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Hoşgeldin, Misafir
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Interviews Hell Torment is one of the bands from Peru that hit the blazing South American scene at last years. There is one man called Hellwarrior behind this project completely.

Mad guy is 37 years old, he is everything of Hell Torment, making typical dirty and Raw Brutal South American Black/Death style music with influences of 80s and early 90s old school thrash and black metal structure. If you understand how he has hellish minatory, you must listen "Heaven Burns Today" (EP) and full-length called "Opening the Gates of Hell", because he proved it by these recordings. Now, an interview with Hellwarrior from Morbidzine;

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Hellwarrior and Peruvian metal hell from Turkey! We thank you so much for interview. Hell Torment burned heaven and opened the gates of hell last year with mini and full-length debuts, what have you got with these recordings in underground extreme metal scene in your opinion?

HELLWARRIOR: Was obtained with the releases of the first full-length the recognition of many distributors and producers that Peru is a country where in recent years, the bands of metal underground are given to know and are gaining support by many people abroad.

MORBIDZINE: We know your influences cult bands like Venom, Sodom, Bathory, Possessed, Hellhammer, Sarcofago etc. but there are also many influences of Canadian cult metallers Blasphemy or Brazilian Sextrash in sound of "Opening The Gates Of Hell", do I think wrong? Before you recorded it, could you define the sound to us with some words which you wanted to create on album?

HELLWARRIOR: I am very influenced by bands like Venom the gods of metal, Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, hell hammer, celtic frost, sarcofago, burial, and many bands from Canada, of course by many South American bands. And with regard to the sound just wanted to sound raw and powerful, like the bands old from Brazil
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 25.07.2009 Saat: 03:50
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Interviews The year is 1983. Stockhom, Sweden. Scandinavia and all the world met with their Kangpunks. Mob 47 is one of the bands who defined the genre of classic Swedish Hardcore/D-Beat style, they have always protected their characteristic Anarchic Raw Hardcore Punk/D-Beat sound and they shouted their hatred against the corrupted system with latest record called "Dom Ljuger Igen" last year.

Band passed down 25 years with their contemporary bands like Anti Cimex, Totalitar. We contacted with Chrille who is the drummer of band, and here is a mad, funny interview.. (ahah) Here are a few legend words which I want to say, these are; "Kärnvapen Attack".. =)

MORBIDZINE: Hello Chrille! How is it going? As we have seen band s tour program is quite busy. When you made first official gig in Stockholm after 20 years how were the reactions of old and new fans?

CHRILLE: Hi, yes the old bastards have to play for our fans while we can. The reaction was fine, it was a powerful feeling.

MORBIDZINE: What made you play again after 20 years? And what kept Ake and Chrille together for so many years, most of the married people can t be together that long.

CHRILLE: It was a pure coincidence that we start the band again. In summer 2005 we had the opportunity to borrow a rehearsal room and another reason was that Chrilles neighbor Johan played bass. In autumn same year some people start to pester us to do a gig in Stockholm and sense that we have done some gigs. It is easy to be friends when you live 60 mil from each other.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 18.05.2009 Saat: 17:14
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Interviews In 1981, some guys appeared from Texas who called themwselves as "dirty rotten imbeciles", they were under the influence of Punk scene. They have written short-time songs and played fast, aggressive, furious music so a bridge was created between Punk, Hardcore and American Thrash Metal, this style was called as "Crossover", and D.R.I. brought an interesting Punk Metal pattern to scene.

This style would see huge respect and it caused to born of a genre. But they haven't release a new album since 1995. Finally, Morbidzine contacted with U.S.A.'s legend Crossover guys D.R.I., now here an interview with Spike Cassidy!

MORBIDZINE: Hi, primarily thank you so much to spend your time for us. D.R.I. knocked down 25 years in 2007. What have Crossover guys been doing in recent years? We heard bad news about Spike Cassidy which was diagnosed with cancer. How are the last situations about him?

SPIKE CASSIDY: I'm doing Good. I feel good. Ive been working a real job now for a few years. So I guess you could say I have my strength back.

MORBIDZINE: What is the band planning for future? A new album soon?

SPIKE CASSIDY: I'm not sure. We live in four different states across the country. Washington, California, Texas and Florida. Just to practice will cost thousands in plane fare alone. Money that we don’t have. We all have our own lives and families now, conflicts in scheduling keep us from touring right now. We might be able put together some shows, but it wont be easy. We have a long way to go before we are working on a new album again. I just hope we can play a few shows.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 12.04.2009 Saat: 12:31
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Interviews Shock Troopers is a fresh blood in the way of classic 80's Crossover scene, and they ruled with their debut called "Shock Troopers" in 2007. Combining Hardcore Punk roots with Thrash Metal, they show fast and loud Punk Metal style, now here is an interview with guitarist Fabrizio from band;

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Italian Thrash/Crossover guys, hails to Palermo streets from Turkey! Lastly, Shock Troopers fisted to scene with self-titled debut in 2007, now will be there a second album soon?

FABRIZIO "METAL PIG": Hi, first of all thank you for this space! We're working on some new material and we have 3 new songs complete...we will play them live in the next gigs. We're planning to record a brand new album in 2009.

MORBIDZINE: How can you describe new stuff? Will it be in debut's musical direction or will we see new influences?

FABRIZIO "METAL PIG": You will not see radical changes at all....we will just play faster and louder ahahah. I think that the new stuff will sound a bit more thrash metal than hardcore but basically our musical direction will not change.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 27.03.2009 Saat: 15:06
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Interviews Hell flowed to earth, mutationed hungry wolves attacked and post-apocalyptic life began in the wasted world.

At last years, Toxic Holocaust's evil Punky Thrash/Black metal attack shot Thrash metal scene, while Joel Grind's last weapon called "Overdose Of Death" is still vomiting the curse, now here is a Joel Grind interview from Morbidzine for people who see Toxic Holocaust's music from hell till today! No need more details, now read the madness...

MORBIDZINE: Hello Joel from Turkey!!! You accepted us and you're spending your time though your busy tempo, thanks!!! Finally, Joel spreaded the toxic hate of evilish Thrash Metal with "An Overdose of Death.." again, what have you been doing since the album was released?

JOEL GRIND: Thanks for the interview. Since the record has came out I have been touring, touring and more touring. We haven’t stopped! It’s great…keep me on the fucking road!

MORBIDZINE: Chaos world returned with wild and hungry dogs this time; nuclear wars, wastes, hellish atmosphere on earth again, what did you mean with cover artwork, we want to learn from Joel?

JOEL GRIND: You basically summed it up. Total annihilation. I wanted it to be basically radioactive wolves coming out of a factory/lab. It kinda ties into the song “In the name of Science”
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 09.02.2009 Saat: 11:19
(Read More... | 10580 byte kaldı | Puan: 5)
Interviews Now this interview with Porn-Grind guys from New Jersey that is Neuropraxia! Neuropraxia was formed in 2005 and they play Goregrind/Death Metal blended music but they say and also we look to their mad lyrical content their style is Porn-Grind.

Firstly, band surfaced with EP called "Tell Your Mom I Said Thanks" in 2007, and in 2008, they were in a split with many bands from different countries, now they are two piece band. Yes, vocalist Frank, guitarist Miltos, and bassist Dan answered the questions about Neuropraxia...

MORBIDZINE: Hello to New Jersey's goregrind guys from Turkey! We thank you to spent your time for Morbidzine. Neuropraxia was a piece of split called "Destroying the Mainstream" in 2008, there are also bands from different countries, do you tell us split's story, how did these bands get together?



MORBIDZINE: Split's main theme is based on criticism, scoffer attitude to popular degenerate culture isn't it? Could you say the main messages of this split?

Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 26.01.2009 Saat: 10:48
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Interviews In fact, no need much words to say about them, they are one of the leaders of Extreme metal genre, a huge band of underground scene! In 80s, with a few cult albums in the way of Old School Black/Thrash metal these guys have influenced many bands, and defined the form of South American metal. Although they haven't been inactive in 1990s, now they knocked down about 30 years and here is an interview with Zhema Rodero who is the band's founder and guitarist.

MORBIDZINE: Hello, thanks so much for interview to Brazilian cult guys! Vulcano has left behind about 30 years, when we saw the band's 30th anniversary, will be there some surprise productions from band?

ZHEMA: Hi there! We're finishing our new album and it'll called "FIVE SKULLS AND ONE CHALICE". It’ll be release by COGUMELO Recs, probably in mars.

MORBIDZINE: If there is new stuff, how can you describe it as sound and lyrical? More darker and occult? Additionally will it be a continuation of "Tales From the Black Book", or a new distinctive Vulcano sound?

ZHEMA: I think the songs sounds like Tales of Black Book . The themes used in this album talk about alchemy and obscure mysteries of the secrets rites known only to those iniciateds.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 16.01.2009 Saat: 23:10
(Read More... | 11902 byte kaldı | Puan: 5)
Interviews Ex-Dementia is the one of the newest important bands from New Jersey, they plays Old School Death/Thrash metal and they are cooking the influences of horror movies in their music. They have a solid inspiration from first horror themed bands like Alice Cooper and Misfits to Old School Death metal masters like Autopsy and Impetigo etc. We made an interview with Branden who is the drummer of Ex-Dementia, honestly I can say it's a mad, funny interview...

MORBIDZINE: Hails to New Jersey's horror guys from Turkey! Old school horror continues, I want to begin with "In the Chapters of Horror". Old School Death/Thrash metal sickness is boiling in the spirit of band, how do you characterize your new EP to us?

BRANDEN: "In The Chapters of Horror" is the sonic-equivalent of getting laid while watching The Empire Strikes Back.

MORBIDZINE: Ex Dementia takes pieces from some classic Death metal bands, but plays dirty distinctive music, what responses did you get from old school listeners till now? Especially in gigs..

BRANDEN: Well, the majority of the responses have been completely negative. I didn't realize until now, but people hate us. Which is disconcerting for us, because we just shelled out $2000+ on Ex Dementia baby bibs, Ex Dementia mouse pads, Ex Dementia action figures (with over 10 Ex Dementia song samples!), and Ex Dementia belt buckles. It's a shame no one's going to buy them. And gigs, we always get complaints about getting blood all over people's shoes, shirts, and pants. But there are a selected few people who enjoy us live, though. They might have a blood/alcohol level of .21. But they enjoy us nonetheless.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 12.01.2009 Saat: 19:13
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Interviews Explode is a Heavy/Thrash band from Iran that founded in 1999, Megadeth is their one of the biggest influences, they already began to play the songs of Megadeth, Slayer, Dream Theater and they say the scene in Iran is very covetous to grow, and now here is the interview;

MORBIDZINE: First of all, I greet you from Turkey, how is your life in Iran?

Thanks :) it's our pleasure to have an interview with you dear Turkish friend :) We live like other Iranian people here! And we have our works, studies, practices and so on. but I can say that music is our second work and its more our love! And our inner thing ... because you can't live with only music as your work in Iran! Some of us also prefer to work in our studies field and playing music as a hobby :) You can't live here as a musician only! You should have another job or jobs actually!

MORBIDZINE: Do you think about using any local instruments?

You mean Persian brands?! No in our branch of music there is not any Persian brands for instruments :) we have here only some Iranian amp brands that can't compete with famous brands.
Gönderen: Anti Tarih: 08.12.2008 Saat: 14:32
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Interviews It's hard to explain Carnival In Coal, they cover the very different bands like Morbid Angel or like Genesis. As if, we can characterize their music like they said in their song called 'Yes! We Have No Bananas'; "I see you want a lil' bit of salsa, I can see you want a lil' bit of rumba, I see you want a huge part of grind, No disappointment, all this you will find"...

MORBIDZINE: Hello Arno, how are you and how is life in France?

ARNO: I'm fine, thanks. Life in France is as anywhere in the world I suppose. Sometimes tremendous, sometimes boring, it has its cool sides and its inconveniences'

MORBIDZINE: What does the band name mean?

ARNO: The idea behind the name was to mix the idea of joy and party (Carnival) with darkness, blackness and dirt (Coal). It's somewhat a metaphor for the mix of styles that you can find in our music.
Gönderen: Anti Tarih: 16.10.2008 Saat: 02:09
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