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Interviews After 1990, metal scene saw Exhumed's gore, vicious music that is combined with Thrash, Punk, Death, Grindcore, and they have been one of the most intense bands of this arena. Saying more words aren't necessary, made an interview with Gore Metal's crazy guys. We thank Matt Harvey who is the founder, vocalist/guitarist of band, he spent his time for us. A friendly, nice interview...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Matt. Firstly, we thank you for accept this interview and spending your time for us. How are you? We missed Exhumed too much :) Why did Exhumed have a break? What have you done since the band was inactive and do you think reunion?

MATT HARVEY: Well, basically there were a lot of reasons. One was the line-up changes that we went through. After recording the "Anatomy" album, we knew Col was going to leave, but right after it came out, Bud quit, and then right after the touring for the record ended, Mike lost interest. I gave him some time to come around, but it never happened, and we were already in the middle of recording "Garbage Daze" by then, and had already gotten money for recording, etc. and had no choice but to try and continue.

If I had known what was going to happen beforehand, I would have simply disbanded Exhumed a lot earlier, rather than continue on, but because of how everything went down, and because I'm stubborn, I tried to keep going with a different line-up that wasn't really Exhumed. I don't know if we'll do anything again. Col and I wrote a couple of songs last year, but it never got too serious. We were thinking about doing a record in '08, since it's 10 years since "Gore Metal" came out, but the motivation / time / money just isn't there to really make it happen. Maybe some shows in the future would be fun if the timing is right for everyone and it makes sense, though. I've been pretty busy since Exhumed has receded to the background. Col and I did a new Dekapitator record, and I have a new band called Scarecrow which is more like Metallica / Megadeth style Metal. We have a new split CD that just came out on Level Plane Records. I also did vocals for an old grind / deathcore band from around the bay area called Athrenody, that was a session thing. That just came out recently too. I did some shows with Cretin, which was really fun. We have some upcoming Repulsion shows on the horizon, so that'll be a good time.

MORBIDZINE: If it is, when will Exhumed fans see a new album?

MATT HARVEY: If we do get together to do any shows, I know that we would work on new stuff, if for no other reason just because Col's such a purist and would want the band to do something. Plus, I would like to put a good cap on everything and finish it off on a strong note, instead of just fizzling out.

MORBIDZINE: Now past. You formed the band with Col Jones and he has been together with you till 2003 and if we don't know wrong he joined band again. And you also formed Dekapitator together. Why did he leave from Exhumed in 2003?

MATT HARVEY: He basically left because he had graduated from college and was entering his chosen field with a great company. He has a real job, more or less as a molecular biologist, and is focusing on that, just doing things here and there with Cretin, Dekapitator and Repulsion.

MORBIDZINE: Exhumed was formed in 1991 and after 7 years, you put on bullet belts, with electric saws and shotguns you shouted "Gore Metal"... This was a legend album. Do you think this album is a milestone for band's career?

MATT HARVEY: It was a huge deal for us, especially at the time. I really think it's our worst album looking back, but at the time it was pretty much the only thing like it. It definitely made a statement. We were just really excited to get a record out, and even though we were disappointed with the production, even immediately after the recording, we felt like at least the raw energy was there, even if it was buried under a wall of noise. The fact that people liked it or even paid attention to it kind of blew us away to be honest.

MORBIDZINE: Exhumed's music shows us the influences of bands like Carcass, Sodom. And I can say your "Sodomy & Lust" was most excellent Sodom cover that we listened. Can we say Sodom is a specific band for Exhumed?

MATT HARVEY: Sodom is very, very close to the band's heart, just for always being consistent and going against the grain and the trends throughout their career. I wasn't too into their last couple albums, but they've always been one of my favorites. Their attitude and determination have always been a big inspiration for Exhumed and me personally.

MORBIDZINE: As a personal question which bands and horror movies have Matt Harvey been inspired mostly? Can you say some examples?

MATT HARVEY: There are so many things that have influenced the band over the years. I think when we first started, we were really only influenced by stuff like Terrorizer, Carcass, Carnage, Napalm Death, Entombed, Impetigo, Cannibal Corpse, Master, Obituary, Death, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Winter, Atrocity (D), Pestilence, Siege, Pungent Stench, Sore Throat, Extreme Noise Terror, Filthy Christians, OLD, and always Repulsion. Then a few years later we shifted and got really influenced by bands like Kreator, Hellhammer, Voivod, Sarcofago, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Rigor Mortis, Destruction, Sodom, Devastation (TX), and bands like that... Then we got more into the really early Death Metal, like Insanity, Necrophagia, Messiah, Deathstrike, Pentagram (Chile), and early hardcore like Ripcord, Heresy, Final Conflict, Discharge, Amebix, Deviated Instinct, while at the same time moving closer to traditional metal like Judas Priest, Armored Saint, Iron Maiden, Exciter, Anvil, Dio, Rainbow, etc. etc. So I think we kind of converged all of those sounds together, especially on the last album, which was a lot more melodic- whether or not that's a good thing, is up for debate. Horror movies were a big thing for us during the mid-90s, we were all into the Fulci and Argento stuff, and lots of the campier movies, like Brain Dead, Bad Taste, Re-Animator, Evil Dead II, etc. We've always had a sense of humor about everything and never taken the gore element of the music too seriously, except for publicity purposes. For me personally, though Metallica has always been my favorite band at heart and the main reason why I started playing guitar in the first place.

MORBIDZINE: Your music is mixed with Old School Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Grindcore elements. When you named "Gore Metal" did you really think this as your music's definiton or any other reason? How do you characterize your music?

MATT HARVEY: I guess it's a mix of Grindcore, Death Metal, and Thrash, with a nice bit of old-school D-Beat style Hardcore and Traditional Metal thrown in for flavor. We just wanted to make a statement with the record, and besides, people will always try and label what you do. I'd rather be saddled with a label that we created, instead of something that someone else came up with. We were just trying to be a band that stood for something, so you knew right away where we were coming from - no bullshit, just Gore Fucking Metal.

MORBIDZINE: You have given many great shows in big festivals like Fuck The Commerce, Wacken Open Air etc. What's most important, special shows for band's career? Could you give example?

MATT HARVEY: Fuck The Commerce in '01 was the first real big show we ever did, outside in Europe. We learned a lot about what we were doing and were trying to figure out what to do in that arena. By the time we got to Wacken, we had a little bit more of an idea of what we were doing. It's a lot of fun doing those kinds of shows, but some of my personal favorites were a lot smaller. We had some amazing shows in Europe on the "Anatomy" tour with Cephalic Carnage, London, and Paris were insane. I think that some of the shows with Cannibal Corpse in US we did were among the craziest - Houston, sticks out in my mind. Melbourne Australia was great, Tokyo on the "Slaughtercult" tour was great - so was Ghent in Belgium. The Czech Republic is one of our favorite places to play, we've had some really insane shows in Los Angeles, and even in Canada. Fort Lauderdale was always a good town for us too, for whatever reason.

MORBIDZINE: In 2005 you released a cover album called "Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated". We listened the covers of bands in different genres like Led Zeppelin, Pentagram, The Cure, Siege, GBH, etc.. How did you bring to light these variation ideas?

MATT HARVEY: Well, with a new band, I was really itching to try some different shit. I think my musical tastes are pretty diverse and out there, and I tried to show that there are a lot of different influences going on within Exhumed. Sometimes I may have overreached a little, but it was a fun challenge to make “No Quarter” a Death Metal song. I think I was the only one in the band that had even heard all of the different songs before.

MORBIDZINE: When this cover album was released, how were critics in market?

MATT HARVEY: They were sort of lukewarm on it, I think. I think the fact that it took so long between albums and that it was a covers album turned some people off, also, I think that whatever we did, it always just sounded like Exhumed. Even doing a doom song like "The Ghoul" just sounded like Exhumed. So I don't know if we really accomplished anything with it. But people really liked the Amebix tune we did, and that was real cool to hear. I think that by the time everything got squared away for the release, it was time for a new studio album, which "Garbage Daze..." definitely wasn't.

MORBIDZINE: We know you were working on a DVD. Have you cancelled or delayed it?

MATT HARVEY: I'd like to pick up work on it. There's a ton of footage in the can for it that seriously rules. We'll see what happens with that...

MORBIDZINE: We think that your "Anatomy Is Destiny" album was more melodic as per previous albums. It contains Crossover influences like D.R.I., Cryptic Slaughter and some Swedish Death Metal riffs. Do you believe to these influences?

MATT HARVEY: It definitely has some crossover stuff in there - I'm a big crossover fan personally, and yeah, the band was really getting a lot more open to melodic riffs and shit. I think musically its the most mature, but it misses some points for not being accessible enough as far as the songwriting. We were kind of revelling in our newfound comparative sophistication at the time, I guess. I don't really feel like there was any more Swedish Death Metal influence than usual, but we've always been influenced by that sound, so I guess it's always been there.

MORBIDZINE: And about Repulsion. Repulsion is really one of the leader, founder bands of Death Metal/Grindcore scene. How did you join to Repulsion?

MATT HARVEY: Repulsion is one of my absolute favorite bands of all time. Basically, after Cretin recorded their demo, which became the "Cretanic Grind Assault" 7", Dave Grave quit Repulsion. Scott and Matt (Olivo) recruited Col to take his place - the only other man on earth that can play like Dave. Since Col lives in the Bay Area and Scott and Matt are in LA, I rehearsed with Col to help him learn and tighten the material. So I was learning all the Repulsion songs anyway - then Aaron quit, and I ended up getting the nod. So really I kind of lucked out! It helped that I had hung out with Matt and Scott at Maryland Deathfest '01 and totally outed myself as a complete Repulsion nerd. I had actually spoken with Doug Earp (RIP) a few years before that and had about an hour-long conversation about the recording of "Slaughter of the Innocents" so I pretty much knew as much about the album as Scott and Matt did before I even practiced with them.

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about the future of Death Metal, Grindcore genres? Do you follow similar bands to Exhumed?

MATT HARVEY: I love DM and Grindcore, when it's done the old-school way. I can't really get into the newer bands in the style, but that's been the case for over 10 years now. I don't really follow the scene that closely anymore, but there are some bands that still get me pretty excited. I like Vomitory, Nominon, Death Breath, Engorged, and a few other Death Metal bands. For Grind, it's a bit easier to get into more bands that are more punk-oriented to me these days for some reason. I love Cripple Bastards, Birdflesh, and I'm really stoked that Despise You is back together. Still, I'm way more likely to be listening to something pre-'92 than anything else. I listen to a pretty wide variety of metal, everything from Great White to Sore Throat, plus a lot of other shit as well, Death Metal is a relatively small portion of it these days, but the classics are always near to my heart. I'll never get tired of hearing Master or Impetigo or Blood or bands like that. I don't really follow bands that are similar to Exhumed, simply because if I wanted to listen to that kind of music, I would just write it or listen to the bands that we ripped off, haha! It seems like the present and the future of Death Metal is assured, but it's not for me. I think most modern "Death Metal" is so soulless and gratuitously technical. It really offers nothing for the listener. I'd rather listen to music that's accessible with good songwriting and hooks in any genre, instead of overly technical, masturbatory bullshit, which is what 90% of Death Metal these days is.

MORBIDZINE: Exhumed worked with a famous productor "Neil Kernon". Which benefits has he brought to band?

MATT HARVEY: Neil brought a lot to the last album - really we were trying to play up to a level that would be worthy of what he's done in the past - Priest, Queensryche, Dokken, Cannibal Corpse, etc. He has a great ear that allowed us to zero in on the guitars like never before. Also, "Anatomy..." obviously has the best production of anything we've ever done. It almost set the bar too high, really, because we wouldn't really have been able to top that sound with out TONS of money, which is something we've never had at our disposal at all. But working with him definitely helped me grow as a musician and learn a lot more about what goes into making a killer record.

MORBIDZINE: Matt we thank you so much again for this interview by Morbidzine. We are waiting your new works impatiently. Do you want to add last message to fans?

MATT HARVEY: Cheers for the interest in the band- it's flattering after all this time that people still are interested in Exhumed - it means a lot to me and all the other guys that had been involved with the band through the years! Keep it dead!
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:11 Gönderen: Sodom
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