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Hoşgeldin, Misafir
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Son Üye: ilytah
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Underground Noise: FUNERAL WINDS (Cold Blasphemy From The Depths Of Hell)
Underground Noise When the devil’s terrible hummings occured from the abysmal unsighted depths of hell in Rotterdam in 1991, in fact one of the top bands has spawned the unholy winds of blasphemous was going to appear. Their stringent ideological representatives are oriented on spreading the satanic terror through the earth without any fake ideas, and always managing to protect the sacrilegious spirit of real underground in the name of True Black metal. Recorded in the following year, the first demo was not presented to the fans except for underground magazines and record labels. In 1993, the 5-track demo named “La Majeste Infernable”, and another one two-track demo and live recordings were released under the name “Resurrection” through Polish label Pagan Records in 1994. After the joining of Insinah Xul they shared the stage with Vader and Kat in the Polish festival named Sthrashydto 94. Following the festival they entered the studio for the 6-track outrage, so two of them released as the EP “Thy Eternal Flame”, and the rest of tracks were included in the split with Japanese black-thrash band Abigail that was released by Warmaster Records. In these periods, Funeral Winds was quite early band yet, the limits they played was not beyond the mediocre raw black metal of course.

Normally they completed the debut in the summer of 1995, but there would be too many problems such as the murder arrest of Hell Christ Xul (Maurits Jansen) cause of attempting to kill the bass player of Dutch death metal band Sinister. Later it’s well-known in an interview of, Hell Christ Xul says like that “He should thank me for the experience of intimacy to know how he could lose his life at the top his career” so he meaned he was wrong guy to trade for black metal so he was deserving to die.

In this duration, “Godslayer XUL” would be delayed as a result of bankruptcy of record company, so it was released in 1998 by Daimon Records. In Europe, the fans faced with one of the best examples in the name of true spirit of pure old-school black metal, both musically and ideologically under the influence of bands such as Bathory, Darkthrone, Mayhem. Based on fast-paced songs with a complex arrangements, album had also the influences of pure 80’s thrash metal sound, especially the role of guitar riffs have these impressions. With morbidity of necro witching vocals, non-stopping tempo, riffing that reminds the early Bathory period, it was a major black metal record for initial. Actually “Godslayer XUL” proved that; they would be better than many bands which appeared on the scene before Funeral Winds.

In the early 2000s they returned with two promo releases and a split with Inferi (Domini Inferi) and the second order from hell “Koude Haat” came out! This time Funeral Winds became a band that was forcing the throne of underground true black metal in Europe. It was much higher than expected, a perfection peak! “Koude Haat” was reflecting the true darkness of evil, although the inspirations from the early years of Darkthrone, the record showed the band was in a way to outpace them. Total satanic propaganda was gifted to the real underground fans under a major production. Now, Funeral Winds would take the place between the real black metal acts such as Katharsis, Urgehal, Beastcraft, and Tsjuder in Europe. Influences from the cult bands such as Sodom, Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory and Mayhem were still included in their sound of hell vomiting against the god and religions like they said, a unique devastation from the devil’s spirit was presented in 36 minutes.

The most pure hellish journey in recent years was performed in “Koude Haat”. Tracks such as "The Beast Within", "Carnage In The Temple Of Jerusalem", "Koude Haat" were the major black metal rituals of the record, but all of the tracks were filled by attracting more and more excellent riffs buried into the darkness and extraordinary intense and energetic drumming, necro-abrasive and dirty vocals that’s echoing like thunderous in the ears. Especially Funeral Winds was really up with addictive black metal riffing on this album. Cause of their total hatred against the society and humanity as it should be, they only care the demonic chaos of hell over the fucked world. All humans should die, the society was consisting of a flock of parasites so they are deserving to be slave and die. Increasing for each album, the propaganda they’ve done was quite uncompromising and consistent.

The same year, 4-way split named “Black Metal Against The World” was released through Undercover records. But there was also a bootleg which was released by Greek Unisound records considered as unfortunate, because it was a rip off label so the bootleg has quite bad sound quality.

In 2007, the biggest invasion of Funeral Winds brought the hell on earth by the third full-length “Nexion Xul – The Cursed Bloodline”. This time the real black metal fans faced with another malignant record that was more lunatic they’ve expected. The provision of the devil was announced to the world in 9 songs of darkest, deepest in the name of satanic worshipping with great production again. Funeral Winds has always gone in the way of necro black metal under the influences of 80s and the first half of the 90s with solid ideological frame of mind. Hell Christ Xul is also well-known with his statements “It’s time to send away the immigrants from this country”, “We hate mankind, all must die”. According to him, “without a commitment to the devil, this can be just an Anti-Christianity”.

I’m sure a lot of fans look forward for a new album from these Dutch demons at the moment. We’ll see how they will burn the divines.

This article belongs to MORBIDZINE. Can not be copied / used.
Tarih: 01.07.2014 Saat: 19:06 Gönderen: Sodom
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