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Interviews This time, is with the Anvil which is the leader of Canadian metal/rock scene.. They knocked down 30 years in their career and they are milestone for Hard'n'Heavy, especially Speed Metal, even so they have went in a modest way. Now, Steve "Lips" Kudlow who is the founder and leader of band, he accepted us, we thank him. An interesting interview and honest answers...

MORBIDZINE: Hello Steve. How is it going? Before questions, we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. 13th studio album called "This Is Thirteen" was released last year and congratulations because we saw Anvil still plays Old School Metal.. Why did you choose the independent release?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: We decided to release independently because we make ten times the amount per cd sold. We have a movie that was made about us and it will provide all the promotion we will need.

MORBIDZINE: What was about critics in Canada?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: Critics in Canada are very nasty to Anvil. We have never been appreciated in our own country.

MORBIDZINE: Now "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" movie. I haven't watched it yet but I want to watch soon. As I read, this is really excellent movie that consisting of a Heavy/Speed Metal legend band's documents. Can you also introduce us this film?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: I have very little I’m aloud to mention on this subject.

MORBIDZINE: How have the ideas of this movie been created?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: The director was an old friend of the band and he thought it would be a great movie to show the dedication and perseverance of Robb and I.

MORBIDZINE: Ok I want to ask some questions about past. When you founded the band in 1978 which bands have inspired to your music? And can you tell us founding session?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: Ted Nugent, Kiss, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and all the rest of the hard rock- metal of the late 60s and 70s.

MORBIDZINE: When you released your debut "Hard'n'Heavy" did you really define your music with album's name?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: Originally the band was called LIPS but when we signed with Attic records we changed the name of the band to Anvil as to not confuse us with the disco band Lipps.Inc. The title of our first album made more sense with the name Anvil than it did as LIPS. We tried to describe our direction with the title.

MORBIDZINE: 1982's "Metal On Metal" was an unforgetable milestone in metal history. Great lyrics, speedy riffs, solid drums, high-pitched vocals... And the band has inspired to Thrash Metal movement too much. We don't want to distinguish but what's importance of this album for you?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: It was our first album we produced with Chris Tsangarides. The music on it was the blue print for Heavy Metal and every band on the planet copied and imitated it until we virtually were obliterated.

MORBIDZINE: You have left Attic Records after other legend album called "Forged In Fire". What were the problems?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: We had signed with David Krebbs who also managed Scorpions, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith and some others but he removed us from our record deal then didn’t get us another to replace what we lost. Eventually we recorded Strength of Steel on our own.

MORBIDZINE: Absolutely No Alternative's song "Old School".. What did you want to tell with this song? Shortly, what's main theme?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: The main theme is about the music that we love is from the old school of rock. It still is and always will be.

MORBIDZINE: Anvil has always been one of the creators, leaders of Speed Metal and Hard'n'Heavy genre. But the band has always protected position and never wanted the popularity. How do you look to popularity in metal? And what do you think about band's profile from past till today?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: It is important to always stay true to yourself and your fans. To sell out and become a Bon Jovi is not my idea of what Anvil is about. We represent integrity, dedication to our art, and a never say die attitude. Nothing has changed and it never will. We are stubborn eccentric people who would rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable.

MORBIDZINE: When we have listened your music since past we saw Anvil played Hard'n'Heavy, played Heavy Metal, played Speed/Thrash metal and Power metal and shortly we can say "Old School". Well, what do you think about Anvil's music from past till today again?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: Full circle… We tried to get as heavy as possible but found that we are best at just being ourselves and not to worry about what the song is…just create naturally and honestly.

MORBIDZINE: And two founder members; "You and Rob" since the first times... This must be unique, an excellent friendship. How did you meet with Rob?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: My friend in my grade 11 biology class set up a jam session at his house and Robb showed up. We’ve been friends since March 1973.

MORBIDZINE: Why did Ivan leave from band?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: He was laid off due to lack of needing him anymore. He hadn’t shown up for rehearsals and learned our songs for YEARS!!! We got very used to him not being there and when we played live he would play so quiet as to not reveal he didn’t know newer songs. It became a burden to the band and we just stopped calling him or telling him what was going on. Eventually he showed up about 4 months later to pick up his equipment. We never had to tell him he was fired and he never told us he quit. The problem just went away like a bad cold.

MORBIDZINE: As a leader of Canadian metal what do you think about other Canadian rock/metal bands like Rush, Exciter, Razor, Annihilator, Sacrifice, Infernal Majesty etc.. Do you follow and listen any?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: Actually I don’t pay any attention to what is going on with other bands from Canada. Only Rush and Annihilator are credible and viable bands. I don’t particularly like their music but I do respect them. My favourite Canadian band is Aprilwine.

MORBIDZINE: What's your ideas about past's, today's and future's metal scene? In your opinion, what were the differents?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: I’m not sure what to say other than I love the music of the past. The future is uncertain and the present is ok…

MORBIDZINE: What are you planning for future? A new record or others?


MORBIDZINE: Such as the degeneracy happened with new forms of metal like Nu-Metal, Industrial Metal. What do you think about this? (As a personal I hate this genres)

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: I know very little about this stuff so I can’t comment.

MORBIDZINE: Steve thank you so much for this interview by Morbidzine. We will be honoured. Congratulations for you still keep alive Anvil legend.
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:40 Gönderen: Sodom
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