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Interviews These Melbourne, Australian alcoholic guys does never swerve the way what you know about true metal from 80s till today. Combining the satanic thrash/black and speed metal with their intensely interested to the concept of serial killer stories, incorporating the elements of a Motörhead and Ac Dc's rock'n'roll with 80s punk scene or Exciter, Running Wild, Razor sparks, satanic vein of an Hellhammer or Venom and today's bands such as Toxic Holocaust or Gospel Of The Horns and all of other things like these; briefly they assemble all these factors at the same point away from bright & modern productions by their raw metal attitude without compromising.

Now; in recent days we made an interview with Hexx of Trench Hell;

MORBIDZINE: Hi Hushy! This is so cool to talk with any member of Australian dirty alcoholic speedy black thrashers Trench Hell. Thanks for spending your time for us. Let's talk about new crazy stuff following 2008's "Southern Cross Ripper". Still kicking ass like that, you go on the road as a drunk 80s metal, some punk and roll on new recordings again?

HUSHY (HEXX): Cheers mate, Great to hear from you. Yeah its only been 2 years since the release of SCR, Feels like so much longer, We're writing for a new album now so stay tuned for that.

MORBIDZINE: There were European tours in recent months including countries like Ireland, Nederland, Norway, Sweden bla bla. What was the impression of this tour and most crazy country as audience?

HUSHY (HEXX): Yeah we just done 4 full weeks in Europe doing shows all around the place! it was really chaotic! the festivals were great to play, My favorite would have been Headbangers open air, along side so many classic bands!

MORBIDZINE: Trench Hell has a sound beginning from "Motorhead", "Venom", "Running Wild" to the "Hellhammer", "Celtic Frost", "Bulldozer" and "Gospel Of The Horns" or "Toxic Holocaust", a blending that reflects up to cool old-fashioned metal history. Any bands you're often compared with by listeners?

HUSHY (HEXX): Pretty much all the bands you mentioned we are compared to, one other one that is said all the time would be Razor..

MORBIDZINE: I think you sipped your whiskey in Sydney yesterday night. I also drank some beer at Kadikoy that's Istanbul's special venue for us, even if you come one day we should drink together. What brand of whiskey and beer you like drinking in generally as a private pleasure?

HUSHY (HEXX): yeah I normally go to Sydney most weekends for beers and gigs and so on, I think that night you talk about I went and Seen Airbourne, As for beer, I like European beer and Australian Micro brewery beer, For whiskey its normally Jack strait up. depends on the mood and place.

MORBIDZINE: Band is also interested in serial killers as I know Australia also had a lot of serial killers in past. For example John Wayne Glover (The Granny Killer), among them who killed grannies, it's very interesting to me. Are you really interested frequently on these subjects such as reviewing the stories of these killers?

HUSHY (HEXX): Well I know just about everything on Australian crime and serial killers, Its kinda like a hobby of mine, haha the granny killer is a funny one, The inspiration comes out in the lyrics for sure, All our lyrics are about this topic..

MORBIDZINE: You've been drawn inspiration from serial killers on the cover of EP, am I right?

HUSHY (HEXX): Sure, Its our version of the Australian Ripper. The Southern Cross Ripper. So many people hate that cover hahahaha.

MORBIDZINE: If I ask unknown influences of Trench Hell those will be surprise for us which examples would you want to tell us? :)

HUSHY (HEXX): Well I draw shit from everywhere, Hard rock, Punk, 70's psychedelic, Hell, I listen to a lot of stuff thats not strictly metal, and draw influence from all of it..

MORBIDZINE: There was a cover of Hellhammer's "The Third Of The Storms" on "Alcoholic Disaster" demo, and I know you play Motˆrhead on gigs, for example I saw "No Class", another cover track(s) that you often like playing on gigs? Do you have new cover track to include on new records?

HUSHY (HEXX): At this point I dont think we will do a cover on the album and if we do it will be something I have in mind that will be very unexpected. Live we play No Class and Hellhammer, next time we play we might do something new, who knows..

MORBIDZINE: You told me the distro named "Coffins The Slave" yesterday. I reviewed products, there are great vinyls and especially cool nocturnal graves t-shirts I could get soon hehe. Are there any other plans in the near future about this distro?

HUSHY (HEXX): Yes, The Coffins slave is my Label, Well we have a lot of plans, Over the coming months we have a few Vinyl and CD releases, from bands like Black Jesus(Melbourne death metal) we're re-releasing Reanegade - Total Armageddon on LP from the 80's and Also the 1990 demo from Spectral birth on wax and plastic, Plus a lot more, Check it out at

MORBIDZINE: You played in Toxic Holocaust as a live member. How did it happened and how did you meet with Joel? In addition, ideas about Toxic Holocaust?

HUSHY (HEXX): Yeah that was back in 2005 before Hell on earth was released. I dunno, me and Joel used to write and we come up with the idea, Worked really well and was a lot of fun... New toxic is not really my thing, I mean I like the riffs but maybe not the production, I dunno, Something just does not click for me anymore.. But Joel is a top bloke!.

MORBIDZINE: Australia's underground extreme metal scene showed an incredible rising in the last 10 years as I've seen so it has one of the most solid scene among many countries, especially together with South American scene. Reasons for this excellent growing? What do you think?

HUSHY (HEXX): I always though it got worse as time went on hahaha, There are a few good bands coming from here now, it depends what style of music you like, Australia is a very strange place, And Trench Hell has made the choice not to play live here.

MORBIDZINE: Recently my friend told me about Nocturnal Graves was split up, I was very surprised and upset. Do you know why they were dissolved?

HUSHY (HEXX): Well shit moves on and people change, Some members are irreplaceable if you know what I mean.. I think its good that NG finished on a high note, But it sucks to see another great band bite the dust once again.. J/. Has a new Project that he has already done a demo for called "Impious Baptism" It will be distributed through the coffins slave and is one heavy fukn demo!

MORBIDZINE: New cool bands what you see on your way such as fucking blackened speed stuff or new bands you like and support in recent years?

HUSHY (HEXX): New bands I like are, In Solitude, Zuul, Ghost, HellBringer, Children of Technology, Antichrist, And many others!

MORBIDZINE: Could you give some examples from reunion albums of 80s bands you're disappointed or you liked mostly?

HUSHY (HEXX): Albums or bands? I dont like reunions to much, They always fail in some way or another.

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about the another face/another world in metal scene from our view-point? I mean the bands which are away from the real metal attitude/spirit, especially North American "groove" and "melodic thrash-death" market, tags such as "post-modern metal" or "nwoAhm" and others I forgot to say. Tell us your ideas about them?

HUSHY (HEXX): Pfft could not give a fuk about them, Its all heavy metal to me, If I like a band I will listen to it and if I dont I wont simple as that.

MORBIDZINE: Thanks so much again for interview Hushy! Last comments you want to send from here?

HUSHY (HEXX): Watch out for a new album from us to be released on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS GERMANY in 2011! Also check out the label for some KILLER music!
Tarih: 18.11.2010 Saat: 20:31 Gönderen: Sodom
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