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Album Reviews The second album that was released in 2013 hit thrash metal scene but anyway, let's continue to talking about “Satan’s Cross”.

Maybe the reason of everything could be “Blood Fire Death”. It pointed the style which Regan and his crew have always wanted to play after they listened, then the roots of Nocturnal Graves were created. Does not have the bounds with any countries, considered one of the continents of the world’s most difficult to reach, where kangoroos bounce, if you use the names “Australia” and “underground extreme metal” you find the Victoria metal atmosphere of the devil-ridden, the crosses of upside down, heat up by the furnaces of hell. Well-known from the bands such as Hobbs Angel Of Death, Deströyer 666, Destruktor, Bestial Warlust, Toxic Holocaust even a session, two experienced guys Nuclear Exterminator and Regan revealed Nocturnal Graves by saying that such an hell was not enough for them. After the demo and EP that showed how the debut would be psychopathic, they released “Satan’s Cross” to stick the devil’s inverted cross on our eyes. Totally old school black death thrashing metal, a combination of their music hit the target very well. This is very special album between another black-thrashing records, because Nocturnal Graves created a cool characteristic sound with “Satan’s Cross” instead of doing a simple retro thrash work like many other bands did.

Here we have a situation to note, "Satan's Cross" LP and the CD version that was subsequently published has only one new track if we include the demo tape that was released before the album, it’s the title track. If you don’t include, then all the songs were newly written apart from "Aggressive Exterminator" so it was re-recorded with an intro, we listen the track by cool production this time. They achieved a very professional record that should be firstly pointed. It is distinguished by the quality of all the equipments they used, so well tuned of the instruments, a clear sound gives excellent pleasure of 80's primitive black/thrash metal. Catching this balance is really not an easy task to accomplish the handle. Each of instruments are clearly audible, so they worked in the recording, mixing, and mastering process very carefully. If you believe all these factors prevented the dirty old-fashioned metal in hell then you must listen the album and you’ll realize that you’re wrong.

Andrei Bouzikov did a classy cover artwork that fits with the concept very well, a revealed striking imagery. People who have heard more or less Bouzikov, they know his great illusions and his another works for bands like Municipal Waste, Violator, Cannabis Corpse.

Of course there are some influences of Nifelheim, Bathory, Sodom, Sarcofago, Darkthrone or Celtic Frost but this is a trademark of Australian barbaric metal. Origibal razor-sharp blackened speedy thrash riffing, ferocious solos, creative drum aesthetics, and the lyrics about the devil, hate, prostitutes, the underground of hell, and other sickly thoughts, fluid structure of each tracks prove the unrelenting holocaust. Fast ripping of "Aggressive Exterminator" about 7 minutes make the storm with unusual tempo changes of start-stop parts and chaotic composition. Hammers down with "Rotten Cremation", the beginning snare beats, chorus and undeniable creative sharp Thrashy riffs were well configured. There’s never monotonous, album's overall guitar tone was chosen very well, and the first quality pure black-ish thrash riffs, the guitar solos that stratch the head, the songs have the rich rhythmic structure. “Whore of Sodom” as usual, it turns from thrash to black metal with darker parts, frantic and plenty rhythms, the composition’s complex structure is very successful. “Nocturnal Maniac” is similar to “Rotten Cremation”, it begins with church bells and female screams and goes with variable sudden tempo changes.

“Satan’s Cross” is one of the most powerful black-thrash albums in the last 10 years, this is the true hellish spirit of primitive metal that is dedicated to blasphemic orders of Satan. It would be better if they did not end up the band. My point: 10/10

This article belongs to MORBIDZINE. Can not be copied / used.
Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 11:25 Gönderen: Sodom
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