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Interviews Necrodeath is one of the most important and respectable Extreme metal bands of Italy and Europe, since 80s till today, they have never left their way, we see that they still play Old School Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal with satanic and dark themes. They continue to exist among the peak bands of European metal scene. Recently we made a short interview with Peso from band, thanks Peso for this short chat by Morbidzine.

MORBIDZINE: Hi, how is it going? Primarily, thank you so much to spend your time for us. We liked "Dreaculea" too much. It was an interesting album, because we saw that Necrodeath combined the different musical tastes without losing Old School veins. How do you characterize your new album and critics?

PESO: Well Thanx A Lot For Your Nıce Words..We Have Work A Lot About The Last Project-One.... Yes Draculea Is A Concept Cd And Soudn Dıfferent Compaır The Others Necrodeath Productıon But I Guess You Can Recognıze Our Necrodeath-Sound...Anyway We Receive Alot Of Dıfference Review..Or Fantasıc Or Very Bad...In This Case There Was No Middle Way....Anyway We Are Really Proud About It!!

MORBIDZINE: There was a guest female musician called "Lady Godyva". How was this idea created?

PESO: The Idea To Finish The Cd Was Write A Requiem Song About The Death Of Vlad Tepes.. And In The Pre-Production There Was Only The Flegias Voice Mix Together The Rumenian Guest Nasta Voice....After Some Listening We Easily Feel The There Was Some Missing...So We Called Lady Godyva... We Think The Best Italian Gothic Band... And She answer With The Right Attitude And Recorded For Us Her Fantastic Voice!

MORBIDZINE: Why did you have a break after 1990? And could you tell us the reformed days?

PESO: There Was Too Much Depression In The Last Year At That Times... Nobody Support The Band And Here In Italy There Was No Place Where Go To Play.... Then In 1997 We Reform The Band Casue Claudio The Old Guitarist Wanted Hard Try A Return....We Remain Close One Yeah In The Rehearsal Room... And Then We Fly To Sweden To Recorder Mater Of All Evil.....

MORBIDZINE: When you were formed, what was your inspirers and which shows were special for you till now?

PESO: Well The Re-Debut Was Important Casue We Play As Special Guest To Immortal But I Think The Best And Important Show Was The One At The Gods Of Metal In Monza Stadium With Iron Maiden And Slayer.... An Unforgettable Day!!

MORBIDZINE: Since the first demo "Shining Pentagram" till last album, Necrodeath has always played Old School Thrash/Black metal. What do you think about the musical progression of band from past till today?

PESO: Well I Think Is The Right Evolutıon Of Theperson As Musicians... We Don't Regreet Our Roots, But Of Course “The Shining Pentagram” Was Recorded 1985 And Now We Are In 2008... ”Draculea” Sound Much Different Of Course But In Another Way You Can Hear That We Are Necrodeath In All Out Productıon From The First Til The Last

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about other Italian Thrash bands like specially Bulldozer and which bands do you follow mostly in all world?

PESO: Necrodeath Together With Schizo And Bulldozer Has Been The Very First Italian Band To Make Extreme Music Here In Our Country... I Think That We Were Really A Great Work In That Age But In Another Way We All Were Not Supported From Nobody... Here Initialy There Was Nothing... No Any Chanches To Make Professional Gigs.. No Bookın.. No Promotion Form Label.... Thanx God Right Now Here The Situation Is Different And Necrodeath Is Still Around To Play...

MORBIDZINE: How do you look to reunion of old Thrash bands at last years? In example Onslaught, Celtic Frost, At War, Possessed, Sacred Reich and others... In your opinion is this a second rising of Thrash Metal?

PESO: I’m Very Happy That The Old Thrash Metal Band Are Back Again But I Don’t Think In Any Second Rising... I Mean Is Always An Underground Music With Underground Public... Nothing To Do Woth Business If You Know What I Mean... So Is Only The Passion That Call Back These Bands.... And This Is Great! Maximum Support To All Of These Old School Thrash Bands

MORBIDZINE: What is the band planning for future? New album works? And is there a new European or World tour soon?

PESO: No.. Right Now We’ll Play 6-7 Gigs Here In Italy..Then We’ll Stop A Couple Of Mounth Cause Couple Of Us We’ll Be Busy With Personal Job And Then In October We’ll Start Again.... Thanx A Lot For Your Support!!!!

MORBIDZINE: Thank you so much for this interview by Morbidzine. We are waiting your new works. Take care of yourself :)
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:14 Gönderen: Sodom
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