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Interviews Last year they struck the hammer of blasphemic death metal with their excellent debut named "Under The Hammer Of Destruction" and these Swedish guys will release their second album soon, finally here's an interview we did with Matt Mendoza recently;

MORBIDZINE: Hi Matt. Thanks, you accepted to spent your time to us. Firstly, I'll ask what're you doing nowadays? We read Bastard Priest completed second full-length following 2010's "Under The Hammer Of Destruction" madness. Could you tell us something about the new album? Like you did on debut, will we see the pure fuckin blasphemic death metal that's worshipping the old days of genre again on new album?

MATT MENDOZA: Hey dude! Right now we’re working hard to finish the artwork and layout for the new album. Musicwise it’s been done for months now but the artwork has been troublesome for us this time but I think we’re almost there now. New LP is 8 songs recorded November 2010 and mixed and mastered earlier this year. We’re really satisfied with the outcome and it’s gonna be cool I think.

MORBIDZINE: You hit the target although it's a debut yet so Bastard Priest got the special place suddenly for the true metal-punk fans of underground scene. We wonder the band has an history of 10 years. What were the effective occurrences of the debut so late?

MATT MENDOZA: Well, it took us a while to actually do anything and I guess we were too busy with other things. Better late than never I guess.

MORBIDZINE: Who are the men you most want to clink glassess at the same table? Lemmy, Euronymous, Cronos, or Sakevi of GISM? Maybe Madonna or someone else? However what kind of alcohol you like drinking mostly?

MATT MENDOZA: Kurt Cobain in 1989 and I only drink beer...

MORBIDZINE: You say that you are very relaxed about the lyrics. Lay the balls is so great! :) But how do you get inspired to write something? Cult horror movies, tombs, zombies, satan, alcohol, mariuhana, my friend's hot mom, bla bla? And your most favourite horror and post-apocalyptic movies?

MATT MENDOZA: No lying balls, I don’t know - me and Inventor kinda triggers each other about ridiculous stuff we read or hear. I guess it’s usually other lyrics from other bands and stuff. I’m more into post-apocal than horror but I like the old zombie-flicks. Otherwise Dune is a good movie.

MORBIDZINE: Magnificence of the cover artwork as well, gives the cool ambience of old-fashioned metal hell. Who did the cover artwork of album and demo?

MATT MENDOZA: Inventor did ‘em both.

MORBIDZINE: Choosing a Bombanfall cover in debut releases was so cool. Do you have any other cover track on new album? (for example; like Anti Cimex, Totalitar, Skitsystem or Gism, Disclose etc.) What's your favourite bands from legendary Scandinavian hardcore punk-crust scene + other scenes of course?

MATT MENDOZA: Yeah we’ve discussed some other songs/bands to cover but it won’t be a secret if I tell you, right? My two favorite bands from Sweden is Totalitär and No Security, both of them are second wave but they’re really good. From all other scenes? Black Flag...

MORBIDZINE: If you were a kangpunk who started playing drums in 1980, which legendary band(s) would you want to be included?

MATT MENDOZA: Heartattack or Misfits, what about you?

MORBIDZINE: Has Bastard Priest ever played gig? Or will you play soon? Do you think including any session member(s)?

MATT MENDOZA: No, we’ve never played any gigs and I’m not seeing it happening anytime soon either. It’s too complicated right now so I’m just gonna keep on concentrating on making new songs instead.

MORBIDZINE: At last years, death metal is loyal to its roots on the rise again. It's very vicious, ruthless, obscure, evil with new old-school bands which handle the flag of true death metal. What do you think about the reasons of this rising? Your favorite new death metal bands?

MATT MENDOZA: I don’t know - it some sort of trend o hype I guess - but thing is, I don’t think hype is all bad, if a hype gives you 9 bad bands that don’t stick together longer than a year or so and one really really good band I think it’s worth it. My best “new” band is MAIM, they rule!

MORBIDZINE: In the style of death metal as a band who has the influences of bands such as Entombed, Master, Slaughter, maybe Autopsy, Dismember, Grave, Repugnant and the others we forgot to say how are you looking the period of death metal since the lately of 80s/early 90s till today? What are the things that you find disingenuous, for example? What do you think about the modern style (more intensive technical-oriented, based on more complex riffs/drum templates) of the genre?

MATT MENDOZA: Well, I started listen to heavy metal in ‘86 and death/speed/thrash/black metal in ‘91 or ‘92, I was just a kid back then but I’ve been listening to metal ever since - not only death metal cos punk and hardcore has been a much bigger part of my life but anyhow. Back then you listened to everything - I mean Uniform Choice or Void or Entombed or Burzum didn’t matter to me - everything was cool it’s own way. Then the new death metal became pretty stale or too groovy and black metal bands started to sing about mountains and trolls so I stopped caring and dived into the worldwide hardcore scene instead. I didn’t hear any good death metal until I discovered Kaamos and Repugnant in 2003 or so, I mean I wasn’t really looking cos I had my hands full getting my head around finish hardcore and all the Japanese stuff and the early LA scene and the rest of the stuff. I don’t really care for technical-oriented stuff if it doesn’t add anything to the table. I mean Keith Moon was really technical but he expresses himself in the right way if you ask me - random ultra fast metal-drummer usually don’t, and I don’t mean to say they’re bad, they’ve just got bad taste. It’s become cool to say you don’t like tech-style or “good” production - I don’t have anything against it per se but it’s very rarely done with anything even remotely to good taste or what I think is good in music.

MORBIDZINE: Is there any band you know from Turkey? For example, do you know Burial Invocation? Have you ever listened them?

MATT MENDOZA: No, I’m sorry - haven’t heard them or of them.

MORBIDZINE: I actually like asking this question very much, but I'm asking second time yet haha. If you have been put in same prison together with GG Allin, what would you probably do?

MATT MENDOZA: That’s a wierd question - I would probably get raped and killed, If I don’t make it to it first that is.

MORBIDZINE: Some companies are re-releasing old recordings with different versions many times again and again, what do you think about this topic?

MATT MENDOZA: I don’t know - what old recordings are we talking about. I don’t really have an opinion - if it’s out of press and hard to get I guess it’s good. I’m not much for oop stuff that’s overpriced just because of that.

MORBIDZINE: Thank you so much for interview! We believe that Bastard Priest will continue to work in a very classy way. Now, your last comments you want to say from here?

MATT MENDOZA: Thanks for the interview! Heavy Hails to Turkey!
Tarih: 10.06.2011 Saat: 01:58 Gönderen: Sodom
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