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Hoşgeldin, Misafir
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Son Üye: ugifu
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50: 46.229.16 xxx
51: 192.227.1 xxx
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Interviews It is inevitable to witness a superhuman band when you have crossed paths with Inferno then you will hear a creation of high-level awareness. Czech band especially showed this unique going with their latest full-length "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness", it is serious dark ritualistic assault for black metal fans of the genre. A brand new full-length and their European shows will continue to spread the sounds of eternal darkness in 2016, in the meantime the vocalist Tomas answered our questions.

MORBIDZINE: Infernal hails Tomas! Thank you for taking the time to us. What kind of bewitchment, anti-human and darkness must we expect from the new full-length? Will it be a continuation of "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness" as the sound?

TOMAS: Salve Satanas,

The new album “Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)” will continue in the path and vision of the previous album “Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness” so one can expect compositionally complex and dense, personal music. The album is shaped by our personal approach to various doctrines, ideas coming from the innermost selves, our own spiritual practise and experiences. The album is intended mainly for those who are capable and willing to grasp its substance and potential. We have always tried to portray our own inner movements, our true wills and now we also step over the limitations of the past. We wish to know and see beyond the horizon.

MORBIDZINE: For example; i listen to the albums such as "Black Devotion" ve "Uctivani temne zurivosti" and the latest one. Okay the band goes in the same way but there is still a great sound revolution in the latest one in my opinion, do you agree with me?

TOMAS: Yes that is true. Personally I think that the “Black Devotion” and the period around that album was a milestone that marked a new era of INFERNO. Around that time we moved forward and gained certain distinctiveness which is now evident in the latest works. It ignited a spark that burns inside of us and pushes us towards our personal notion of artistic “perfection”. The main impulse behind the change was the departure of the past guitarist Azazel who also used to be the main composer. This role then passed onto Ska-Gul. Our previous routines and principles were re-evaluated and everything became clearer and freer. Our minds started to work, certain vibrations were strongly felt as well as evoked and we found a good chemistry. We just followed these incentives and knew immediately that the music of INFERNO will never be the same

MORBIDZINE: Honestly i can tell that "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness" was truly one of different level releases in black metal scene in recent years. I am very curious about that, how much time it took to record this frenzy? For example, how many guitar channels you used?

TOMAS: Thank you for your words. It took us approximately two years to prepare and create the “Omniabsence…”. It was important to find a clear source within us that would fuel the writing of music and lyrics. That was and still is the primary impulse to create the new album. We never create something new if there is not a strong need to unleash the inner and outer feelings that mirror our world. But it is quite a long and demanding process to create something truly personal as we are not capable to just compose on command. The recording itself is divided into three 7-days long sessions. During the first week we record drums, rhythm guitars and bass, after approximately half a year we return to record the vocals and the guitar arrangements. This long break is very important for the creation because then we are finally capable to complete the compactness of the music and search through other recesses of our souls and compositions. The mixing and mastering comes last obviously. The guitar arrangements are crucial for the music and in some places there are up to 7 layers of guitars (not including the bass and rhythm guitars).

MORBIDZINE: For "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness", track names actually tells the general idea but we still want to know the overall concept of the album because of we do not know Czech language. I see the elements in the unusual cover artwork, can we say "The Teaching of the Kabbalah" is one of the main facts in this album?

TOMAS: When I look back I do not think that the “Omniabsence…” is conceptually that coherent and comprehensive when for example compared to the lyrical side of the upcoming “Gnosis Kardias”. However, the last album’s art does relate to its themes and obviously the art that is being created for the next album relates to concept of that one as well. There is an effort to reach the zenith of one’s experience and what lies beyond. To grasp the freedom that lures those who are seeking. We also portray the struggle of the individual in the context of the natural link between the man and the universe. We do not exclusively rely on a single tradition, mysticism or practise. Through the album speaks the voice of the soul that wishes to be free. But in the lyrics you can also find a certain sense of the universal negativism if not even nihilism, a certain cosmic dread that we aim to transubstantiate for our own use when we search for the true freedom, which is far from this world, beyond death. That leads me to a thought that in the end we just create more evil and therefore fullfil one of the meanings of this existence. To traverse through the second sun into the reverse world of the Sephirotic tree (to use the cabbalistic terms) towards the fullness of chaos.

MORBIDZINE: You will play in many places including Mexico, Europe and Balkan countries in 2016. As I saw the scene of Inferno is supposed to be specific so there must be proper venues for your ritualistic shows. Have you met any difficulties in this regard until now?

TOMAS: Yes there are several great concerts planned for this year in Europe and beyond. It is always good to have the podium of a suitable size as it allows space for all the props that enhance the visual, aesthetic and ceremonial presentation of the band. I think I can also speak on behalf of all bands when I say that a big backstage is also much appreciated. It allows a reasonable arrangement of instruments and other baggage so no one needs to rummage through the heaps of stuff to find something. The order is a must. But it is not always possible to have the suitable space which makes things slightly more difficult. But that is understandable and we do not worry too much if we play in smaller venues. The direct contact with the audience is rewarding and fulfilling enough.

MORBIDZINE: What is about the influential main sources that are effective in your lyrics? Were there any books about occultism?

TOMAS: While the literary influences that shaped the lyrics of “Omniabsence…” were more-or-less limited to the classic occult lore, the next album expanded its sphere quite significantly. But the greatest influence did not lie in words and information you can buy or find on the internet. There were experiences that profoundly transformed our beings and solidified or just completely shattered some of the old notions. Some of these experiences were received “randomly”, some were evoked via specific means. For us it is impossible to describe these events in words and I am afraid that it would be just way too personal to be published in booklet. So that is when the literary influences returned and helped us to somehow give form to all those feelings and visions. We wanted to avoid the academic approach or dense layering of esoteric symbolism, thus in the lyrics of “Gnosis Kardias” you can for example find references to various works of prose and poetry or allusions to many scientific theories. But everything is interconnected and our hermetic approach to ancient and modern, eastern and western is still very much present. I believe that when one will hear “Gnosis Kardias” the sounds, words and visuals will create something abstract yet powerful, complete and tangible in the listener that will gnaw upon his or hers consciousness until they experience the unsubstantiality of our world personally. Or maybe not!

MORBIDZINE: Do you believe we can fully understand the satanism in this human form? What do you believe happens after death? Do you think humanity is the slave that is imprisoned into infinite cycle and what do you think beyond this universe? Let me to know about your ideas.

TOMAS: Well, there are so many ways how to approach and interpret such topics. First of all it is important to find a way you will tread and then answer these questions yourself. Pages upon pages were written on these topics, many opinions were expressed both scientific or lay, as well as lies and half-truths expounded by those who like to twist the facts for their own needs. Many people turn to religions to gain answers concerning the death and what comes after. World religions that in their innumerable forms and streams underline how idealized, yet negated is Death by the promises of the better eternal afterlife or paradise. But the reality of death is much different for us. Many people I personally know take the life as the greatest gift with death being a gate through which we return the gift, with a hazy possibility of some resurrection. The search for truth here is however more precious than the truth itself. If the man truly has the immortal soul and the divine essence within himself/herself, shouldn’t such people be capable of walking their own path alone towards their enlightenment and perfection? If we feel the urge to understand these question then we should awake the aforementioned qualities within us and set forth on those often windy and crooked paths, and be wary of those that often seem to go straight. But I do think that the life comes and goes in cycles, we incarnate in various vessels, times and circumstances, walking from cause to consequence. The human life is not isolated and finite, it is a reflection of the past live and the nucleus of the future in the spiral of existence.

MORBIDZINE: What is about the importance of "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" in black metal scene and what kind of a way this album opened for you? And which new albums you have listened to most in recent years?

TOMAS: For me, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is the timeless piece of art. I am obviously a great fan of this album and it affected my youth so much that I would not even hesitate to consider it to be one of the best black metal records ever.

I admire and very often listen to the bands like Katharsis (Ger), Judas Iscariot, Moonblood, Deathspell Omega, Ondskapt, Acherontas, Leviathan, Svartidaudi, Sinmara.

MORBIDZINE: There are numerous bands in Black metal scene in recent years (in fact i mean the genres such as "Atmospheric Black Metal", or arpeggiated black metal bands) and we see an incredible circulation. Do you think there are disingenuous situations in the scene? You know sometimes some things happen trend, there can be numerous imitation bands.

TOMAS: I try to follow the bands that seem to be worth my time. Usually those who are supposed to cross my path do so eventually. I prefer when the artistic sense meets a personal touch, having a certain spiritual and inner potential that tries to replant the rotten roots of black metal into more fertile ground. However, I am not a fan of what happened to the scene in the past several years. The genre has become a mere entertainment and a brand that everybody keeps molesting as they see fit. Just take a look what happened with all those once great Norwegian bands…

Something that used to elitist, meant for few, now works on the same principles as the pop music industry with all those greedy bastards making their beer brands, playing at fashion shows, fags prostituting at commercial events, accepting vain prizes with servile smiles… It is a dark age.

MORBIDZINE: We thank you for the interview on behalf of Is there any dark messages you want to send? Or there may be other messages.

TOMAS: We hope to see you soon at the gig in Turkey. Keep an eye out for our new album “Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)”. The war has not ended yet.
Tarih: 22.02.2016 Saat: 22:10 Gönderen: Sodom
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