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Interviews Releasing their third mastershit Goatblood Panspermia in 2010, Beastial Black/Death Metal goats Sadomator have been persecuting all the virgins and now here is an interview with Seventh Blasphemer.

MORBIDZINE: Bestial hails to Sadomator and Seventh Blasphemer! You accepted to spend your time for us. Totally perverted, goat worshipping, had declared war death-black metal in Sadomator's way like recorded in hell to devastate and desecrate all divinities. Since the debut we can see each of Sadomator albums show the insanely rising of band. Tell us the goat worshipping ideology of "Goatblood Panspermia" and previous recordings in your opinion?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Hails, sorry about the late reply, things is always busy here and it is more and more rare that I am in the mood for interviews. Better late than never, I hope. The product of Sadomator has been the same from the beginning, as it was with Sadogoat, to spread the message of total death and profanity. Mostly the new album deal with the ever present goatlust in death metal of the underground kind, so this is the way of life manifesting in the music and lyrics.

MORBIDZINE: There's a track named "Goatzone Massacre (1944)". Which side of the second world war this track is based on?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: It is based on the side of the Goat Cult, it is an old Sadogoat track which we re-recorded. The lyrics are very short and just tell about how to vanish into the void. There is not much to it, it was written during some occult session many years ago.

MORBIDZINE: Will the name of next album definitely include the word "Goat"?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Probably, but it is hard to know, we haven't even begun writing any tracks for the next album, so I can not even tell if there ever will be one. Our latest release was the split with Morbosidad, that one did not have the word goat in the title, but it was also kind of special, as it was the first split release we did while being Sadomator.

MORBIDZINE: Recently a split with Morbosidad was released. 8 minutes of brutal noise terror two bands did extremely as much as possible. The cover is insanely excellent, your ideas about it? How did you come together to make this release?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: We have met with Morbosidad and the band is really great and the members are great people too, so we got an offer, through a label, to do a split with them, naturally we agreed. At some point the label was changed to Iron Bonehead, I had no problem with that as we usually have a good deal through that label. The release came out great, with both bands delivering strong tracks and the cover was great and brutal too.

MORBIDZINE: How do you see the standing point of Sadomator in satanic death/black metal genre today? Thoughts about the term "War Metal" that was defined after Blasphemy? So what's about the point of your view when you were defined in "War Metal" genre?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: I don't think we play war metal and I don't think Blasphemy is war metal. War metal was created by Holocausto. Most war metal bands of today just play satanic death metal or black metal, whatever you prefer, and lot of the bands was defined so for many years, untill war metal was the new big term to throw around. I think most bands get defined into a genre by the listeners and not by themselves. I don't know if we are or ever were a big part of any scene, we have done some albums which have made their mark into the underground, but I still think there is a long way to go before were are really accepted. I don't care much for the fame and money, but of course it is nice that people like what we do, but for me the most important thing is to play the music I like and if I can get a vinyl release it is a great bonus. This will never make me rich in any way, not on this level.

MORBIDZINE: Today there are many killer bands carry the flag of genre that was initiated by bands such as Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcofago, Mystifier, Von, Conqueror in the past. This has increased in recent years. Around the world Sadomator, Morbosidad, Black Witchery, Teitanblood, Revenge, Proclamation, Zygoatsis, Blasphemophagher and many more have been established. How do you see the future of this rising? Your favourites?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Many of these bands have been around for many years, Morbosidad and Black Witchery can hardly be called new bands anymore. I think it is a good thing that there has been a rise of this genre again, there have been some great concerts and festivals which definately could not have happened ten years ago, so of course there is more focus and people get inspired, so there will be more bands all the time and luckily there is some which are really good. I think most of the bands youo mentioned are great, but I also try and get music from more underground bands, which is getting easier since I made Silver Key Records. But it is hard to tell what bands are my favourites, I listen to so many different things all the time. I think that this genre will continue to be big for a long time, but eventually it will probably thin out for some of the posers and trend people who have come along for the ride. Time will tell.

MORBIDZINE: Where did you take the samples those were used in "Sadomatic Goat Cult" compilation? Any favourite horror movies have influence on you? (not band)

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Sadomatic Goat Cult is the first Sadomator LP, not a compilation. I have taken samples from different horror and hentai movies, probably from some mainstream movies too, it is long time ago, so I can't really remember all of them. I am not so much into horror movies, I like lot of the old ones, but I thinkk new horror movies is more gore than story, which gets boring with time. I am more into barbarian movies, like Conan and such, I have a large collection of movies like that, there was made a load of them in the 80s, most are not very famous.

MORBIDZINE: There are some tracks that I wonder how the fucking head you had when you were writing. I guess you lived a very hard heads. For example, "Goatoprosperational Acid". What's about the theme?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Ehm, I think it was just written while stoned or drunk possibly, it deals with general chaos, so that is also why it is so short.

MORBIDZINE: "Goats Brew Alcolust" was more focused on masochistic lyrics together with goat fanaticism if I'm not mistaken. Do you have any interest in masochism in real life? Otherwise, any interest in topics such as black magic?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: I don't know, I thought the LP mostly dealt with general perversion and drunkeness, I think masochism is fine, I don't practise it myself as a fetish, but it might happen in rituals and such.

MORBIDZINE: Despite you change the name Sadogoat, some records were released under this name. Do you have the idea of releasing a new album as Sadogoat?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: There will probably not be anymore Sadogoat recordings, the releases we have had out, after we changed name, have all been recorded before we changed the name, so it came natural to release it as Sadogoat. But actually one album will be out, but it will be a collection of the old demos on a 2LP release by Ancient Darkness. I have no idea when it will be out, I still need to do the layout and all such shit, also I need to gather the songs in deacent quality.

MORBIDZINE: If you were closed with a few nuns and goats in the same room what would you do?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Depending on how the nuns looked I guess, hahaha, most nuns I have seen are old ladies which I wouldn't touch with a poker, but it would be nice to rape a couple of young and good looking nuns, probably with help from the goats. Maybe there would be a descent.

MORBIDZINE: If you began to play in the 1980s or early 1990s, tell your masterpiece five records would you want to get involved?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: I bagan playing death metal in the early 90s, I think the first band I was in was formed in 1992, but we never did any prober recordings and mostly played cover tracks of thrash and death metal band. I don't know if there is any albums I would have liked to participate on, it all have to be right with time and place. It could have been sweet to have been around to experience the recording of some of the classis, to see how they were done and party.

MORBIDZINE: I must admit, at the time if I didn't know the region of Sadomator, my guess could be this is North American band probably. Which bands are the supreme influences on Sadomator? (I don't only mean the sound, it can also be reasons to play)

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Oh, the band was formed in 1998 and focused on the more bestial black and death metal for influences, musically the influences has changed over the years, but always stayed mainly in the same genre. Some of the bands which influenced us the most from start and untill now has of course been such acts as Beherit and Blasphemy, but we have drawn influence from most of the classic bands of the genre. Lately we have been more influenced by the more obscure and bad sounding demos of bands such as Goat Vulva or Satanic Evil and such infamous acts, I think it is easier to draw influence from very noisy stuff as it suits my mood of writing.

MORBIDZINE: I listened many bands like Mercyful Fate/K.Diamond, Artillery, Konkhra, Victimizer, Horned Almighty (some stuff), Goatfago and many more from Denmark. So can we say Sadomator/Sadogoat are the pioneers of true satanic death-black metal in Denmark?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: I wouldn't say that we are pioneers, before us there were many great black and death metal bands in Denmark, but most are broken up now. You should check out stuff like Wolfslair (previously known as Legion), Fallen Angel, Samhain, Batallion or Denial of God. But we are probably one of the largest goat metal, bestial black metal, war metal or whatever genre in the Denmark, after all this genre we play is very limited in bands, so it is not a very hard competition and I think we have gained status for just being around for so long time. I know of many new bands which have been inspired by us, but I think bands quickly look to other influeces when they get more knowledge of the eneral scene.

MORBIDZINE: Are you interested in cult hc punk/crust scenes of 80s? There are some cool hc bands from Denmark such as Razor Blades, War Of Destruction etc. and you know Swedish/Finnish hardcore punk scenes (Totalitar, Anti Cimex, Terveet Kadett - or Discharge, Amebix and the others from U.K.) were so cult acts. What's about them in your opinion?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: I am interested in punk and crust too, but I have a very limited collection of that stuff and I don't really know what is good in that scene. I have few albums with Razor Blades and War of Destruction and also few other danish punk albums, but I don't search very much for it, my main record collection consist of metal in all sorts of genres. I would like more punk music though, but I can't buy all the albums I want, it would just be too expensive in the end and I would have no time to listen to it all.

MORBIDZINE: Which festivals do you think going this year? Did you go to NWW, Kill-Town or Black Mass Ritual at last year?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Oh, I have been so slow with the interview that festival season is almost over, this year I have been to Muskelrock in Sweden, Copenhell in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Metal Magic in Fredericia (Denmark), I hope to go to Killtown later this year, but it is in the middle of when I am moving to a new town, so I might not have the time or money, I guess time will tell, but I hope to go I was there last year and it is one of the best festivals I have been to, which is not saying that much as I haven't visited many festivals in the past.

MORBIDZINE: Thanks in the name of all goats by Morbidzine. Last comments all true fans want to hear from you?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Look out for my new band Ogdru Jahad. Thanks for the support.
Tarih: 03.08.2011 Saat: 04:15 Gönderen: Sodom
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