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Interviews Yes, is with the Thrash Metal masters of UK and world. In 1983, two Punks started the legend and they gave ferocious, wild albums to scene, now today they are one of the greatest bands of Thrash Metal, they proved this with excellent returning album called "Killing Peace" in 2007. Actually, not necessary to tell more, here is the guitarist Nige Rockett who is the founder and leader of band, he answered our questions... A cheerful and long interview...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Nige.. How is it going? Primarily, thank you spend your time for us and congratulations for your killer return by "Killing Peace" in this year. We liked your album too much. What have you been doing since the album was released? What about critics in England and did it satisfy your expectations?

NIGE ROCKETT: Hi My Friend, Everything Is Going Great And Thanks For The Comments.... We Have Be Playing As Many Shows As Possible To Promote 'Killing Peace' Its Been Cool.... The Reviews For The Album Exceeded All Expectations, They Have Been Great And The Press In The Uk Was Amazing, We Could Not Have Dreamed For Better.....

MORBIDZINE: We see that the record productions faced to Northern lands. You and other some bands are last conquistadors of Thrash Metal. Regrettably, we see some people think "Thrash metal is dead". What's your ideas?

NIGE ROCKETT: No, No Way... Thrash Metal Is Far From Dead, Especially In Europe And In America Its Becoming Real Popular Once More..Also In South America And Japan It Has Never Gone Away.. The Future For Thrash Is Very Good Believe Me... A Whole New Generation Of Metal-Heads Are Discovering Just How Cool It Is...

MORBIDZINE: Now I want to go to past. We know, you and Steve (two Punks) founded the band in 1983. Could you tell me the formation years of band? Which conditions effected you for founding a Thrash band?

NIGE ROCKETT: We Were Both Into Real Hardcore Punk Like 'Discharge' Etc And Also 'Motorhead', So We Were Influenced From Both Sides Metal And Punk, Which Gave Us A Good Foundation For Creating Something New In The Uk In 83.. Things Took Off Real Well, We Were Playing To Mixed Audiences And Getting Insane Responses, It Was A Cool Fuckin Time...

MORBIDZINE: We know that, your roots are based to Punks. Onslaught has already been a Punk/Thrash band for us. And England already is a Punk land. How was your first times? What is your ideas about new punks?

NIGE ROCKETT: It's Not Somethıng I Really Analyse, Punk Is A Very Small Scene In The Uk In 2008, You Very Rarely See True Punks About Anymore.. In The Early Days It Was A Very Violent Scene, Lots Of Gang Fighting At Concerts And On The Streets After Shows, But It Was Fun.

MORBIDZINE: What will you say for your countryman Punk bands like Sex Pistols, Crass, The Exploited, Discharge, Charged GBH or USA's Ramones, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and the others? Which bands have an important influence on your music?

NIGE ROCKETT: The Uk Bands Were Easily The Best.. The Pistols Are One Of My Favourite All Time Bands And Also Discharge And The Exploited.. I Always Found The American Punk Bands A Little Tame By Comparison...

MORBIDZINE: When and where did you give your first show? What was about the reactions of audience?

NIGE ROCKETT: We Played At A Small Bar In Bristol For Our First Show, We Played Around 4 Or 5 Songs And The Fighting Started And We Had To Stop The Gig... The Police Arrived And Broke It All Up But We Weren't Allowed To Continue Playing....

MORBIDZINE: I think you experienced problems like other bands. May be money, may be recording or production etc...? Can you tell us the difficulties of those years?

NIGE ROCKETT: Money Was Always A Problem But We Always Knew Someone Who Would Do Us A Favour... It Was Cool That People Wanted To Help Us Get On... We Always Had Help Recording Demos And Shit And We Would Always Get Help With Gigs.. We Were Very Lucky..

MORBIDZINE: Which bands have you listened generally? Can you give some example bands who inspired to your music?

NIGE ROCKETT: I Still Listen To All The Early Thrash Stuff, Because It Stands The Test Of Time And Its Still The Best Form Of Metal Music Ever To Be Created..... As I Mentioned Earlier Discharge And Motorhead Were Our 2 Biggest Influences...

MORBIDZINE: You released three masterpiece studio albums in 1980s. First I want to talk about 1989's "In The Search Of Sanity". Raw Thrash metal sound, speedy and killer riffs, good vocal works, highlight songs like "Blood Upon the Ice", "Lightning War", "Shellshock" and an excellent cover "Let There Be Rock"... Some fans think that; this album is a legend. And it was your best selling album. Do you think this is a specific in your discography?

NIGE ROCKETT: Personally I Thought 'The Force' Was The Best All Round Album Of The First 3.. Sanity Was The Biggest Selling And Had Some Great Songs On It, Its A Tough Call, I'm Too Close To Giva An Honest Opinion.... Haha

MORBIDZINE: Therewithal, Onslaught's music showed us first norms of Black Metal. You have inspired to many Black Metal bands. What will you say about Black Metal movement and your countrymen Venom who are forefathers of Thrash and Black metal?

NIGE ROCKETT: Its So Cool To Hear Bands Saying We Inspired Their Beginnings, Its A Real Honor.. Thrash / Black / Death Metal Are All Very Closely Connected So Naturally These Are My Favourite Styles.. The Black Metal Scene Reminds Me Very Much Of The Punk Movement When It Began, Very Intense And Very Powerful... And That Can Only Be Good... We Played Some Shows With Venom Last Year, It Was Awesome And The First Time We Had Shared A Stage Together...

MORBIDZINE: Compared to others, your debut album "Power From Hell" has a distinctive sound and it has satanic image in Venom vein with dark and evil atmosphere. By "Killing Peace", today we can see same vein again. This is excellent. Will Onslaught show us same mood in next albums?

NIGE ROCKETT: For Sure, The Next Album Will Be Darker, Heavier And More Aggressive Than Killing Peace…. There Is Still Much Anger To Release..

MORBIDZINE: Possessed released "Seven Churches" in 1985 and this album has a track called "Death Metal". In same year, you released "Power From Hell" and this album has also a track called "Death Metal". And either albums have satanic concepts. Have two bands ever been compared?

NIGE ROCKETT: Yeah, I Guess We Have Been Compared In The Past, But I Don’t Really See Too Much Similarity, Only On The Fact Of Who Created The Term ’Death Metal’…..

MORBIDZINE: And other legend; 1986's "The Force".. More stronger line-up, more powerful and variety music embracing Heavy, Speed, Thrash, Death and Black metal genres. I think this is your matured, definitive and peak album. With nice vocal tunes, razor-sharp riffs, rich solos and evil lyrics it is Thrash Metal's hellish assault. Can we say this album defined the band's real music?

NIGE ROCKETT: Yeah Definitely, At The Time ‘The Force‘ Was Our Definitive Album , But With ‘Killing Peace’ I Feel We Have Re-Defined The Onslaught In The Year 2007... This Was Exactly Our Intention…

MORBIDZINE: And we see interesting changes with this album. First album's vocalist Paul Mahoney passed to bass and bassist Jason Stallard took over guitar duty. And your current vocalist Sy Keeler joined band. Why did you need these changes?

NIGE ROCKETT: Onslaught Needed 2 Guitars Live, There Was Not Enough Power With 1 Guitar, It Was Ok For Studio, But When We Were On Stage It Had To Be 2 Guitars, This Was The Reason For Change… Also When We Heard Sy Sing, We Said ‘Fuck, You Gotta Be Our Singer Man…’ He Was Awesome…

MORBIDZINE: Why did Keeler leave after this album?

NIGE ROCKETT: Sy Keeler Was Fired By The Record Label, It Was A Big Big Mistake On Their Part… They Wanted Us To Make A More Mainstream Sounding Record…

MORBIDZINE: Thrash Metal began to change of late years. Especially in USA. 80's many Thrash bands can't already see these days. Unfortunately many of the rest bands have changed their musical direction. But I want to give some examples; Onslaught, Sodom, Tankard, Sarcofago, Nuclear Assault and may be a few other bands are still in the same way. What is the difference from 80s till today?

NIGE ROCKETT: For Us..? Not Too Much.. We’re Making 100% Pure Thrash Metal Music, But With A More Modern Sound…..Thrash Metal Is Returning In Style All Over The World, The Crowds Are Getting Real Crazy Again… And Its Fuckin Great

MORBIDZINE: At last years, 80's some Thrash bands began to reunion. First examples I can say; Onslaught, Sacred Reich, Artillery, At War, Celtic Frost, Possessed etc... In particular, 2007 was a burst year... Can we say "this is second rising of Thrash Metal"?

NIGE ROCKETT: Oh Yeah Without A Doubt, Its Back And Getting Stronger Every Day…

MORBIDZINE: How is your interests about other British Thrash bands like Venom, Xentrix, Acid Reign, Sabbat, Slammer, Hellbastard etc... Have you followed them?

NIGE ROCKETT: Not Really No, Obviously We Have Close Links To Sabbat Because Of Andy Sneap And We Did A Short Uk Tour With Venom Which Was Cool.. But We Spend More Time Out Of England Than In It..

MORBIDZINE: By "In The Search Of Sanity" a new vocalist appeared in band from Grim Reaper. Steve Grimmett was a NWOBHM vocalist. Had you been worried about his accommodating to band before recording album?

NIGE ROCKETT: The Album Was All Complete Before Steve Grimmett Joined The Band, W E Were Actually About To Start Mixing The Album When The Label Fired Sy…. Steve Has A Great Voice But It Wasn’t Truly Suited To Onslaught, Even Tho He Did A Fantastic Job On ‘In Search Of Sanity’.

MORBIDZINE: Now, what is your plans for future? A new album or other projects? And will you give us some information about new album's sound or concept?

NIGE ROCKETT: We Still Have Lots Of Shows To Play In Support Of ‘Killing Peace’ So We Will Tour For Most Of 2008... But We Will Be Writing New Songs For The Next Album While We Are Rehearsing And Out On The Road… The New Album Will Be Much In The Same Vein As ‘The Force & Killing Peace’, But We Will Take It To The Next Level For Onslaught In Terms Of Aggression And Heaviness.. We Are Gonna Make A Real Angry Record…

MORBIDZINE: In Turkey, mad Thrash fans are waiting you and the others impatiently. Do you think give a concert in Turkey if you are offered?

NIGE ROCKETT: Fuck, Yeah…!!!! We Would Love To Come And Play In Turkey We Are Just Waiting For The Call….

MORBIDZINE: I want to talk about new forms of metal music. Like Nu Metal, Endustrial Metal etc... Especially, these genres burst in USA and effected to sound of many bands. I think these genres are fake and only dirtiness for metal... What do you think?

NIGE ROCKETT: I Have No Time For These Forms Of Metal, I Think Its Very Commercial And Very Weak… There Is Nothing Exciting About These Genres At All…

MORBIDZINE: Ok, Do you want to add another words or give a message to fans?

NIGE ROCKETT: We Would Just Like To Say A Massive Hello To All Our Fans In Turkey, The Support We Have Received From Your Country Has Been Awesome….We Really Hope To Come And Play A Killer Show For You All Sometime In The Very Near Future….. Thrash Till The Death..!!!!!!!!!!!

MORBIDZINE: Nige, we thank you very much to accepted this interview and spent your time for us again by MORBIDZINE. We will wait your new albums and gigs impatiently. One day, we hope to see you in Turkey. Good works...
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:05 Gönderen: Sodom
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