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Interviews Brazil is a country which is Old School Thrash Metal's motherland and if you say Violator, you can see one of the young and successful conquistadors of this genre! Classic Thrash is alive with these and another mad guys, and Poney from Violator, answered our questions. Thanks him...

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Brazilian Thrashers... Firstly, we thank you so much to spend your time for us. What's last developments about the Violator? What have you been doing since the debut called "Chemical Assault"?

PONEY: Hey Turkish Maniax from Morbidzine! Thanx a lot for this opportunity and all the support! Really great to be in touch with crazy thrashers from so far! It has been almost an year and a half since we released the Chemical Assault assault album. Since then, a lot has being going on to Violator. We spend 5 months travelling through all South America in the biggest tour a brazilian underground thrash band has ever done. It was called "Thrashin' United South America Tour 2008" and we've played on holes from 9 countries. It was really amazing. Chemical Assault has been released in a vynil LP version in germany and will be released on Europe by Earache Records. We have also particpate in the great Thrashing Like a Maniac compliation, with excellent old school thrash bands loke Municipal Waste and Fueled By Fire. Thrashing can't stop!

MORBIDZINE: Can you tell us the critics in Brazil and other countries?

PONEY: The critics were incredible, beyond our best expectations. The first Chemical Assault press was over in three months. We are really happy to a lot os thrash maniax all over the world are in touch with us, and the fact that our music has been achiving places so far are really something for us, giving us the opportunity to meet more and more thrashers and build an international thrash community. That is more important than any good review in any magazines.

MORBIDZINE: A new album soon?

PONEY: We are working crazily in new songs! Probably we won't make a new full lenght, but we have plans to realease another EP, and two splits, one with our crossover friends from Bandanos and another with the Beer Maniax from Eternal Devastation. The songs are each day more violent, faster and thrasher!

MORBIDZINE: Return to "Chemical Assault"... Congratulations to made an Old School Thrash attack album in 80's veins with raw sound; razor-sharp guitars, ultra-fast riffs, shredding solos, screechy vocals, brutal drumming... As if, this album was recorded in 80's and surfaced today. What do you think about protecting Old School sound?

PONEY: Thanx a lot for your words. Chemical Assault is just a reflex of four friends living and breathing thrash. I am really happy that we could pass to the album all our passion for this style. For me, when we talk about old school thrash, is never about just the sound. It's about the old school spirit. About not letting the money rule in metal. About be commited to the underground, and let the passion for the scene be more important than status or pose. It's about do-it-yourself and make the music you want independent from trends and fashion.

MORBIDZINE: Vocals are sometimes talked as containing a bit Destruction's Schmier-esque. What do you think about that? Was there an influence?

PONEY: I really like Schimier vocals, but it's not my principal influence. The vocalists that I like most are Mille Petrozza from Kreator, Snake from Voivod, Tony Portaro from Whiplash, Rob Urbinatti from Sacrifice, Robert Gonnella from Assassin, Gerre from Tankard, Sean Killian from Vio-lence, Sean Connely from Nuclear Assault, Kurt Brecht from DRI, Billy Milano from SOD, Blitz from Overkill and a lot of other crazy bastards!

MORBIDZINE: Lyrical concept shows us, you criticize the nuclear wars, socio-politic problems, self-seeker politicians and you tell us Thrash metal life etc... In example; "Destined To Die", did you want to tell Brazil's politic issues with this song or world's general problems?

PONEY: Yeah, you are are exactly right about our lyrical concept, and this is a very important aspect of Violator for me. The lyrics, about all the things we think its wrong and unfair in the world that surround us and on the other hand songs about our commitement to the underground, the only place we feel free and the way we find to resist. Well, the lyrics of Destined to Die is about the people living in the streets, how they are treated like garbage and how the State makes a politic os cleaning the streets which consists in killing the poor who has no home. Its based in a real story, a massacre that happens in Brazil few years a go, when a lot of people who lives in the streets were brutally murdered by the fascist police of our country. It was horrible.

MORBIDZINE: Before you wrote the lyrics, especially about the nuclear wars, which real events have inspired to you mostly?

PONEY: This horrible world we live and all the unfair and cruelty that surround us everyday its the biggest influence we can have. We are intereted in writing things that are real, we are not ionto this fantasy world that Metal scene can be, either "dragons or swords" or "oh, i'm living in the 80's", no you're not. So, even when we get the issues that originally were used by old thrash bands, we try to make an approach that its real. The lyrics about nuclear war, that kind of make a trilogy in Chemical Assault album is a reflection about how fragile is our world and how the politicians and other bastards has the power to destroy everything suddenly.

MORBIDZINE: First, you said "The Plague Never Dies", later you said "The Plague Returns". What's the concept theme of these two songs? Thrash Metal's immortality, assault or another theme?

PONEY: The two songs about the plague are about that too. I've writed in a way it could proposital lead to diferent interpreatations. It could be about not letting the old school spirit dies. But is also about the band, how we felt playing thrash, how was horrible Juan left, and how we're back into thrash!

MORBIDZINE: From 2002's mini album called "Violent Mosh" to debut full-length album, do you tell us the musical progression?

PONEY: Well, we've learned to play our instruments better! (laughs) I think it was a big evolution. In a sense that we find a way to sound more aggressive, faster and even more original, but all of that inside the Old School Thrash. We are never giving up the thrash, untill Violator exists we'll be playing thrash. But we are not interested in sounding like a generic copy from the 80's bands. We believe its possible to make original old school and intense thrash, so I think Chemical Assault is another step in this direction. I'm not saying we have reached that, but the path is important. I really love the guitars work from the album, and we find a way to explore more diferent sounds in old school thrash than in our previous works. Theres more different influences, from Pleasure to Kill to Among the Living. We didn't want to make the same songs from Violent Mosh forever.I could say that Chemical Assault sounds more Violator, you got?

MORBIDZINE: If we don't think wrong "Violent Mosh" was more closely to Bay Area sound compared to "Chemical Assault". Is it true in your opinion?

PONEY: Probably Violent Mosh sounds more closely to Bay Area, you're right. But to tell you the truth, i don't like this labels, cause we are not from San Francisco and we are not from Gernan either, we are from South America and we love all the old school thrash, from all over the world. American bands are probably my favourite ones, but i listen a lot of teutonic thrash, and canadian bands are fucking great, I am crazy about old brazilian bands and there a great bands from all places of Europe. So i dont think its healthy to our scene to be creating walls and barriers or making a kind of challenge beetween american bands versus german bands, like a lot of people wants to do. We are an brazilian old school thrash from 2002, and we want to Thrash, thats all.

MORBIDZINE: There was a guitarist called Juan Lerda, why did band and he part the ways?

PONEY: Yeah, Juan is now living in Argentina. He had to moved out 'cause all his family is from there, and there he can have a more structured life to finish his studies. He will always be a violator, he's like a blood brother for us. He visited us last year, we played together at a local gig, and when we travel to Argentina he played with us Thrash Maniax song there and got us home, food and fun. Friendships are really important to Violator, thats all underground is about, right?

MORBIDZINE: In 2005, there was a split called "Kill Again" with Bywar. How did both of bands decide to make it? And what's your ideas about Bywar which are other young Old School Thrash pursuers?

PONEY: In fact, the split is called "Violent War", is mix of our MCD "Violent Mosh" and Bywar's debut album "Invencible War". Both of records were sold out and our label, Kill Again Records, had the idea to join this two releases in a split. For us it was fuckin' great, Bywar is a big inspiration for us and since this split we have become real good friends, like brothers. We've played together several times, we've made a Bywar gig in our town, the guys had slept in my house, it's a preety good partnership. They have been playing Thrash for more then a decade, and I remember when i first saw their advertising, something like "metal from the 80's", i called our guitar to tell i found some other guys that were into old thrash too! There are three new Brazilian thrash bands that were really important for Violator's development: Blasthrash, Bywar and Farscape.

MORBIDZINE: About formation days... How was the band's ideas created? And difficulties, first rehearsal performances etc... Could you tell us those days?

PONEY: It were hard days. We were four kids in the middle of Brazil trying to make old school thrash with no technique or contacts to the underground, but we were really happy with just playing. The spirit has not changed since then, four friends that really love to thrash and hang out together. I played with those guys since 1999, we wanted to do thrash, but we were horrible! (laughs) We started Violator in 2002, and we still sucked! (more laughs). We spend more than an year rehearsing six hours per week and we didn't have one show booked. We were just happy to be together and play thrash, we fought we never would do a single concert. At that time, in our region in Brazil, no one care about Thrash, so we just played for ourselves. Some months passed, we recorded a bad-sounded demo, startng distributing, got some friends at the underground, played some local gigs and things begin to roll.

MORBIDZINE: Now I think this can be a difficult question. : ) Which bands have inspired to you in Brazil and other countries as Thrash Metal mostly? Some examples...

PONEY: We are basically influenced by everything the old school of doing thrash. But, specifically I would say that our biggest influences are the american bands, no necessarily from San Francisco, and bands from outta of US but that in a certain way, were trying to sound american. So, I could tell you Exodus, Vio-lence, Whiplash first album, Kreator, Sacrifice, EvilDead, Gammacide, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, Razor, Demolition Hammer and lots more! We really love the old bands from Brazil and we are really influenced by them too, like Sepultura, Mutilator, Taurus, Anthares, Chakal and more. We are really into new bands that play old thrash, and they influence us too, like Blasthrash, Bywar, Farscape, Witchburner, Fueled By Fire, Municipal Waste and much, much more!

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about Punk scene and interaction between Punk and Thrash Metal? Do you follow and listen Old School Punk Hardcore bands?

PONEY: Here in our city, Brasília, hardcorepunk scene and thrash metal scene are the same scene. We are really united with people envolved with hardcore, we love the sound and we think it everything to do with the thrash and the underground spirit! United Forces! We talk about that in lyrics like UFT. But, unfortunutely this is not an usual thing in Brazil, most of bangers and punks from the other parts of our country have prejudice with one another. What really dumb, i think metal has a lot to learn with hardcore punk, mostly about the Do-it-yourself ethics and how not to be a rockstar bastard. We hate rockstars. Other two Violators and I play in a grindcore band called Scumbag. I also had a crossover/thrashcore band called Possuído Pelo Cão, so this interaction between this two worlds are really natural and healthy.

MORBIDZINE: Brazilian Thrash scene always showed us pure, killer Old School bands. And also Violator is one of the young envoyers of this scene. And we see many Old School bands are formed day by day in Brazil. What reasons can be of this non-stop excellent explosion?

PONEY: Yeah, you're right! There are a huge number of excellent thrash bands in Brazil these days. Thrash is back and there are a lot of people who live it for real and unfortunetelly there are people who wants to be thrash but are just posers, and will not be there in a few years. I think one of the most important reasons for bands that starting doing this type of sound in the beginning of the decade, like Violator, is that we were just really pissed off and disappointed with the metal scene from the late 90..s. You know, all that new metal shit, metal for money and image. I think there were a lot of bangers like us, that was interested in something more honest and were searching for the roots of what we listen to find a more underground and non-comercial music to express our feelings. And we find Thrash!

MORBIDZINE: We think that; South American Thrash is more closely to German Thrash. Both of these genres are more brutal, ferocious, grimmer compared to Thrash Metal in other countries. In your opinion? What do you think about Teutonic Thrash?

PONEY: I love Teutonic Thrash! Kreator, Assassin, Tankard, Destruction, all of them are some of my favourite bands and favourite albums. But, like I said before I don't agree really much with this division on thrash by countries. Brazil had some of the most aggressive bands from all thrash, but there were some bands that were pretty good and wasn't so ferocius, like Anthares or Taurus. In the US there were some fuckin' brutal thrash bands, like Sadus, Dark Angel or Viking. In Canada you can find some of the most aggressive bands from Thrash, like Slaughter and Sacrifice. And even in Germany, there were bands that was'nt so evil and have done excellent thrash too! Like Tankard! We realy love thrash, and we want no boundaries to that, right?

MORBIDZINE: What's the importance of technical ability in music in your opinion?

PONEY: Technical ability is important when is the capacity to do in real life what you have in your mind. You know, you have a riff in your head and you wanna play it in the guitar. But techanical ability just for the technical usually sucks. I don't think complexity must be a the major valour in music appreciation and composition. There are some things that are simple and are fucking great, like Hellhammer, Black Flag or Motorhead and there are some other things that are complex and are nice to like Atheist's Piece of Time or the early 90's Death albums.

MORBIDZINE: At last years, unfortunately, some popular metal forms mixed to metal scene and damaged to pure metal. Especially, we can see that Thrash Metal in U.S.A. lost old mood although we still see killer bands from this country. What can you say about this issue? Is there a degeneration?

PONEY: Yeah, there are some great new thrashin' bands in the US today! Merciless Death, Fueled By Fire, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, etc. The problem is when the band start thinkin' more in the profit than in the music. And this happens all over the world. Here in Brazil, we have the example of Sepultura, one of the best time ever bands of the world that begin changing to please some market. I'm not saying that no one must change, change happens and there are some that you can like, some you don't, it's natural. But what I don't appreciate and think it's really bad to the scene is when bands change things they believe just for the money. That's horrible.

MORBIDZINE: Now would you tell us the future plans of band?

PONEY: Keep friends, keep playin', keep recording and keep thrashin'. No big plans and no big pretensions. I want to play in more number of places I can and meet a lot of nice people. We should record a DVD, some new songs this year a get another tour at the end of the year.

MORBIDZINE: If there wasn't an inconvenience I want to ask a few political questions. Are you pleased from Lula da Silva government? However, what's your ideas about president selection in U.S.A. and chaos between U.S.A. and Iran?

PONEY: No, not all. Lula has a past as a worker and left-activist but now he commands the power following the interests os the International Capital. I have no hope in things getting better with this system. Representative democracy just does not work, it's the governement of an elite. I'm more interested in transforming without depending of politicians. I think people can organize in a more fair way to get thier rights and change the reality that surround us. I don't vote and do not support those pigs. The problem in USA is the same. Probably Obama is less worse than Mckeye, he at least does not support the invasion of Iraq, but both of them are just pieces in a big structure of power and oppression. They are not interested in changin' that, and they could not even if they wanted to. You can't destroy a game playing their rules. About the foreign politcs is a total fascist politics, guided by money and greed. The war brings money to their economy, and that's what they are really interested. In name of democracy and freedom, killing and oppressing. Horrible, horrible.

MORBIDZINE: Greatest thanks to Violator again by Morbidzine. We're impatiently waiting new killer album. Do you want to send last message to fans?

PONEY: I want to say thanx to all you guys from Morbidzine for such a nice interview one more time! Keep in touch and keep the underground spirit! UFT!
Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:17 Gönderen: Sodom
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