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Interviews Nightmares began to become more terrible after the groundbreaking full-length "Putrid Death Sorcery" and the new 7" named "Even Death may die" says the danger will continue! Vlad now tells what awaits us in the new album and many other things!

MORBIDZINE: Hails Vlad! Honestly, Necrowretch show at the Wolfthrone II is one of the most anticipated moments for me now. You ll bury us into the eternal damnation, I guess?

VLAD: Infernal hails ! Yes, prepare yourself for something really sick as it will be our first show after the release of our second album “With Serpents Scourge”.

MORBIDZINE: An ominous and destructive track "Even Death May Die" seemed before the album and ripped our brains as usual! Like you said before, it really has more bestial, however it s a trademark Necrowretch track so the new full-length started to scare me. Could you give some details?

VLAD: The second album is way more possessed and bestial than Putrid Death Sorcery. We pushed everyone to the maximum while recording the album : playing at maximum speed, inflicting pain to myself for the vocals record and pushing every fucking thing to the limit for the mix of the album. That will be a deadly album for death metal, but far away the best album for Necrowretch.

MORBIDZINE: Wondered what annoys you so much while you re doing such predatory and psychopathic vocals. I should mention you re one of the most characteristic vocals in the current metal scene.

VLAD: I just believe in what I scream, that makes all the difference. How can you make a good vocal performance if you’re not deeply convinced of every word that you put out ? That is something mandatory, and a lot of bands are lacking in this domain.

MORBIDZINE: Was the drummer problem solved? Ilmar is going to be a permanent drummer, right?

VLAD: Yes Ilmar is a permanent drummer and our line up is finally stable again, hope this will last forever !!

MORBIDZINE: I ve no doubt you re the biggest fan of Anal Vomit on earth. Where Slayer "Black Magic" idea come from? Why not Anal Vomit?

VLAD: Show no mercy is an important influence of Necrowretch and of any metalhead I think. There are many great songs on this album but Black Magic was definitely the closer to Necrowretch imagery, more evil and satanic. I also wanted to make an Anal Vomit cover but I don’t know a shit about talking Spanish so this will have to wait…

MORBIDZINE: Speaking for the first album; Necrowretch really created a unique attractive dark sound with catchy riffs and genius guitar solos, specific vocal shrieks and drumming from the cellars of the hell! You also have a lot of black metal fans, for example. What s about the most important factors to create this unique sound?

VLAD: Trust me or not but we’ve never asked ourselves any question regarding the sound or things like this. I don’t have a clue about turning a guitar amp into a good sound, I just put gain and volume to the maximum and I play as speed as I can, that’s it. The more you ask yourself questions, the less your music will be raw and spontaneous. In Necrowretch we think that the most important is hate and possession, not gear or tuning!

MORBIDZINE: There are a lot of new OSDM bands but i ve never included the bands such as Necrowretch, Dead Congregation, Grave Miasma and some others in this category. Swedish death metal cloned a lot recently, there are numerous new bands which are very similar. What do you think about this?

VLAD: I don’t like the term “old school death metal”, it’s just stupid ! Why are you calling yourself “old school”, are you afraid of being associated with all the shitty brutal deathcore scene ? Death metal is about fucking death ! Everything that is not about it should not be tagged as “death metal”. With Necrowretch we call our music “Putrid Death Metal” as we don’t want to be associated with anything or anyone, putrid and death is what you’ll feel if you listen to our music.

MORBIDZINE: Who drew the mentally-ill artwork of "Putrid Death Sorcery" which allows us to be hypnotized? Always wondered the story of the artwork fiction.

VLAD: Every artwork of Necrowretch was drawn by Milovan Novakovic, as the logo. His touch really fit the world of Necrowretch. You can follow the kinda story in the lyrics of the songs. Every song is related somewhere in the artwork.

MORBIDZINE: We know you re writing sinister, evil, satanic, and antireligious lyrics, for sure if a priest saw them, they would loathe. Tell me the things you are inspired mostly in the lyrics.

VLAD: The inspiration mostly comes from death metal but also from books, movies, and history.

MORBIDZINE: The time has come for the destruction of the world, don t you think so? What s about your ultimate ideals with Necrowretch before you die? Perhaps you want to set a stage in front of a burning church and play there?

VLAD: Ahaha that is definitely a good idea, I’m waiting for someone to organize this show !

MORBIDZINE: I don t want to exclude 2013 so what s your favourite records in last two years? Which of them caused to hit your head on the ground?

VLAD: INCARCERATION Sacrifice EP, ORATOR Kapalgnosis, NECROWRETCH Even Death May Die EP.

MORBIDZINE: 10 milestone albums which have inspired your metal life?


DEATH : Scream Bloody Gore
DEATH : Leprosy
MORBID ANGEL : Altars of Madness
JUDAS PRIEST : Painkiller
IRON MAIDEN : Number of the beast
MARDUK : Here’s no Peace
BOLT THROWER : For Victory
CARCASS : Symphonies of Sickness
DEICIDE : Legion

MORBIDZINE: Thank you for the interview. Then hope to be drunk in Wolfthrone II and later on the streets of Kadikoy next year! (After a Necrowretch gig in Istanbul of course) Is there anything else you want to add?

VLAD: See you in Istanbul next year whatever happen, all of you will die !!!!!!!!

Tarih: 26.10.2014 Saat: 14:33 Gönderen: Sodom
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