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Interviews If "Disbeat Crust horrorcore" or "Dis-cimex" definitions are reminiscent you can know these comes from apocalyptic crust act Besthöven in Brazilian underground scene of the last 15-20 years that has big importance about formation of South American crust movement and band (project) is tightly bound to diy ethic. There are themes about dark and pains of countries cause of wars, terrible scenes after wars, and social realities in Besthöven's noise which reflects the lyrics or lyrics which reflects this noise very well and for a long time Fofäo Discrust pursues the Besthöven alone. We contacted with him in recent days and he accepted to answer our questions by his full, honest and candid comments...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Fofäo!!! For us it's great honor to talk with any guy from this cult Brazilian noisy hc/metal band. Thanks, and let me begin by asking the story of the split record with Italian rock'n'roll guys Pistöns that was published in March 2010. What's about it? How did the two bands come together in this release?

FOFAO: Thanx a lot for the cool words dude…I am many happy with your interest in BESTHÖVEN ´s work! the Canadian label SUFFERING JESUS asked me to be doing this split with them…so I heard some trax from them in myspace and I enjoyed a lot!! I think that they are really original…great songs!! Cool lyrics!! …so I said= hell yeah! Let ´s do this fucking now!! Haha…

MORBIDZINE: Besthöven is a band who hasn't compromised 20-years d.i.y. raw - dark - anger hardcore sound. Well what's about band's sound character/progressions from past till today in your opinion? Can we say definitions like "Discimex", "Dis-beat crust Horrorcore" are summarizing band's noise?

FOFAO: Well theses descriptions are just something in my mind in right moments…when I started to use the “dis-beat crust” was co´z I saw tons of peoples in many places talking lots of shit against d-beat/discore and crust….so I think it is a bullshit…..why criticize styles of music into punk scene,when we have so fucking shit around us to criticize?? =unemployement for example… I just assumed this position….yeah,is this…I am crust,I love d-beat,I make discore and if someone do not enjoy this type of music can just keep distance of my records when see one in somewhere…horrorcore I used to do some connection with the sonority and the horror of war lirycs…etc….so I used dis-cimex to relate the 2 principal and biggest influences in my work= DISCLOSE and ANTI-CIMEX….etc….nothing so special behind these thermes dude….in the end are the same thing…..chaotic sound+realistic lyrics….. So..since the beguin the sound can be getting “different”…but I do not think it is “so” different in same time…. First demotapes was totally poor recording….bad studios,bad equipment also… today is more easy to go to a better studio and have better instruments also…I think it all influenced the “changes” in th music….but is still the same style….and I am trying always to keep a “characteristic” in my work….so I enjoy to keep the sound more raw,rough and crude always….My demo 95 is totally different quality sound than my last record…..but is still the same feelings….and…the band started in october of 1990…so,20 years will be completed soon…

MORBIDZINE: You've reached 20 years. If I asked do you think releasing a special DVD about 20 years of memories, would it be ridiculous (commercial) question? :)

FOFAO: Well…nothing ridiculous dude…I made a dvd-r to celebrate the 18 years of BESTHÖVEN also….but just few copies with 2 gigs….i wanna do some BESTHÖVEN documentary video someday…with interview….images from the past,etc… can be really great…..but can be really expensive the all production….so I really don´t know if I will be doing this…..but,by the way…I am practicing a lot working with edition video by myself….so maybe I can do be doing something like this by myself….in a near future….or not so near….hahaha…..

MORBIDZINE: We know best influences of Besthöven as Discharge, Anti Cimex, Crude S.S., Disclose and the others we forgot to say. Which ones you want to add to list if we don't think wrong? In addition say example from most effective bands & most favourite hc punk/crust records to cause the founding of Besthöven?


Well FEAR OF WAR-all the 10 trax I know//, DISC
ARD-demos ,ep and 12//,
CRUDITY-demos ep//
DISCHARGE-why & Hear Nothing... (others also…)//
THE VARUKERS-live in Holland LP and Massacred Millions 12//
ARMAGEDOM-silencio funebre-LP//
LOBOTOMIA-so os mortos nao reclamam LP//
CRUDE S.S.–all stuffs as well//
THE SHITLICKERS-all 8 trax I know//
AVSKUM-crucified by the system ep//
OLHO SECO-botas fuzis capacetes-LP//
WRETCHED-all stuffs//
CROW-first stuffs//
DISARM(SWEDEN)//vs. vs...
Also bands from 90s like DISHONEST/DISCHANGE/DISFUNCTIONAL AND DISFUCKED/SDS/RESULT/DISCLOSE/WARCOLLAPSE/BOMBRAID /and the list goes on….Many things I enjoy can have some influence on me or in my work….and I am really addicted to music….

MORBIDZINE: Any post-apocalyptic movies, war movies and movies based on social reality that have influence on band's lyrical themes? Some examples with together your favourite movies?

FOFAO: Yeah… Tons of movies dude…I always was interested in war movies since I was a kid….well…when I was a little child brazil was living under a military dictatorship government….so….when I was a chil I saw in tv journals and newspaper many notices about that people tha was “disappear” co´s military conspiracy….many peoples was killed and never back home,etc…so some friends of my family disappeared also….and all that fear was very near closed of us all….in that time I was seeing and watching some movies and documentaries…and books also about the horrors in vietnan war…also 1st and second world war….the nightmare of Nazism and millions people dead…so the sad episodes in Hiroshima and Nagazaki also….many of the movies and documentary videos I saw that time I can not remember the names…..but of course,since some “commom” war movies like PLATOON,APOCALYPSE NOW,etc…..have some influence in me also….more nowadays=2008, I saw a Japanese movie/anime called GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES that is so realist and so sad,that I compose a song with the same name….this is a hail I made,since the film really depressed me and I started to cry a lot and without stop when the movie end…. I really think that war is the worst thing that man creates….when I was a child all that things and images I saw really chocked me…..millions of children,women dead in the nightmare of Nazism…cities totally devasted in Japan=Hiroshima and Nagazaki….and all brutalities in brazil in middle of years 60,70 and beguin of 80… so many children was learned to grow with some fears….and me too…when I meet punk movement,punk culture and music….i was totally chocked with Swedish bands that in the beguin of 1980´s was totally into war themes….so I was totally influenced by them all…..this is the biggest reason I sing about war….in one way for be the best bands in my opinion,strong music,strong lyrics….realistic visions…..and for talk about a theme I really ever feel fear since I was a child….

MORBIDZINE: I won't ask where the Besthöven name comes from (Of course if it's really related with Beethoven as I thought) but if there's a topic which I wonder it's about how did you imagine and reveal that name?

FOFAO: Well the name was created by my first and original Drummer=Repolho….this is a mix of 2 words=Beethoven(the musician) and “BESTA” that in Portuguese language means “evil”….so the idea was to create an original name that express “noise not music” or “anti-music”….later I advanced more thermes like “if Beethoven is classic music we are chaotic music”….the name can be strange for some peoples in some places….but here in brazil is really “strong” when some people that loves Beethoven for example hear BESTHÖVEN name in first moment….well,I do not have nothing against Beethoven or classic music for example….the name is just a form of “sarcasm” to commercial or beautifull music….

MORBIDZINE: There's a cool song called "Women's Tears", which women that you dedicated this song?

FOFAO: This song is from the split LP with SKELETON…So…in the time I found a big book documentary edited in Brazil talking the history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki….in this book have some photos from true Japanese survivors from that sad fact….and with the photos you can see true testimonials from these survivors saying some moments of horror they saw when the bombs exploded there….so I made that song based in some of these sad testimonials….in one part of book,for example,an old man says(something like this,since my English is really poor,sorry…)=….”I saw a woman running in total despair with a child in her arms,the woman is so desperately and the child is dead and without his head,maybe the woman was so in despair that maybe can not believe in that moment….”… I wrote a part of that liryc based on this….i try to do the lirycs in a direct way….without any makeup….the fact how the fact is… read the pages of a newspaper….. I do not wanna “dedicate” this song to anybody….since is a really a sad song….a sad liryc for a sad fact……maybe I can dedicate this song to this stupid being called “human race” that create war….

MORBIDZINE: Split with Beton called "Different Wars ... But Still The Same Victims", is it dedicated to wars of our day?

FOFAO: The title name was an idea from guys of BETON,but I think that the name is great…I used something like this in the past in my “A LEI DO MAIS FRACO LP” in 2005,when I tryied to say that in Brazil we have different wars also….where people living in the streets without a home,without a job and with hungry….where kids learn to rob others to survive,etc…..ther´s not only wars with soldiers and bombs…..but there is many others types of wars also….and war is not good…

MORBIDZINE: "Projetos Atomicos" is about the project of Soviets in second world war, isn't it or not? Your thoughts related with Iran 's nuclear program and nuclear tests of U.S., Russia, China, N. Korea? Especially the United States and Russia, what do you think about their cold war?

FOFAO: This was the first song wrote for BESTHÖVEN back in 1990….and I was totally looking for write themes about the second world war,maybe co´z it was the war that really chocked my mind=since the all histories,documentaries and book about this….i was talking about USA and URSS at that time when the song was made….”big potencies”….but this song can reflect many others facts….many others moments and many others wars also….cold war is war also…..just this.

MORBIDZINE: There are some bands/frontmen who swore to religious authority, corrupted system at the time but they began to praise today. Briefly, their mindset has changed. What do you think about them?

FOFAO: Well… I really don´t know…..many of my friends here in Brazil was totally against religion,god,jesus…like me also,but with the time many of them changed mind and today are in church….looking for mercy….waiting a better life in heaven after death,etc…..i really do not believe in religion,and all bullshit god´s farce……and the only thing I think bad in this all is…..many people are into “punk,underground” movement=scene just for a while,like a fashion….so they are with you against many things…..and when the time passes they see that it is not what they are looking for before…and go out…..i do not have nothing against it=each one have to decide for yourself how will live their lifes I think….and I respect their decision….but I do not enjoy when I meet one from these EX-punk,EX-banger,etc….on the streets and he see that I am YET here in the scene and start to talk shit to me….that I will die and go to hell…that jesus want to save my ass,etc….so,they do not have any respect or consideration about the past……but,fuck off,I do not give a fuck to anyone also….hahaha….and do not give a fuck to god,jesus,heaven and bla bla bla….hahaha…

MORBIDZINE: If I publish band's new recording (cassette, CD or vinyl) on web by converting to mp3, what would you think about me? :) Of course not me but I want to ask what do you think about this situation?

FOFAO: I do not have nothing against it…since many records are “rare” , “sold out” and sometimes are fucking and ridiculous expensive prices!! if someone do not have a mountain of money to buy a copy of THE SHITLICKERS original ep for example….i think that to can download it for free in the web is good!! the way these thing of mp3 can help the divulgation of bands also….the problem is some guys make some bad works,put the wrong sleeves in records,wrong titles songs also,etc….hahahaha…..well,I never put any song from BESTHÖVEN for free in blogs etc….but when I saw a blog with some BESTHÖVEN records for free download I think that is not bad…Well I do not enjoy this format also,mp3 is a shit….i enjoy tapes and vinil!! I think that cds are so “cold” also…..but………….but about publish new recordings in mp3? I really do not know what I can say….well….sometimes you do free download of a band that you do not know yet,and enjoy the music and start to find some original stuffs=vinyl,cds etc,…so it was co´z you hear fisrt in mp3,so it is good….but by the way hear just mp3 format…..and hey! The labels need to sale the copies of stuffs they released also….am I right??....of course,to release a new record from a band the labels spend lots of money……but I really think that the mp3 format will never killer the original cd format……the cd format will never killer the vinyl format….etc etc etc….it is just another way to enjoy the same thing=music!

MORBIDZINE: Today neo-crust movement has reached serious dimensions. When we looked countless crust and crusty metal bands are out of the punk attitude. Especially numerous bands have name beginning with dis-. Positive or negative, what do you think about these situations?

FOFAO: Well.. each people have to be free to do all they want….i really can not understand what you mean with “punk attitude”….i am sorry…..but many DIS bands are fucking great! And serious…and I know that many DIS bands are boring also….without a real reason….but,fuck off…I hear just the better DIS bands!! Yeah!!

MORBIDZINE: What's your favourite new crust/hc bands from Brazil, Sweden or another countries generally?

FOFAO: Well, this is a harde question,I am not “so” into new bands,but in same time I am hearing old and new bands all the time also….Brazil have some good bands today ,I enjoy DEFY,UNFIT SCUM,DEATH FROM ABOVE,D-ECREASING LIFE,NUCLEAR FROST. Sweden I enjoy a lot ANGER BURNING,WARVICTIMS,WARCOLLAPSE,GIFTGAS ATTACK(but any are so “new” hahaha)…I enjoy PEACE OR ANNIHILATION –INDONESIA,KRÜEL-USA,BETON-SLOVAKIA-WARVICTIMS-SWED EN,SKELETON-CANADA,TOXIC HOLOCAUST-USA,SARCASM-UK,old ENGLISH DOGS(METAL PHASE),SARCOFAGO-BRAZIL,ATACK EPILEPTICO-BRAZIL,OS MALTRAPILHOS-BRAZIL,DISPOSE-SWEDEN,FORÇA MACABRA-FINLANDIA,etc etc etc….is a hard question,sorry…and I do not stop to hear music all the time….now I am hearing BROKEN BONES-BONECHRUSHER 12 when I do this.i enjoy tons of GOTHIC ROCK also from 80s like SISTERS OF MERCY/BAUHAUS/CRIHSTIAN DEATH/X-MAL/etc etc….

MORBIDZINE: If you were closed to same room together with GG Allin and Sakevi of GISM what would you do?

FOFAO: Hahahaha…..what crazy question dude! Hahaha I really don´t know how to answer this….well,I do not enjoy the music of GG ALLIN,nothing against as well,but is not my type of favorite music….but I thnki GISM is fucking great!! Killer sound!! Maybe I will invite the 2 guys to drink and use the time to do a loooong interview with Sakevi about GISM!!

MORBIDZINE: Thanks so much again for interview by Morbidzine! Have you last comments to share with us?

FOFAO: Thanx a lot dude for the interest and the space in MORBIDZINE! Hope you enjoy the answers the same way I enjoyed to answer the questions here…thanx to all that spend a time to read this also… You can visit my “zine blog” (who is not actualized….arghh…)at And visit my official BESTHÖVEN myspace= Peace, beer(to who enjoy beer!)and DIS!! Fofão Discrust/BESTHÖVEN-Brazil.
Tarih: 24.08.2010 Saat: 18:49 Gönderen: Sodom
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