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Metal/Punk Articles Perhaps the British people presented another great movement to all the world after the football. It was NWOBHM , with expanding “New Wave Of British Heavy Metal” was a beginning of gold era for Heavy Metal history like a revolutinary that will be guide the metal scene in the following years. I'm not the enemy of Glam Rock but if NWOBHM had not been and if we tried to take pleasure from Glam Rock instead of NWOBHM, I sure it would not be really good. Punk rock movement was quite powerful in the late 1970s, because punk was an important cultural movement of youth for the struggle against authority. Although now it discredited former political intimacy. With NWOBHM flames a new era would begin and influenced from 70's hard rock music, particularly Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow and Motörhead, British people began to form countless bands one after another (Iron Maiden, Venom, Saxon, Diamond Head, Raven, Demon, Def Leppard, Girlschool, Tank, Praying Mantis, Angel Witch, Samson, Blitzkrieg, Grim Reaper, Quartz, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Jaguar, Saracen, Avenger, Holocaust, Tokyo Blade, Witchfinder General, Hollow Ground etc.). Looking at the earlier periods, born in Scotland then moved to Australia, which was founded by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, AC DC is cited among the pioneers of the genre.

NWOBHM is a movement that has also affected the structure of society against the systems and provided the birth of another heavy metal genres (speed, thrash, death, black metal) it has been a culture in itself. With different ideologies, the magnificent scene shows, strongly approach on the ability of musicianship, increasing the speed and sound of the music, making more energetic, forcing a clearer direction, they have created a unique musical culture. Powerful chords, fast guitar solos, melodic and soaring vocals and lyrical themes focusing on the mythical, fantasy, devil, hell and mystery were the characteristic features of style. Presenting the innovations and aesthetics of music that inspires the listeners such a movement created the roots of all extreme genres of Heavy Metal. Undoubtedly bands such as Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Venom, Raven, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Tank have the biggest roles in spreading the adoption of analyze of NWOBHM, this could never be disputed.

In 1975, formed by Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, Motörhead was among the biggest keys of the genre. Even for Lemmy, "He is the God of Rock’n’Roll and Metal" is easy to say. Perhaps he’s also the greatest punk in the world. Charismatic standing, his dirty tone of voice, he was accepted a legendary man by many people from the scenes of Hardcore Punk, Crust, Speed /Thrash Metal, Rock N Roll, and Heavy Metal. Because Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, not only in music, a philosophy to be adopted by people, a form of existence.

Founded in 1976, South Yorkshire, another major band of the genre was Saxon. In 1979, started out with the debut album “Saxon”, the following year continued with the legendary "Wheels of Steel" almost had a blast and although there were a decline of NWOBHM in the following years, Saxon has become a rising giant with other a few bands such as Motörhead, Maiden, Venom, and Tank. Still led by Biff Byford, the band has still the same spirit with the music continues on its way and it is one of the world's biggest heavy metal bands although there’s also another Saxon named Oliver / Dawson Saxon cause of disputes in the band at the time.

While Diamond Head was one of the biggest key influence on Metallica and Lars Ulrich, the band’s legendary song “Am I Evil” was also covered by Metallica, and band is well-known with mystical record “Lightning To The Nations” which they have not presented any tracklist or title for the album at the time, it has became one of the most sought-after albums by the collectors. Influenced from Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rush and Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar approach the band’s sound was more oriented on heavy metal with progressive rock influences from time to time.

For me, there was a British trio that had biggest influence on speed metal. Of course Motörhead, if the other one is Tank, and the other one is Raven exactly. Formed in 1975 by John and Mark Gallagher they are well-known as one of the first bands of genre. Built upon the classic British hard rock, progressive elements, they guided the heavy/speed metal with the classic releases (“Rock Until You Drop”, “All For One...”) however John Gallagher is a vocalist who has a unique voice in heavy metal scene. It’s necessary to note band’s debut “Rock Until You Drop” was the first album that was issued by Neat Records in the name of NWOBHM, and Kreator covered the song “Lambs To The Slaughter”. Raven has also a very big influence on the genre thrash metal naturally but they were also defined as “athletic rock”. With clothing and accessories they have worn “early thrashers” definition can be said for them in my opinion. In addition, it’s interesting the wearing helmets, plates from the various sports so the band has a different image of the owner.

Venom is going on more different direction when they were compared with other bands. Actually, it’s correct to say “Venom is devil’s rock’n’roll noise” or “satanic rock’n’roll” or define what you want. Formed in 1979, the band oriented on full of satanic themes so it was quite unusual at that time though it was firstly used by Black Sabbath before, because Black Sabbath partly used it, Venom’s all lyrical themes was based to Satanism. The most important side, the band has been the emergence of Black Metal as godfather for this genre. People surprised by legendary records such as "In League With Satan", "Welcome To Hell", "Black Metal", and they had the biggest inspiration on thrash, death and black metal bands.

Satan also proceeded along the way of Venom, at least as lyrical because they were focused on satanism, witchcraft, medieval times, mystical subjects and band’s powerful and melodic vocal sounds, violent guitar riffing, thunderous bass trembles had major impact on both Power metal (if a necessary genre to define) and Thrash metal of course.

Briefly, the formation of metal, NWOBHM movement is the largest shareholder. In this regard I believe it’s necessary to thank the company Neat Records which has pressed many NWOBHM records for the people. Perhaps the golden age was lost 20 years ago, but when we still listen to the bands of genre, if we are still addicted to this kind of music, then it really deserves that comment “it truly lives in our spirits”…

This article belongs to MORBIDZINE. Can not be copied / used.
Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 11:13 Gönderen: Sodom
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