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Interviews Drünken Bastards has pure music, but mentally as well as they like to play dirty and alcoholic metal & punk, if we talk more open they are consisting of five mad Hungarian dudes who have influences of old-fashioned pure black metal, thrash metal from the 80s hardcore / crust and punk'n'roll richness in their music, and running from party to party to lie with big-breasted chicks. The band that's active since 2004, their second album to be released soon, so we contacted with vocalist Blizzard to make an interview, and he accepted to spend his time for us.

MORBIDZINE: Hails! This is great to talk about somethings with any member of that Hungarian pervert punky black/thrash guys. Thanks so much and I begin by asking about Pete Fire's diagnosed with cancer? What's about the situation of illness?

BLIZZ: Hey! First of all thanks for having us in your zine. Yeah the latest news are the worst in the bands history. As we posted it in our official statement: Pete has been diagnosed with cancer, exactly with lymphoma. The hospital treatmens have already started but the whole procedure could take up to 6 months. It means we had to cancel all of our shows for 2010, but we won't stop working and together we decided to write our third upcoming album in this period. So far we have 5-6 new songs and we have an idea for the whole conception as well. Of course all the cancelled shows will be supplied in spring after Pete gets better.

MORBIDZINE: Could we get some information about second full-length madness called "Horns Of The Wasted"? It has some tracks of debut, I guess these are new versions?

BLIZZ: Horns Of The Wasted is simply the best recording that I took part in so far. Raging, violent and massive as a nuclear warhead, I’m really proud of this album. Yeah there are more old tracks on the album than new ones, but we decided to re-record them because we wanted to show the real potential of those songs. I like them in their old format as they can be heared on Posercrusher, but the debut was totally low-produced while Horns Of The Wasted became extremely massive and this new sound gave new life for the old tracks as well.

MORBIDZINE: You did a mini tour with Morbosidad in Hungary, how was it for you?

BLIZZ: It was both, fantastic and a great experiance as well. All of the Morbosidad guys are very cool and they’re a truly devastating band on stage.

MORBIDZINE: I get from too much diversity from band's music in taste of the pure metal & punk. Satanic, dirty and drunk rock'n'roll, thrash, hardcore punk, black metal combination is the musical character of Drünken Bastards. If we say "black metal guys in the party atmosphere" would it be right? Let's tell us band's best inspirations apart from music.

BLIZZ: Partly right, because Me and maybe D-Beat Hasselhoff have a black metal past, the others came from the thrash/hardcore/punk scene. But we all love both hardcore and extreme metal bands, the only point it can be in an old band or a new band what plays old-style music. We really don't care about modern sounds or any kind of modernization. Our main inspirations apart from music are: parties, alcohol, sluts, street fights, drugs, hate. In two words: our life.

MORBIDZINE: "Drünken Bastards"; The first word is in Hungarian language, the second word is English. How is the story of choosing that name in different languages?

BLIZZ: The word Drünken isn't Hungarian. It's english we just put the umaluts on the letter "U". So without the umlauts you get a simple english name: Drunken Bastards. Our name in Hungarian more less sounds like: Részeg Fattyak.

MORBIDZINE: As we know you're inspired by old school black thrash metal and punk acts like Venom, Sodom, Bathory, Broken Bones, Driller Killer mainly. What's your another best favourite bands? For example GG Allin is a main influence for Drünken Bastards? I guess there's a cover of G.G. Allin's "Eat My Fuk" under the name "Destroy The Factory", isn't it?

BLIZZ: Haha, I like G.G. Allin but everyone can see he had only a few really cool tracks like Bite It You Scum or When I Die. As I mentioned I listen to many styles of agressive music from crust/punk to black metal. The list of my fave bands is endless, but here are some names: Blasphemy, Wolfpack, Iron Maiden, Beherit, Possessed, Verbal Abuse, G.B.H., Motörhead, Slaughter, Dismember, Autopsy, Thin Lizzy, Discharge, Supercrhist, Agnostic Front, Sarcofago, Voivod etc. etc. Nope, it's a cover from Eat My Fuk's "Wet Slit & Bottle Of Whisky" LP. Totally G.G. influenced sleazy punk n'roll just way better than G.G. ever was haha. By the way Eat My Fuk is a project of Abcess/Autopsy/Von guys.

MORBIDZINE: If G.G. Allin was alive and you shared the stage with him, how the night could end in your opinion? :)

BLIZZ: I can't imagine haha, but he is dead so it’s better if we talk about something else.

MORBIDZINE: In 2007's debut you covered a song called "Üsd a Not!" of Herma Florida. What's about them? And how did you decide to choose such a song?

BLIZZ: Herma Florida was a Hungarian metal/punk band around 1993 and did just a few songs. By the way the band was run by Angel Reaper members after they disbanded.

MORBIDZINE: Which girl have inspired on you while you're writing "Alcoholic Big Tits"? :) What's the story of song?

BLIZZ: All the silicone titted drunk sluts in the bars. There are too many stories behind the song haha.

MORBIDZINE: Who were the main target that you mean with the name "Posercrusher"? Today's fool mainstream brains and post-modern - symphonic metal stupidity? Or shit bands like Him, Korn etc..?

BLIZZ: You, your mother and sister and basically everyone else haha.

MORBIDZINE: 80's thrash bands are gathering again today, many of theese bands can not catch the old vein. More groovy modern thrash elements in their music production and control. What do you think about this case?

BLIZZ: Don't dig up the dead!

MORBIDZINE: Someone that you want to drink together mostly? For example like to drink Jack Daniels with Lemmy or Cronos? :)

BLIZZ: With Lemmy man, no doubt!

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about the situation of today's rock'n'roll? Contemporary bands also you like and follow? Of course we know Barbatos, Rötten etc that you like.

BLIZZ: There are many cool rock n' roll inspired underground bands today. Enought to think of bands like Ronnie Ripper's Private War, Eat My Fuk or Superchrist.

MORBIDZINE: Last albums you bought? Also say the latest albums which disappointed you?

BLIZZ: I still collect LPs and I got many cool stuff in the last few weeks like Sadistik Execution and Desaster box sets, old Motörhead bootleg LPs, Slaughter - Strappado PLP, some first press oldies like D.R.I., Onslaught, Mortal Sin, Voivod etc. Too many to mention. On the other hand there were many shitty releases which disappointed me but luckily I can't remember them.

MORBIDZINE: You have cool friendship with Yasuyuki, I guess. Do you think make a project together with him in the following years?

BLIZZ: Yasu is one of our dearest metal brothers, very cool guy. Pete Fire planned a project called Samurai Blood in the past and he has involved Yasuyuki to the project as well. But I don't think it’s going to happen.

MORBIDZINE: Are you interested in football? We left behind a boring world cup. Thoughts about latest world cup and Argentina of Maradona? Hungary was an excellent team in the past, you know the years of legend Puskás. Why don't Hungarian team have success like they have in old days in your opinion?

BLIZZ: Yes I am and I can totally aggree with you, this world cup was the biggest failure in the history of football. What a fucking shitty and boring, moreover noisy world cup was this? Fuck those vuvuzelas! About the Hungarian team, the generation of Puskás was one of the biggest in the football history. Puskás and his team mates played with passion. Nowadays the young guys start to play football just for money. That's the difference.

MORBIDZINE: You spent your time for Morbidzine. So many thanks for interview. Last comments you want to send?

BLIZZ: Thanks for the chance comrade! Wait Horns Of The Wasted and get in touch with us at: or Hails to the Turkish legions of the Dead! Motherfucker in the sky.
Tarih: 01.09.2010 Saat: 01:04 Gönderen: Sodom
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