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Interviews They were one of the bands that has perfectly deserved the term "90's underground death metal noise of Central Europe". Heavily influenced from German Thrash and morbid sound of Celtic Frost, the band was formed in the late 80's, so they especially hit the underground death metal scene with "Orthodox" and it has continued until "Dissuade Truth". Krabathor is not active band nowadays, but we contacted with Christopher to do an interview about band's current state and past.

MORBIDZINE: Hi Christopher, firstly we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. How are you? Can you tell us what has Krabathor been doing since the last album "Dissuade Truth"?

CHRISTOPHER: Ok no problem, my pleasure. After the D.T. CD Krabathor played a few more gigs and than we split up.

MORBIDZINE: Why did band leave from Morbid Records?

CHRISTOPHER: We were looking for some changes and the better deal for the band. But don't take me wrong Morbid Records is still good label.

MORBIDZINE: What factors have changed for band after you joined to System Shock?

CHRISTOPHER: System Shock took care of the band, gave us better deal. There was a problem with the band in the and and we haven't make too much money to the label.

MORBIDZINE: Krabathor is one of the biggest Death Metal bands in Europe and you have produced ultra fast, aggressive, raw and technical, extreme albums without leave your musical roots. But your mission has never been fame. What do you think about band's profile from past till today?

CHRISTOPHER: Yes, band changed a lot. We did wery good with Krabathor growth. We were trying to do different things but still stay heavy and aggressive. But in the and band faded away.

MORBIDZINE: As a personal I like "Lies" and "Orthodox" mostly. Of course, we don't distinguish your albums but can you say an example Krabathor album or albums which are specifics or milestones for you in band's discography?

CHRISTOPHER: Yes you right those albums are best. It was a good timing for those CD's, band was very popular. We had a good promotion, distribution, good line up...etc.

MORBIDZINE: We can see both of primitive and technical structure on Krabathor's songs. How do you usually prefer to make music? In example as a personal do you believe that to make primitive music means protecting amateur mood?

CHRISTOPHER: It's about how you feel it.I don' t think that simple music is worse than some other. Most of the time simple stuff is much more better than too complicated stuff. I would not say what to prefer, both ways are OK with me. You just wanna to do a good song.

MORBIDZINE: Now returning past. What kind of things inspired you when you gave "Krabathor" name?

CHRISTOPHER: There was an old story about the magician and his halper called Krabat. We used the name for it. First when we started the name of the band was Krabator and we changed it to Krabathor.

MORBIDZINE: I think you have influenced from German Thrash movement when you began to make music. Especially your debut "Only Our Death Is Welcome" had much Thrash influences. Well, can you give examples which bands has inspired to your music when you were founded?

CHRISTOPHER: There is many things and stuff what inspired us in the past. You r right that there were german bands too but not just all of them. My favourites were and are Venom, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Slayer, Vader, Morbid Angel...etc...

MORBIDZINE: When you gave your first show in front of 1500 fans in Prag what kind of emotions did you feel? How were the reactions of audience?

CHRISTOPHER: I was kinda concern at first but reactions of the people were great and we felt very good. It was our first show and we did good job,it helped us a lot to go farther.

MORBIDZINE: What kind of difficulties have you met during recording your demos "Pocity Detronizace" and "Feelings of Dethronisation" in 1991?

CHRISTOPHER: It was in the days where we haven' t had too many options to choose the studio. Not too many studios were around our city and we have had limited options. All the songs are recorded live and then we were doing some changes, vocals,leads...etc..

MORBIDZINE: If we don't think wrong, 1998's "Orthodox" was talked as very technical and various album. Characteristic songs, great solos, great melodic and ultra-fast parts, it was a good extreme album. What do you think about musical progression on this album?

CHRISTOPHER: Yes it was very good, we did the best as we could.We were trying to do the CD as close as we could play it live too. Which means ,we were a three piece band and when you playing live, there is no second guitar under the leads and we did the same thing when we recorded Orthodox.

MORBIDZINE: And Krabathor has always wrote extraordinary lyrics compared to other Death Metal bands. An example, "To Red Ones". This song has interesting, striker lyrics. How was this song's ideas created?

CHRISTOPHER: It was Bruno' s idea. We growe up in the socialism among the comunists. Everybody were telling us what too do and how to do it. We hated them. Before we cold not say anything but when freedome came we could say what we thing about the regime we growe up in.

MORBIDZINE: When Paul Speckmann joined to band, the band's music is began to compared with his band Master. What do you think about?

CHRISTOPHER: We tried to mix his stuff with mine stuff but in the end we didn' t think that it was good idea. Than Paul was taking care of Master stuff and music and me of Krabathor.

MORBIDZINE: And why did Paul leave from band? Different musical ideas?

CHRISTOPHER: I don' t think he left the band,we all just stoped and split up. He is still doing his Master and I moved to Phoenix.

MORBIDZINE: Now, what's band recent position? When will Krabathor fans see a new album and what kind of things are waiting us on new album?

CHRISTOPHER: There is nothing planed and I don' t think that there will be anything in the near future.

MORBIDZINE: Which bands do you follow and listen mostly? Can you give some examples?

CHRISTOPHER: I still listen that old good stuff. Lately I went to see the shows of Venom, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Destruction, Vader, Slayer...etc...

MORBIDZINE: And about horror movies. Does Christopher like horror movies? If it is which horror movies do you like mostly?

CHRISTOPHER: I'm not a big fan of the horror movies but last time I went to see HOSTEL II. I like part one too both movies were filmed in Czech Republic.

MORBIDZINE: Christopher thank you so much again for this interview. We are waiting Krabathor legend's new works impatiently. Do you want to add last message to fans?

CHRISTOPHER: Thanx for the interview too,stay brutal!!!
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:46 Gönderen: Sodom
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