is perfect at the moment and our song writing and musical direction is finely tuned. 'Noises,' was a slightly different direction for us, but the new album see's us return to our beginnings of raw hard rock'n'roll.

MORBIDZINE: Who gave the name "Tygers Of Pan Tang". What is the meaning of it?

ROBB WEIR: The name came from a sci-fi book called, 'Stormbringer,' by Michael Moorcock. In the book there were the cliffs of 'Pan Tang' which were guarded by Tigers in this empire. The two elements were put together and the name the TYGERS OF PAN TANG came about courtesy of Rocky who was our original bass player.

MORBIDZINE: And "Wild Cat" legend. It was a unique, characteristic album that combining the elements of 70's Hard Rock sound with pure Heavy Metal. How were the ideas created of this album? Can you tell us this session?

ROBB WEIR: When I wrote the songs for Wildcat I had a vision of how I wanted the Tygers to sound, hard fast, heavy and above all exciting. Having watched all the best acts around at the time, Uriah Heep, SAHB, Nazareth, Van Halen, AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Rush, ZZ Top and so many more, I was well focused on what I wanted and in which direction to go with the Tygers. Wildcat took about a year to write, I had to make sure every song was just what I wanted. Every song brought something different to the record, just like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I am very proud of that album.

MORBIDZINE: I don't want to distinguish your albums but I think "Wild Cat", "Spellbound", "Crazy Nights" were masterpiece albums in NWOBHM genre. But the band's mission has never been fame. How do you see band's profile?

ROBB WEIR: I think every band's underlying mission is to become famous and achieve great success. The first three albums were Hard Rock but the fourth was written for us by outside song writers (in the main) and was a much softer AOR American sound which MCA wanted us to have. They felt we should 'crossover' more and have a wider appeal to sell more albums and crack america like Def Leppard did. This did not aggre with us at the time and although the album has an excellent sound it is a little too polished, a little too nice, if you know what i mean. The hard edge of the Tygers is missing. So we gave up any chance of fame and fortune due to musical integrity.

MORBIDZINE: "Spellbound" was one of the hardest album of band. As it was an Heavy metal album at the same time it was containing some Speed Metal elements. What's your ideas about this album's musical line?

ROBB WEIR: Spellbound goes from, 'The Story So Far,' to, 'Gangland' mediun paced rockers to out and out rockers. The whole album has fantastic Riffs just waiting to thrill you. I am also very proud of that album and I know John is too because his contribution was tremendous, fantastic guitarist. I still think it sounds great to-day if you compare it to modern Rock of the same gendre. Live we play 9 songs from Wildcat,' and 'Spellbound,' because that is what the fans want to hear and we listen to our fans feedback and take it very seriously.

MORBIDZINE: We know Tygers Of Pan Tang breeded two bands in 1985. Tyger-Tyger and Tygers Of Pan Tang. What do you think about this? How were these events happened?

ROBB WEIR: 'Tyger Tyger,' was a project i started in 1984. I had written a whole album worth of songs and asked Jess if he wanted to contribute. We recorded the songs, but the album was never released. Only one track came to light, 'Small Town Flirt,' released on 'First Kill.' This was a compilation of all the early Neat studio recorded tracks before the Tygers signed to MCA in 1980.

MORBIDZINE: How was the band reformed in 1999?

ROBB WEIR: I got a call asking if I was available to play in a Tygers 20th aniversary reunion at a rock festival called 'Wacken Open Air,' in Germany. I had not played professionally for about 16 years at this point but became very excited at the thought of performing again.

MORBIDZINE: After reunion you gave a show in Wacken Open Air. What did you feel? How were the reactions of audience?

ROBB WEIR: The audience reaction was fantastic. Our performance was not the best but a 16 year break is a long time in rock'n'roll! Dokken and Saxon were on before us so we had it all to do to impress the rock public! We recorded a live album from that show as well.

MORBIDZINE: Why did band left from Z Records after 2001's "Mystica"? Promotion problems?

ROBB WEIR: We left Z Records because on a business front we were unrepresented at the time and felt that there was little future on building success together, recording an album and promotion are elements that go hand in hand, one will not work without the other. We had some concerns so say the least so we broke all ties which was th right thing to do.

MORBIDZINE: The band has met many line-up changes. Have you ever been worried about musical changes when any member was replaced?

ROBB WEIR: No not really because new members were very carefully choosen with regard to their musical tastes and performance. The current line up of thr Tygers has been together for four years and these boys are the best, believe me. Why dont you come and see for yourself!

MORBIDZINE: Can you give us some examples about specific shows in band's history?

ROBB WEIR: Out selling the Scorpions in Osaka in Japan. We played the same town same night, different venues and our promoter told us we had out sold them1 After the show when we went back to the hotel we found out the Scorps were staying in the same hotel. Needless to say we had a bit of a party!! We still hold the house record at 'La Theatre,' in Paris for the most amount of people ever to attend that venue to see a show! And it was the Tygers!

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about the past and future of NWOBHM? What are the differents from past till today?

ROBB WEIR: The NWOBHM scene was a fantastic period in music in which many great bands were 'born' some of the bands have stood the test of time and are still going to-day. Thankfully the Tygers are included in my last statement, here we are rockin' with the best in 2008, some 29 years on from when it all started! There are some great bands about to-day as well, but the whole scene does'nt seem to have that NWOBHM vibe. In 1980 music was a way of life for the fans, they got together, hung out at record shops, voted in there thousands for the Kerrang Awards for best Drummer, guitarist, vocalist. Every Friday and Saturday Night there would be sold out shows in pubs and clubs, everywhere an Amp could be plugged in there was live music. it was very magical to be part of.

MORBIDZINE: Did you listen Heathen's "Hellbound" and Kreator's "Gangland" covers. If you listened, did you like? What do you think?

ROBB WEIR: I think both bands have done a great job on covering our songs. They have put their 'twist' on them which i think is very interesting, a big thank you to Heathen and Kreator.

MORBIDZINE: Which bands do Tygers Of Pan Tang members follow and listen mostly in NWOBHM and other genres?

ROBB WEIR: We all like AC/DC, Saxon, Iron maiden, Def Leppard, Kiss, Motorhead and newer stuff like Rammestien and Dreamtheatre. Within the band there is such a huge diversity of musical tastes it never gets boring!

MORBIDZINE: At last years, new metal forms (like Nu Metal, Industrial Metal) joined to metal music but it is like a degeneracy. In example as a personal I don't like. How do you look to this point and today's metal scene? Do you support protecting Old School sound?

ROBB WEIR: Every style has its place and in some way connects with the fans, my chose would be classic Hard Rock because it is simple and globaly recognised. New metal can be very complicated but if you look at all time classic songs like 'Smoke On The Water,' or 'Whole lotta Rosie,' they are simple riffs but monster songs. Take nothing away from the musicianship on Nu Metal becuse them lads can play and can play extremely well.

MORBIDZINE: What's band's plans for future?

ROBB WEIR: The new album comes out in April, 'ANIMAL INSTINCT.' Lots more shows, summer festivals although these are proving difficult because of the touring schedule but we are doing everything we can to get everywhere, 'Back and beyond II will be released later in the year,' and we are hoping for shows in across Europe, USA and Japan. Thats just a start!

MORBIDZINE: Thank you so much again to this Heavy Metal legend by Morbidzine, we were honoured. We are waiting your new album impatiently. Do you want to add last message to fans?

ROBB WEIR: Thanks for reading this interview, please check out the new album, I promise you its a classic and if we play nearby come and see us if you can. Also dont be shy after the show, come and say 'Hello' we love talking to You, are fans. Keep rockin'n rollin,' Finally check out our website and myspace sites.

All The Best.........Robb x
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:37 Gönderen: Sodom
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