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Interviews When we remind the infernal mixture of death and black metal there is no doubt that mighty Angelcorpse is one of the most important points you will arrive because they ve brought the genre to a significant level in the 90s. Perdition Temple has already spread the curse in recent years but it s so obvious that death metal fans have expected the reunion news of Angelcorpse on the other hand, and another nightmare of all holiness now continues where it left off. Here you can find an interview we did with Gene Palubicki;

MORBIDZINE: Hails Gene! Thank you for spending your time with Morbidzine. I m sure many people ask about a new full-length as they wondered the shows so there s also a lot of metalheads (i m one of them exactly) plan to realize their infernal desires called as "one of the bands i want to watch before i die". Have you set a period limit for the shows? Could you give me some information about the future course of AngelCorpse?

GENE PALUBICKI: For the ANGELCORPSE reunion stuff... there are no plans for an entire full length of any new music... but there might be something we will do... for the events we are attempting to hit as many different regions of the world as possible so there won t be any long tours in any particular place... like in the USA most of all events will be at festivals... All activities are intended for the most part to land in 2016, but time contraints may force a roll over into 2017 for a few territories...

MORBIDZINE: I know you don t want to say definite dates right now but you ve been added to mighty Maryland and obviously we would want to know when the shows in Europe will start? Have you received invitations from many festivals?

GENE PALUBICKI: there are a few Europe festivals set and also what will be an 8-9 day tour during 2016... for USA so far announced are the MDF and CDF festivals... other large ones are yet to announce... we also aim for Australia and South America and Canada...

MORBIDZINE: Let me to know about the progress of your studio work nowadays. Is there a full-length to keep more prominent than others in the setlists?

GENE PALUBICKI: We ve come up with a setlist that features an equal balance of all 4 of the ANGELCORPSE albums...

MORBIDZINE: If you re going to come back together with Pete again, there must be a "fear us" message because you both still reveal mighty bands such as Perdition Temple, Apocalypse Command, Kerasphorus, Abhomine. Do you have extreme conflicts going on between your ideas? Do you have information about the future of Kerasphorus?

GENE PALUBICKI: ANGELCORPSE 20TH anniversary stuff is in addition to everything the both of us have evolved to now... it is our way of celebrating our past works ... we are all very entrenched into what our current creative vessels are so it would be absurd for us to set aside these years of work... so, for at least a brief period of time all of the eras of our work from past and present will be active at once... the old conflicts that led to ANGELCORPSE demise have no impact on this current endeavor... we all know exactly what we want and have a clear understanding amongst ourselves that makes for very easy workings....

MORBIDZINE: People say "riffmaster" about you and when we think it s difficult to create complex structured tracks without compromising the true spirit of death metal. Which factors inspire for you to choke us in such a riff sea? Is it spontaneous, or the things annoy you or something else?

GENE PALUBICKI: I ve always been a fan of songs that stay with you and the way such longstanding songs have a way of coming together,,, very rooted in the classic songwriting ways of even the oldest of hard rock and metal... so even though my material is much more speed and churning, the heart of it all is not that dissimilar to the most common of song structures... I do have a tendency to always make a large transition or shift in the flow of a song to give the completeness of the resolution of the work...

MORBIDZINE: Angelcorpse was remarkable band with also mature anti-religious & blasphemous lyrics that as always declares the war of blasphemy. Have there been any influential book(s) on the lyrics?

GENE PALUBICKI: Pete did all the lyrics in ANGELCORPSE and over the years he has spelled out much of what might have influenced all of that... much of the stuff is very direct and clear, so not all is obscure and open for interpretations...

MORBIDZINE: Is there any compose that s originally planned for Angelcorpse but later turned into the song for Apocalypse Command or Perdition Temple?

GENE PALUBICKI: the 1st PERDITION TEMPLE album in 2010 was entirely the set of songs that otherwise would have been the music for a 5th ANGELCOPSE album... since the band ended abruptly in 2009...I simple reforged the material into my new vessel... it was also the 1st step of me writing lyrics to my own stuff so there are clear differences to the old band that merited the name change to something that directly fit to my designs...

MORBIDZINE: Have you ever said "i wish we could put new records" during the break time after the full-length "Of Lucifer and Lightning"?

GENE PALUBICKI: I never gave any pause... and continued unbroken into the PERDITION TEMPLE material and other project works...

MORBIDZINE: "The Inexorable" and "Exterminate" were destructive and solid masterpieces that leads Angelcorpse to the top of death metal scene for many people but when we discuss "Of Lucifer and Lightning" it had far more from these records. What do you think is the most influential factor if you agree with me?

GENE PALUBICKI: For sure it has seemed over time that those 2 ANGELCORPSE records are revered more so than others... but there are a number who also feel that some of their favored material came for the 1st of 4th albums... to me they are all of equal importance to what was appropriate for me at the time...

MORBIDZINE: You know there s another rise in the death metal scene in recent years but there s not many distinctive bands as in other genres of metal. What s your ideas about that? Which death metal bands have original sound in your opinion?

GENE PALUBICKI: To me it is almost all of the old bands I ve ever been into... there are some new bands that take my ear like GENOCIDE SHRINES, ADVERSARIAL, PISSGRAVE, MASTER OF CRUELTY... for whatever reasons just some things that grab me...

MORBIDZINE: And let me to know your favourite albums you ve listened recently.

GENE PALUBICKI: releases from those mentioned above.... or recent releases from some bands like FORCE OF DARKNESS or ATOMICIDE...

MORBIDZINE: What does Gene Palubicki believe happens after death?

GENE PALUBICKI: Ash in dirt... we are ONLY what we are able to create and contribute... once dead we are nothing more than the sum of what we had been able to deliver in our time...

MORBIDZINE: Thank you on behalf of all bastards! What kind of infernal messages will you give for the fans finally?

GENE PALUBICKI: Thanks all for support of works over the years and the opportunity to continue in any form to deliver works of merit...
Tarih: 02.12.2015 Saat: 13:18 Gönderen: Sodom
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