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Interviews In U.S.A., when "Thrash Metal" is talked for 80s and early 90s, you can call to mind Sacred Reich is one of the specific bands of this genre, especially they have been known with their honest ideologies. Now, we made an interview with Phil Rind who is the band's founder/vocalist, thanks him to answered our questions by Morbidzine.

MORBIDZINE: Hello Phil, before the questions we thank you so much for accepted this interview and spending your time for us. And an exciting return of last years! What's last conditions about Sacred Reich in Arizona and all U.S.A.? What have you been doing since the reunion?

PHIL RIND: Not too much. We are just living our daily lives. We have not been doing a lot band things.

MORBIDZINE: After reunion you gave a show on Wacken Open Air. How was the reactions of audience?

PHIL RIND: The Wacken show was great! The reaction was great as well. All of the shows we did, London, Vosselar, Eindhoven and Wacken were awesome. It was fun to play and nice that someone remembered us!

MORBIDZINE: Why have you given a long break?

PHIL RIND: The band was over. We had moved on to other things. We just felt that it would be fun to do some shows last summer.

MORBIDZINE: You're one of the leaders of U.S.A. Thrash/Speed metal. After "Ignorance" and "Surf Nicaragua" how do you look to band's duration?

PHIL RIND: We were fortunate to be at the right place at the right time when there was an opportunity and a community of people who supported this style of music.

MORBIDZINE: Sacred Reich has always been focused on politic, socio-politic lyrics. Have you ever met bad critics on those days?

PHIL RIND: No, not really.

MORBIDZINE: Will we see this lyrical posture on new Sacred Reich albums again?

PHIL RIND: I don’t think there will be any new Sacred Reich records unfortunately.

MORBIDZINE: As a personal, I can say "Ignorance" and "American Way" were masterpiece albums, I don't want to distinguish any of your albums but do you believe these albums are specifics in band's discography?

PHIL RIND: Thank you. Ignorance is definitely our fastest record. The American Way record defined our sound and style.

When you made "The Surf Nicaragua", have you been influenced from Crossover, Hardcore/Punk scene?

PHIL RIND: Since before Ignorance came out. I always looked to that scene for lyrical inspiration and no bullshit attitude.

MORBIDZINE: In 1989's American Way, we saw the songs like "Crimes Against Humanity" and "State of Emergency". I think this songs were about environmental damage and racism in Southern Africa. How did you create these ideas?

PHIL RIND: The ideas were out there, and they are hard to miss if you are paying attention.

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about USA and German Thrash? Which bands do you follow and listen mostly? And in your opinion, what are the differents when the music of U.S.A. and German Thrash is compared?

PHIL RIND: Destruction were a very early influence for us. People have said that we share similarities with Kreator. I appreciate those bands and what they’ve done. I think German thrash is more technical in general.

MORBIDZINE: Can you give any example show which is specific for you in band's career?

PHIL RIND: The first Dynamo Open Air was VERY memorable! It was our first time in front of a large crowd and they were very energetic and loud in response!

MORBIDZINE: Now foundation days. Which conditions have affected you when you gave the name "Sacred Reich"? And when you were founded which bands have inspired you mostly?

PHIL RIND: The name was brought up by a friend of the band. Our main influences were Slayer and Metallica, with a bit of DRI and COC.

MORBIDZINE: We see 80's many huge Thrash bands began to reunion like Sacred Reich. Can we say this is a second rising of Thrash? What do you think about Thrash Metal from past till today and to future?

PHIL RIND: What was old is new again! It seems we run in 20 year cycles so perhaps it is like 1988! We will see what happens. Thrash is an underground genre and it may get more popular before it goes underground once again.

MORBIDZINE: And if you accept we want to ask a political question. :) What do you think about the world's future? How do you look to selection about American president?

PHIL RIND: I am hopefull that things will get better. I am looking forward to a change in the Presidency of the United States. It has been a long and disastrous 8 years.

MORBIDZINE: Phil thank you so much this interview again by Morbidzine. We will follow and wait Sacred Reich legend's new works impatiently. Do you want to add last message to fans?

PHIL RIND: We would like to thank the fans for their support. We have been able to make records tour around the world and experience what we dreamed of when we were kids. It was only possible because of the fans, and for this we are grateful and say thank you!
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:09 Gönderen: Sodom
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