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Interviews Auktion is a hardcore punk band mixing classic swedish hardcore with rock'n'roll INFLUENCES. They are from Umeå Hardcore scene. Formed in 2003 and released a demo, three LP's and they promise more, we had a long and pleasant chat with Potin, so here you go;

MORBIDZINE: How are you and how's everything in Sweden?

POTIN: I'm very good thanks for asking. It's kinda cold and dark here in Northern Sweden, lots of snow and so but lots of DIY activities and gigs going on so I can't complain!

MORBIDZINE: Is there anything new planned or going on with Auktion?

POTIN: We are making some new songs for upcoming releases and making artwork for an upcoming 12" EP with AGAINST EMPIRE and REAGAN SS from the States! Will do some festivals this summer as well! But we are laying kinda low at the moment because some of us have jobs and school and are doin' a lot with our other bands. Emanuel came home today from tour with KOMMUNEN..
Gönderen: Anti Tarih: 26.09.2008 Saat: 23:41
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Interviews Most of you know Brutal Truth is an estimable band in Grindcore scene, we don't need to tell much more?

Yes, a huge interview with one of the Death/Grind gods, they're are Brutal Truth! And you know Dan Lilker who is also a keyman for Nuclear Assault, S.O.D. and The Ravenous, we made interview with him, and we talked about Brutal Truth's past, today and future, additonally we touched on some political issues. Thanks Dan Lilker so much from Morbidzine to answered our questions!

Note: While you are reading this interview, I advise you to listen an "Extreme Conditions.." or "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom" or another...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Danny! Hails to legend Grind guys of New York! Thanks so much for interview, since 2006 Brutal Truth is together with us again, what have you been doing since reunion?

DAN LILKER: Greetings! We've been quite busy between doing tours of Europe, Japan, a few shows here in the States and writing new music.

MORBIDZINE: While you were reuniting again, which factors affected you mostly? Request from fans or others?

DAN LILKER: Initially it was a request from a dude compiling a benefit for Eye Hate God, who's equipment was trashed during Hurricane Katrina. Then, we just decided it was fun and continued. Of course, many fans had asked me before the reunion if it was ever possible to do the band again, so we knew people would be pleased.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 19.09.2008 Saat: 14:48
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Interviews This time we are with the British Punks Dogsflesh!

Some bands who exploded the UK 82 Punk movement, they brought more aggressive mood to Punk with adding crunchy chords, intense drumming, dark and violent attitude and lyrics, so they built a bridge between the Punk and Metal.

Who were these most important hard guys? Discharge, GBH, English Dogs, The Exploited, Onslaught (later Thrash Metal), Chaos UK, Broken Bones and Dogsflesh... Dogsflesh has kept quiet for long years, but when the date was 2005, they returned again!

After many years, they returned to scene, and they relesed latest studio album called "Vision of Hell" last year and by Morbidzine we made an interview with Rob who is the guitarist of band! Now we don't go into more details, here is the interview...

MORBIDZINE: Hails to British Punk Thrashers from Turkey! Before questions, Rob thank you so much to spent your time for us. The band released the latest album called "Vision of Hell" last year, and pure, fast Punk Metal is again, how do you characterize new Dogsflesh album? Do you believe all stuff was reflected with this album what you wanted?

ROB: No problem and greetings to all the Punx & Skinheads in Turkey. We don’t really want to categorise ourselves under any specific banner, we just wanted to release an excellent album, which we believe we have achieved in Vision Of Hell, in its sounds and production. We are really pleased with the finished album and have got really positive feedback from people who have bought the album which is always a good sign.

MORBIDZINE: Dogsflesh returned after 20 years in 2005. What have band members been busy with in this long duration? Have you stayed in music scene?

ROB: The original members were all doing different things really, none of which have been associated with music, myself and Tim did a lot of motocross, Jon our singer spent time fishing and our original drummer John spent time playing football, we have also spent time getting married, drunk, divorced, raising kids and raising hell and constantly fighting the system.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 14.09.2008 Saat: 16:18
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Interviews Here is a bomb again and this time we made an interview with the bloody lord of Norway! With the project called "Gorelord" from 1999 till today, he was a man inspired from horror movies who showed one of the most dirty, perverted, hellish music in the world. And he has also been in many Exteme Metal project till now and today he pursue with only Gorelord. After read the interview you will understand that he quit his old crazy life...

Frediablo as "Gorelord" after 2006's "Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre", he is coming with fourth studio album called "Chapter IV - Hellbound" soon and he will frighten us again and this time he characterize his music as "Groove Infested Horrorcore". Here is the interview with Frediablo "Gorelord" from Morbidzine;

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Norwegian Lord of Gore from Turkey! Before asking questions, Frediablo we thank you so much for this interview by all Turkish Gore/Extreme music fans. New studio album called "Chapter IV - Hellbound" will be released soon. How will you frighten us this time? Could you tell us new album's story?

FREDIABLO: Hails to all mad men, boys, little and large girls in Turkey!! On Chapter IV – Hellbound I’ve taken on a slightly different musical skin. It’s mostly downtuned ugly groove infested horrorcore, but it’s also more melodic. I quickly realized while writing songs for Chapter IV, that it took a slightly different path than what I myself expected…. but a better one as far as I’m concerned. The songs are stripped down and in your face! Pissed off one minute, and melodic another. It’s like I’ve always said before… music to me is all about contrast. I have no desire to write another album like Force Fed On Human Flesh. Personally I hate that album, cause it’s so one dimensional and also extremely poorly produced and musically executed. I have matured a lot since back then (1999), and hopefully the songs on the new album can somewhat reflect that.

MORBIDZINE: We know Frediablo's world is horror, roughly I can say you are always watching horror movies, drinking alcohol, weed etc. and finally creating sick/gore/unholy themes which are inspired from movies, playing raw/satanic/killer music. Have this lifestyle been since your childhood?

FREDIABLO: My life today is extremely different than what it was back when I started this project. Back then I was all about shocking people, drinking and smoking weed and creating generic music glased with idiotic lyrical ramblings, but now… hell… I haven’t smoked weed in ages, and can honestly say, hands down that I have taken my last puff ever of that shit! I have no use for weed, and come to think of it, I never had. Looking back it was all a dumb fucking mindfuck. I like to keep my lungs clean of any poison these days. I work out every day and try to eat healthy. I’m not a young kid anymore you know. I still abuse alcohol from time to time, but not like I used to before. I can feel the after effects more now, and it’s just not worth it. I’d much rather spend time with my girlfriend and the few real friends I have, work out, spend time outside, watch movies etc, than getting drunk and wasting my life away you know. That shit still happens, but on a much smaller scale, and it feels great as fuck!

When it comes to movies…. hell… I haven’t watched a horrorfilm in a long time. What I’m into these days are TV series. The Sopranos, OZ, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Deadwood, Carnivale, Desperate Housewives, The Office (UK version only) etc… Me and my girlfriend can live in bed for days wathing whole seasons straight through.

As far as Satan goes…. Well, I’m probably as satanic as the local fish dealer down at the docks! Like I said before… I used to write lyrics to shock, but they were never a reflection on how I was or am as a person. It’s just like a film. It’s fiction. It’s not real. Fuck satan!! Fuck religion entirely! It’s the root of all evil! My lyrics these days does not even touch upon the subjects of satan or any of that shit! It’s horror combined with personal stuff.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 28.08.2008 Saat: 01:06
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Interviews This year they released their debut called "Of Frost And War" that was an earthquake for scene and certainly they are one of the applicant bands to reach peak in Death Metal arena. We made an interview with Netherland's new, fresh but consisting of well-known members band!

Yes, you know the members well! On vocals Martin Van Drunen (Pestilence, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower...), on drums Ed Warby (Gorefest, Elegy, Demiurg...), on guitars Paul Baayens and Stephan Gebedi (Asphyx, Thanatos), on bass Theo Van Eekelen (Thanatos). As we made this interview with drummer Ed Warby that you've also known from Gorefest for many years!

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Death Metal guys of Netherland! The band released debut album called "Of Frost And War", honestly, I wasn't waiting such an excellent album, as far as we understand fans liked it too much. Well, has it satisfied your expectations?

ED WARBY: More than satisfied! The reviews are extremely positive, sales are good, the fans love it, so we couldn't be happier!

MORBIDZINE: Do you believe to produce all stuff on this album what you've wanted till now?

ED WARBY: Well, there are always things that you want to change, and if we had more time I would have done certain things differently, but overall it's a good debut I think. For the next album we'll take a little more time for the mix and mastering, and we'll probably record more at home so we have more control.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:35
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Interviews They came again like bomb after 20 years! At War which is Virginia's ferocious Thrash guys, they've returned last year. Since the reunion, they've given many shows in festivals, they still play non-stop however work on a new album. Now, although this busy tempo, Paul Arnold who ise the band's leader, he spent his time for Morbidzine. We thank him! Here is the interview!

MORBIDZINE: Hello Paul. Firstly, we thank you so much for accept this interview and spent your time for us. What has At War been doing since the reunion?

PAUL ARNOLD: We have been doing a lot of stuff. We Just returned from playing the Headbangers Open Air Festival near Hamburg Germany with Exodus and Sodom. We also played in Mexico City with Agent Steel. Both shows were incredible and the bands were awesome. We have filmed a new DVD and are working on our new CD.

MORBIDZINE: If it isn't wrong, after reunion firstly you gave a show in "World War IV Thrash Metal" festival at Club Europa in New York. How was the reactions of audience?

PAUL ARNOLD: Incredible! There were so many people there so excited about seeing us it could not have gone any better.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:32
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Interviews People who knows Death Metal's doomy, deep style, therewithal they know Asphyx is one of the pioneer bands of this genre. After seven years, Netherland and Europe's Old School Death Metal masters returned in 2007 and they are giving shows without slackening. And we offered an interview to Bob who is the founder and guitarist of band, he accepted us, and now Morbidzine with Death Metal legends...

MORBIDZINE: Hails to European and Dutch Death Metal legends from Turkey!!! Firstly, Paul and Bob, thank you so much to accept this interview. How is it going on? What has Asphyx been doing since the reunion?

BOB: Hail Turkey! It's going fine overhere,thanx. Well,we did quite alot of shows/festivals and right now we're busy writing new songs. Also there's an new EP from us released on Iron Pegasus records which contains a new track called "Death...the Brutal Way" and a Celtic Frost cover named "Os Abysmi Vel Daath".

MORBIDZINE: Where was the first show of band after reunion? Can you tell us the view-points of audience to returned Asphyx?

BOB: That was in Bad Berka,Germany on the Party San Open Air.The audience was excellent,we got big hails!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:30
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Interviews An interview bomb from Morbidzine with Artillery! Last year they returned and began the works of new album and Michael Stutzer is from Stutzer brothers who is the founder of Denmark's Thrash legends, he accepted our interview, and answered many unknown questions about the band. We thank Michael Stutzer to spent time for us!

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Danish Thrash Metal legends! And hello Michael, primarily we thank you so much to accepted this interview. How were the shows on Metalmania, Metal Royal, Revenge Of The True Metal festivals and the others?

MICHAEL STUTZER: It has been amazing to return to the live scenes again. All shows has been so great with a lot of new headbangers starting to support Artillery. On the Metalmania show there was close to 6000 people. Italy, Sweden Rock Ctuise and the shows we have played in Denmark as well.

MORBIDZINE: What did you feel, when you gigged after years? How were the reactions of audience about Artillery they longed for?

MICHAEL STUTZER: Last time we played live was in 2004 and now we already have played about 10 concerts in 2008 with an amazing support from the headbangers, so we feel really good cause we love to play live.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:27
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Interviews If we say Germany and Assassin, I think these dual means important things enough! They are one of the pioneer bands of 80's Thrash Metal movement, and they returned with "The Club" in 2005, now two huge names; Michael Hoffmann, Robert Gonella and the band's manager Rudy answered our questions. Thanks so much for this interview to Assassin and Rudy by Morbidzine!

MORBIDZINE: Hi, thank you so much to spend your time for us. What are last developments about Assassin? Primarily, did the band find a new bassist instead of Ufo?

MICHAEL HOFFMANN : Yeah man, I think we finally found the right one! His name is Michael Hambloch and he will make his part of the recordings for the upcoming album.

ROBERT GONNELLA : Thanks to Ufo for all his help in the past 3 years! Ufo recommended Michael Hambloch as they know eachother for some time! Ufo will always be a part of the ASSASSIN family!

MORBIDZINE: From 1988's "Interstellar Experience" to 2005's "The Club", 17 years has elapsed. In your opinion, which conditions have changed for the band?

MICHAEL HOFFMANN : In reality I feel much better on stage now with these guys that have 25 ys of stage experience. In 1985 we didn´t even know what to do on stage and we couldn´t even play our own songs in the right way. Today Assassin is a pure fucking aggressive in your face Thrash metal show without fucking baloons or bubbles.

ROBERT GONNELLA : Yeah, we are a much better band now!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:25
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Interviews Now to Spain.. Since 1990s in Europe, Haemorrhage is one of the most solid bands on Grind/Death Metal arena, and they proved this with grinder albums like "Grume", "Morgue Sweet Home" and "Apology For Pathology". Luisma is the band's founder and guitarist accepted our offering, and answered our questions...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Luisma, all hails to Spanish gore guys from Turkey... Firstly we thank you so much to spend your time for us. You released a live album called "The Kill Sessions" last year. Do you tell us album's story and critics?

LUISMA: HI! Hails to all Turkish gore guys from the spanish gore guys! It’s a pleasure asking all your questions. Well as some of your readers already know “The kill sessions” is a studio album but is a “Live” album. For all the people that don’t know how a album is recorded just letting them know that the studio albums they have in their collections were recorded in different takes for every instrument: the first thing is drums, then the bass, guitars, and vocals. For “the kill sessions” we recorded in a big studio used to record the movies soundtracks, so we could play all together while our songs were recorded. This gave a warmer and real feeling to the music, something like a live show or something. And you also can listen how we really play if you come to our rehearsals. That’s the real Haemorrhage. The critics has been very good, even if all the songs were taken for our old albums. We were very happy with that album.

MORBIDZINE: And we wonder about the name "The Kill Sessions". Was there an influence from "The Peel Sessions" releases before you gave the name?

LUISMA: Of course our inspiration for this project were those albums released by the BBC radioshow of John Peel in the 80’s and 90’s, called “The Peel Sessions” performed by bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, ENT, etc....I still have those LPs in my collection of vynil jewels! ( I don’t sell them, so don’t ask me about it! ha, ha...)
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:20
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