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Interviews Released in 2009, Neutron Hammer showed tremendous menacing sound with the latest killer EP named "Extermination Kommand", Finnish perverted guys which are playing old-fashioned black-death-thrash with punk influences, now they're preparing a new album to release soon, and here's an interview we did with Kaosbringer recently;

MORBIDZINE: Infernal hailz to Kaosbringer and Neutron Hammer from Istanbul, thank you for accepting us to spend your time. There's never a deviation from the musical way since "Apokalyptik Attakk" demo. Tell us new destructive stuff after 2009's blasphemic perverted madness named "Extermination Kommand" if you have materials to release soon?

KAOSBRINGER: Hail! Yeah, you´re right, we´ve had our direction with this band since day 1. There has been a lot of fuss with other involvements of the members and that we all live in different cities now so that has been an obstacle for us. We still work on our debut full-length album but there is no schedule for it yet.

MORBIDZINE: What's your view on playing cover tracks? Will we see any cover from Neutron Hammer on new record?

KAOSBRINGER: Covers are nice to do once a while in live situation but we probably never will record any.

MORBIDZINE: Neutron Hammer plays mixing of old school raw thrash, black and death metal by dirty catchy kickass riffs, graving primitive vocals, sledgehammer drumming, totally nuclear sickness sound with a bit punky touches as far as I could characterize. Most influential bands on Neutron Hammer's atomic bomb thrown sound? And some people compare you with Impaled Nazarene a bit, what will you say about it?

KAOSBRINGER: Old Impaled Nazarene has been a huge influence for us also as Motörhead, Sarcofago, Morbid, Sodom, Hellhammer, Spear of Longinus, Razor etc. to name a few...

MORBIDZINE: For example when I listen very very cool songs such as "Caustic Aggression" and "Ride with Vengeance" I feel cool punk touches in some parts. What will you say about it?

KAOSBRINGER: Thanks for your words. Yes, we have a lot of punk influnce (musically speaking). We all like GG Allin and such dirty, nasty shit like that! I think it all suits us very well, there´s no faking, we do what we feel like doing, you know, we don´t want to categorize ourselves to any subgenre. We are influenced by this fukked up world!

MORBIDZINE: I guess it would be released as split with Bloodhammer. Why abandoned?

KAOSBRINGER: Yes, our MLP "Extermination Kommand" was originally supposed to be released as split with them but we didn´t want to do it anymore in 2009 (after waiting to release those songs for 2 years). At that time we thought it would be better to release it as our own mini album and so we did.

MORBIDZINE: As a band that created devastating noise as if joined to the nuclear war, what do you think about "war metal" concept?

KAOSBRINGER: I hate that term myself (what´s the point?). Is it so weird that Black/Death Metal bands sing about war and destruction? As said earlier, we don´t want to categorize ourselves. We are what we are simple as that.

MORBIDZINE: Extermination Kommand's mcd format was also brought to Istanbul by a metal shop in here. Which countries have most positive critics about EP apart from Finland? South America especially in Brazil or Australia there may have been big interest I guess?

KAOSBRINGER: I have heard a lot of good feed back from Australia and England... Well, also from Germany too. It´s hard to say, really.

MORBIDZINE: EP cover has one of the most extreme crazy artworks that I've seen, what's the meaning of it?

KAOSBRINGER: It is a picture of rape / murder victim at the crime scene. It´s ment to symbolize the sickness of this world as well as demented violence in Neutron Hammer´s music too!

MORBIDZINE: Black Mass Ritual III was consisting of magnificent bands as we saw, how was the show for you? Thoughts about this crazy crew like Diocletian, Blasphemophagher, Sadistic Intent and the others?

KAOSBRINGER: It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant! One of the best fests I´ve ever attended myself! Our gig was very good, folks seemed to dig us a lot there. Although I prefer a little bit smaller stage (speaking about it´s height, it was too tall, my boots were at the level of audiences heads)...

MORBIDZINE: Are you interested in war movies? Especially any movie is related with influence to Neutron Hammer?

KAOSBRINGER: Yes, absolutely! I am huge fan of that genre myself. I can´t think of any specific movie which would have influenced us, though.

MORBIDZINE: There's a satanic thrash band named "Sacrificial Dagger" of you and Pervertor. Do you think focusing on it in time?

KAOSBRINGER: I and Pervertor are no longer in that band since late -09. We founded a new band instead called Crosswrecker upon leaving SD for personal matters. CW will continue the path we started with SD´s last demo (2009) "Order of the Black Sun", Occult Black/Thrash metal! we did a MCD entitteled "Black Flame Divination" (No Sign of Life, 2010) last spring.

MORBIDZINE: Finland had also big cool hardcore punk scene in 1980s and early 1990s. Have you any favourite bands from that scene like Terveet Kädet, Rattus, Riistetyt etc..?

KAOSBRINGER: Terveet Kädet and Kuolema are nice!

MORBIDZINE: What do you think about Beherit's reunion and their latest album? Your favourite new hellish kick ass bands from Finland and other countries?

KAOSBRINGER: New Beherit was a good one but nothing beats the old stuff! New good ones from Finland, I could say Cornigr, Stench of Decay, Coprofagi and Desolate Shrine. From abroad for example, Cruciamentum, Red Abyss, Witchrist, Sanguis Imperem, Impetuous Ritual, Necroholocaust... Baphomet´s Blood, there is a lot going on so I better stop in time.

MORBIDZINE: How do you look to NSBM movement and chaos-gnostic ideology, anti-cosmic satanism? There are many NSBM examples in Poland. What's it based on to in your opinion?

KAOSBRINGER: We haven´t given much thought for these movements / organisations so it´s hard to say anything. Neutron Hammer doesen´t have any political motivation at all... We are different persons with slightly different ideas and believes behind the band and therefore we do not stand for any political movement nor do answer such questions in interviews!

MORBIDZINE: Today regions such as Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and Australia have great old school extreme metal explosions in old-fashioned vein, numerous bands of sickness began to appear day by day. But after mid-90s to early 2000s there was a dead condition in this scene. But now it's excellent. How do you see the future of that recovery way?

KAOSBRINGER: Yes, there are a lot of good bands around these days to bang your head to and more seems to be coming all the time. There is also alot of lame ones too but it´s hard to tell what the future will bring...

MORBIDZINE: Thanks again for interview by Morbidzine. Neutron Hammer is one of the bands who play what true old-fashioned metal supporters want. Last comments you want to add?

KAOSBRINGER: Watch out for the debut full-lenght of ours coming out on Primitive Reaction records sometime in the future. Buy our shirts, patches and records...

Beware of the Satan´s Hammer!!!
Tarih: 30.03.2011 Saat: 18:26 Gönderen: Sodom
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