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Hoşgeldin, Misafir
Üye Adı
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Son Üye: ilytah
Bugün: 22
Dün: 34
Toplam: 25313

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Ziyaretçi: 125
Üye: 2
Toplam: 127

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107: 178.154.2 xxx
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Interviews Californian band Holokaust has 80s and 90s dark and aggressive hardcore / d-beat style in line with music performances and exclaiming their reactions with lyrics like against nuclear war, the earth in the future would fall hazards, humanity receives cruel position, the dictators who use the authority by self-interest, religions and the people's going to death in the name of religions. They're based on to D.I.Y. ethic very tight. I contacted with Ruben Olivas a few days ago who is the band's bassist and vocalist, and he accepted to answer our questions about various issues are based on to music and out of music, here's the interview;

MORBIDZINE: Hails from Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks for spending your time for Morbidzine. Holokaust plays in the vein of 80's dark crust / d-beat punk with a bit melodic direction. We know most influences are like Motörhead, Discharge, Crass, Disclose, Crucifix, Varukers that we're expected. But we would like to learn most inspiration bands of Holokaust with your examples. And your favourite three cult d-beat/hc records in history?

RUBEN OLIVAS: Yes, the bands you mentioned are huge influences, but we try put a little of our selves,i listen to all kinds of music, My favorite 3 HC/D-beat Records i'd have say Discharge-Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, Anti System- No Laughing Matter and Crucifix-Dehumanization

MORBIDZINE: Band hasn't made a record since the "Into The Void Of Oblivion" LP as I thought, is not it? If so what's the reason of this five-year suspension?

RUBEN OLIVAS: it's very disappointing to me, the main reason is lack of money, all our recordings were self financed.we have tons new songs but no money to record,i'm about to lose my home so who knows how much longer a new release will be.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 12.08.2010 Saat: 20:16
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Interviews A band plays what we know about 80s metal, briefly they're Norway's Deathhammer. On behalf of "true metal" these two crazy men have poisoned their blood by listening 80s extreme evil, satanic and spiteful records for many years, and the result was blasphemic blackened thrash metal which they decided to cast. 80s German and South American Thrash and Black metal, also 90s early Pure Black Metal are defining Deathhammer's concept. They are among the special ones because their music has completely distinctive. Band's drummer Sadomancer accepted to answer our questions. Finally the interview is here;

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Deathhammer! Thank you for spending your time for us. You play old-fashioned death thrash and early black metal mixing very well and you have 80's concept complete that old school metal listeners prefer mostly. What's the main ideology behind the band? How did you decide to find such a band after Ghoul Cult?

SADOMANCER: Hail and kill! Our misson is to keep the ancient metal flame burning and spread our music to true headbangers which understands what metal is all about. No ambitions or goals or whatever (except maybe kill everyone on the planet earth). Me and Salsten joined Ghoul Cult only as live members when Johnny Tombthrasher decided to resurrect the band to do a few thrashing live gigs which all went really great (except one time when we opened for Pagan Rites and Mortuary Drape which could have been better playingwise). Really cool to do those gigs as we always have been big fans of Ghoul Cult.

MORBIDZINE: Song structures has musical richness of each 80's destructive, raw metal elements; especially vocal tones, guitar riffs when we analyzed the recordings like "Savage Poser Hunt" or "Forever Ripping Fast", this is a difficult primitive variation to catch. I sure people compare you with some old bands, your ideas? And do you have any same idea in these comparings?

SADOMANCER: We dont think that much about song structures (at least I dont, hehe) we just play the riffs in the order that fits the song best and try to always include a solo. When we start to care more about the complexity and arrangements in a song than the riffs its time to break up. On our upcoming record we maybe have some more "complicated" song structures than on our EP though, especially in the last song called "Queen Death" which is heavily influenced by the japanese black metal gods Sabbat. We have been compared to pretty much those bands we are inspired by like old Kreator and Bathory (which is our two main inspirations) so that is cool. But its always extra cool when people notice when we draw inspiration from (as erlier mentioned) Sabbat which are a big part of our inspiration. We are mainly inspired by old bands and the old metal styles from the 80s but also some bands from the 90s (which plays the eighties style) like Nifelheim. the bottom line is keep it simple, pure and METAL.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 19.06.2010 Saat: 15:04
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Interviews When "Underground scene of Lima, Peru" & "Extreme Metal" definitions united then you must know a great metal scene will be result immediately! Anal Vomit is also one of the oldest extreme bands of that underground scene in South America which is consisting of three warriors. They are loyal to old true extreme metal roots by playing barbaric, blasphemic, satanic form of music. They have almost 20 years in this scene and by the latest record called "Gathering of the Putrid Demons" they proved their solid attitude again. Now we contacted with band in recent days, Roy "Noizer" accepted to answer our questions! Thanks to him...

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Peruvian blasphemic metal guys from Turkey. In 2012 Anal Vomit will be 20 years-old band, do you think releasing any special record, calling some guests from underground extreme metal scene and any other works like these?

NOIZER: SORRY FOR MY BAD AND EVIL ENGLISH OK!! yes maybe the next year a special cd like said you with some friends, but is only a idea is not sure for now!! i hope all the best for anal fucking vomit!!

MORBIDZINE: It seems band created more cool structured songs as well as it's based to oldschool primitive death-thrash-black roots in "Gathering of the Putrid Demons" and it has like more Morbid Angel, Angelcorpse etc. worship Thrash/Death metal sound when it's compared with previous release if I'm true. Tell us band's new album and difference elements than "Depravation". How long have you recorded it?

NOIZER: Our idea at moment of compositions is the same to the previous recordings.. for us is the same beastial shit, osbcure riffs, devastanting screams, primitive drums and detonant bass, south american metal, raw and insane!!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 06.04.2010 Saat: 17:19
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Interviews Rock'n'roll is in life in any case, it continues alive like these girls who signed to history more than 30 years. When they appeared in scene firstly history hadn't been witness to any all-female band apart from The Runaways, so it's incontrovertible that Girlschool has a pioneer role for all-female bands. At the time, they hit the NWOBHM scene with albums like "Demolition" and especially "Hit And Run", "Screaming Blue Murder", and there was an Headgirl team with Lemmy and his crew, they've also known as sisters of them. In memory of Kelly Johnson (R.I.P.) and 30th anniversary of band rock'n'roll's magnificent ladies released "Legacy" together with huge guests before two years.

And recently we contacted with Denise Dufort and Jax, we offered an interview then they accepted us without any suspense. After Denise we contacted with Jackie Chambers she also accepted to spent his time for us, we thank her and Denise so much again. Yeah no need more telling, here is the cheerful interview with Jax...

MORBIDZINE: Hi, you accepted to spend your time for Morbidzine, thanks a lot! It's honourable to talk with you, I must begin by asking recent works of Girlschool. What are you doing nowadays? A new record in 2010?

JAX CHAMBERS: There's no new album planned but there is a single of EMERGENCY being released to raise funds for Haiti with various other guests such as Lemmy,Ian Gillan,Steve Vai,Tracii guns and Graham Bonnet. The song is our backing track that we recorded in 2005 with the kids from a charity LIVEWIRE playing too.

MORBIDZINE: You celebrated 30th anniversary two years ago, we saw magnificent guests on latest record called "Legacy". It was also tribute to Kelly Johnson (R.I.P.), has there another legend rock'n'roll musician(s) that you've said about "we would also want to see him/her as a guest on Legacy so much if he/she was alive"?

JAX CHAMBERS: Everyone we asked actually played on there with us. I suppose if we were to ask everyone that Girlschool has worked with in the 32 years then there wouldn't have been enough tracks on just the 1 album.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 26.03.2010 Saat: 01:19
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Interviews If where did Crust/Crossover combination with Metal arise from, Concrete Sox was in there immediately, I think this can be one of the best describes for them. They played punk metal with one of the most sharp political attitude in the scene, sometimes they had sarcastic approach for some metal stuff. After many years Vic is the founder and brainman of first two classic albums, he made a reformation with new members by saying 'time to return to early sound of Concrete Sox!' Now, here is a genuine, funny and crazy interview with Vic Croll that we made recently...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Vic! Thanks, you accepted to spend your time for Morbidzine! Which reasons caused to band's reunion after years? Do you think reunion of other bands like Amebix, Hellbastard, Deviated Instinct has some encouraging influence on you to play again?

VIC SOX CROLL: There are 2 reasons really. The main one being that I don't believe Concrete Sox lived up to their potential after I left in 1987. The other is that when I came back into the scene after a change of personal circumstances, I was being offered guitar slots in a few bands. Good offers but, to be honest, I wouldn't have been comfortable playing the style offered. So, I thought to myself, if I'm going to play again, it can only be with Concrete Sox. Concrete Sox were formed by myself alongside Les Duly (non-musician at the time). It was always a difficult decision for me to actually leave anyway & I suppose I was always going to be drawn back to finish what I started. Yes, of course other bands from our era reforming had an influence too. This music's too good to leave alone/ignore.

MORBIDZINE: You've known with band's first two classic albums. By Vic's return, can we infer that band's new stuffs will be in a crustpunk hardcore oriented way like early classics? Let's tell us the band's new sounds..

VIC SOX CROLL: That is another reason for the reformation (albeit with totally new members). I preferred my version of Concrete Sox where the sound is raw & punky with a metal edge. I expected the band to carry on in this vein after I left but, as you know, that didn't happen. I'd have expected Concrete Sox to become one of the best (if not the best) punk/metal/crossover band from the UK. The new style will go back to the way I wrote the songs for the 1st 3 albums but with a bigger & better sound. Production will be much better than at anytime before. All the new songs for this year will be songs I wrote after I left the band in 1987. I never expected that they would still be in my plans 23 years on but they will hold up really well to anything I've heard since (My best writing period was after I left).
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 14.03.2010 Saat: 14:48
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Interviews While Death metal was just finding its identity in the late 1980s, there were only a few legend! With Chris Reifert is the insane frontman, Autopsy appeared from the operating rooms those were invaded by zombies, and they released golden valuable records those were written on to the pages of Death Metal history, so many scene from American Death Metal to European Death Metal have been influenced from them. Incredible dreadfulness with their gore lyrics, brutal portraits, dark substructured music by crawling, crushing riffs and rhythms, fast and slow tempo changes, Autopsy is one of the real Death metal bands.

After many years, the band returned and showed how they keep their roots by injecting "Horrific Obsession". In recent days by the contact of Brian from Peaceville Records, Chris Reifert accepted our questions, the result was honestly and funny answers from him. Thanks to Chris and Brian again..

MORBIDZINE: Hi Chris! Thanks, it's a great honor to talk about some things with you. First, I want to talk about Abscess, we want to hear the defining of "Dawn of Inhumanity" by Reifert's words. A cool old-fashioned and more punky death metal sound?



MORBIDZINE: You're working with Fenriz's label since "Horrorhammer", and we heard there's Nocturno Culto as guest vocal on new Abscess record, they're (Darkthrone) also playing more punk metal on every new album, is there any sound interaction between two bands? And we can learn your ideas about last Darkthrone record?

Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 06.03.2010 Saat: 05:42
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Interviews Dishammer is consisting of members from Madrid and Coruna, they're melting the content of 70s cult erotic horror movies with infernal themes by taking influences from Motörhead's Rock'n'Roll, Discharge's old-fashioned d-beat punk patterns, Bathory and Hellhammer's dark hellish atmosphere, briefly they play catchy Black/Thrash, D-Beat and Crustpunk combination music. Band proved that they're one of the most crazy bands in scene with their debut called "Vintage Addiction" from Hells Headbangers, apparently they will also crush with their new releases!

And we contacted with band by Morbidzine, Inaki who is the bass player and one of the former members of band, he accepted and here is a cheerful, honest interview! Again best regards to them...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Iñaki! We're pleased too much to make an interview with you. Thanks for spending your time. Dishammer is one of the distinctive metal-punk-crust mixture bands in scene although your well-known influences. When will we listen a new record from you? We want to learn ideas from both of punk, crust and metal scenes when you released debut?

INAKI: Hello there, is really nice to have an interview from Turkey, man! Thanks to you for spending your time with our band! Just we are rehearsing the songs for the new session we will record next February for the second album and some other split seven inches. Also played a gig here in Madrid two weeks ago together with Graveyard and Decayed so everything’s fine around here!!

MORBIDZINE: Hell's Headbangers Records is a great label in underground extreme metal scene, they have also many old-fashioned black or black/thrash/death bands generally, but you're more distinct band when we looked other bands in this label. What's the story of this relation? Which bands do you have relation in this label?

INAKI: Dopi is friend with Chase since ages and when we recorded the first session he sent a copy to them and it was something like “we want to release this with you” and “hey, we wanna release this shit from you” so it was pretty easy. When Dopi told us about this was a great moment…as you say, Hellsheadbangers is doing a great job with the label and releasing tons of great stuff, new bands and old shit too so releasing a record with ‘ em is simply ace. Of corpse they will release the new album and the split 7”with Waripper. We are in contact and like some of the label’s bands, specially Nun Slaughter, Revenge and some others.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 25.01.2010 Saat: 15:14
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Interviews They've reflected their reactions with a different looking, creative philosophy into the pages of Hardcore Punk history for 30 years. By their gas masks they reminded the cold screams of nuclear wars to us. From the beginning of early 1980s U.K., American and Scandinavian scenes have showed their anarchy by countless bands, but in another side there was a band from Spain that has gone on till today. The cult band is one of the milestone bands of Spanish and European Hardcore Punk/D-Beat arena, they go on without falling with newest missions. Soon, they will release their new studio record called "Theory of Involution", recently Ivan who is the leader of MG15 accepted us and we made an interview by Morbidzine.. We thank him... :)

MORBIDZINE: Hails to MG15! And Hi Ivan! We thank you so much to accept this interview. MG15 has a long history that's past 30 years. How do you look to profile of MG15 as a forefather band of Spanish Hc Punk/D-Beat scene when we think from past till now?

IVAN: We feel proud of having been a reference in the scene. However, we do not look at ourselves as fosiles, we are a band still on the road and with many projects to achieve. It has been a long way until now and we hope to write many more pages in our band life book.

MORBIDZINE: I think there's no recording since 2007's full-length, do you have any new stuff which you've recorded or think recording soon? Will you think touching on any themes from actual events?

IVAN: We will come into the studio by beginning of 2010 to record our new cd "theory of involution". I have already composed most of the stuff that will appear in that record, and in fact we play 3 of the new songs in our actual set list in concerts.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 04.10.2009 Saat: 05:36
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Interviews There are more extreme style inheritors of Classic Swedish Hardcore Punk scene. Just like Martyrdöd that's one of the most brilliant darker bands of last times. Martyrdöd plays harsh brutal crust/hardcore built on old style Swedish Raw Hardcore sounds, they bury the listeners into cold dark melodies, and by various lyrical touches they reflect their mystical ideas together with lyrics against the corrupted system. They hit again with their third studio full-lenght called "Sekt", and here's we made a cool interview with Mikael;

MORBIDZINE (Sodom): Hails from Turkey! Firsty we must thank you for accepted to spend your time for us. I want to begin with your last excellent fucking record called "Sekt", it's like a fist of politic d-beat blackened crust, what about the positive or negative comments from Crust listeners in Scandinavia? Could it be right to make a definiton for you like "Blackened Kangel Punks"?

MIKAEL: When we started in 2000 I dont think the term blackened crust was coined yet. Now I have noticed that we have been labeled like quiteafew times lately. Some of our biggest influences when it comes to brutal stuff is probably anticimex and bathory but I don´t really care about comparing with others. To me it´s martyrdöd style. The song writing and dark mood just comes naturally. About comments from swedish punks? Im actually quite blissfully unaware ofall this. We get mostly positive response from outside of Sweden. I am happy if our music can provide something to other individuals but I don´t give a shit about negative comments since martyrdöd is still my personal outlet.

MORBIDZINE (Sodom): Honestly I asked negative comments in previous question for I wonder the approach of old Hc Punk/Crust listeners to more metallic crust in Sweden, what's about? Otherwise although you are two neighbour countries, this scene (Crustpunk, Hardcore) is very small in Norway when it's compared with Sweden. Your ideas about the reasons?

MIKAEL: I find the question interesting but as said I haven´t really heard that much of response from swedish punks yet compared to the response we get from outside of sweden. I actually think swedish hardcore like skitsystem is more popular in norway but I don´t know any norwegian bands who plays that style really. The punkscene is quite lame and small in sweden compared to many other countries but somehow there are lots of bands. We are often being referred to as metallic. I don´t really know. We don´t aim to play technical stuff it´s just based on feelings. Is dark and heavy always synonymous with metal then? I was a punk from the beginning but as a teenager I was heavily into amebix and antisect stuff which led me to appreciate darker stuff in general. punk/metal hybrid is nothing new. Just check out the swedish Oral demo from 1986. Oral is quite unknown to people outside of Sweden but has actually been an influence on martyrdöd.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 16.09.2009 Saat: 12:13
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Interviews Bestialized is a South American hell's band from Bogota, Colombia, they play chaos, destruction, hateful music that chokes with hell flames and bring the rules of Satan to the earth by debut called "Annihilating the Judeo - Christian Generations" that released in 2007 and 2008 to international underground scene, and they are four evil guys that spread the poison to people who see black metal as a trend, and here is an interview from Morbidzine with Satanized who is the bestial voice and guitars of Bestialized.

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Colombian satanic legions! We thank you to spend your time for us. In my opinion, your debut called "Annihilating the Judeo - Christian Generations" was a great distinctive recording for hellish brutal South American Black metal, it was distributed to international arena, well what critics did you get in underground scene of South America and especially in Colombia? Will satan's war and pure hatred continue by a second album or any other recording like split soon?

SATANIZED: Bestial hailz!! Morbid Zine

The annihilating was our first album distributed worldwide and we have good critics, some people from different parts of the world like Asia and Europe send us mails. Here in Colombia the Black metal scene is small, there are many bands but the most are posers who played for fashion, and the support is limited because they don’t pay the ticket for a concert or buy a cd.

MORBIDZINE: You define your music as "Bestial Black Metal", could we also define it as "War Metal" cause of band's general concept and say about "Annihilating the Judeo - Christian Generations" has also anti-jewish concept and it is against the rules of mankind together with hell blasting satanic noise against all religions?

SATANIZED: We denominated our art BESTIAL BLACK METAL cause we combine all real metal tendencies in our songs, it has elements of Thrash, Death and Black metal and the lyrics are form hate and terror for the religious followers ALL RELIGIONS, their stupidity will erase from the planet.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 10.08.2009 Saat: 03:59
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