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Interviews Brazil is a country which is Old School Thrash Metal's motherland and if you say Violator, you can see one of the young and successful conquistadors of this genre! Classic Thrash is alive with these and another mad guys, and Poney from Violator, answered our questions. Thanks him...

MORBIDZINE: Hails to Brazilian Thrashers... Firstly, we thank you so much to spend your time for us. What's last developments about the Violator? What have you been doing since the debut called "Chemical Assault"?

PONEY: Hey Turkish Maniax from Morbidzine! Thanx a lot for this opportunity and all the support! Really great to be in touch with crazy thrashers from so far! It has been almost an year and a half since we released the Chemical Assault assault album. Since then, a lot has being going on to Violator. We spend 5 months travelling through all South America in the biggest tour a brazilian underground thrash band has ever done. It was called "Thrashin' United South America Tour 2008" and we've played on holes from 9 countries. It was really amazing. Chemical Assault has been released in a vynil LP version in germany and will be released on Europe by Earache Records. We have also particpate in the great Thrashing Like a Maniac compliation, with excellent old school thrash bands loke Municipal Waste and Fueled By Fire. Thrashing can't stop!

MORBIDZINE: Can you tell us the critics in Brazil and other countries?

PONEY: The critics were incredible, beyond our best expectations. The first Chemical Assault press was over in three months. We are really happy to a lot os thrash maniax all over the world are in touch with us, and the fact that our music has been achiving places so far are really something for us, giving us the opportunity to meet more and more thrashers and build an international thrash community. That is more important than any good review in any magazines.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:17
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Interviews Necrodeath is one of the most important and respectable Extreme metal bands of Italy and Europe, since 80s till today, they have never left their way, we see that they still play Old School Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal with satanic and dark themes. They continue to exist among the peak bands of European metal scene. Recently we made a short interview with Peso from band, thanks Peso for this short chat by Morbidzine.

MORBIDZINE: Hi, how is it going? Primarily, thank you so much to spend your time for us. We liked "Dreaculea" too much. It was an interesting album, because we saw that Necrodeath combined the different musical tastes without losing Old School veins. How do you characterize your new album and critics?

PESO: Well Thanx A Lot For Your Nıce Words..We Have Work A Lot About The Last Project-One.... Yes Draculea Is A Concept Cd And Soudn Dıfferent Compaır The Others Necrodeath Productıon But I Guess You Can Recognıze Our Necrodeath-Sound...Anyway We Receive Alot Of Dıfference Review..Or Fantasıc Or Very Bad...In This Case There Was No Middle Way....Anyway We Are Really Proud About It!!

MORBIDZINE: There was a guest female musician called "Lady Godyva". How was this idea created?

PESO: The Idea To Finish The Cd Was Write A Requiem Song About The Death Of Vlad Tepes.. And In The Pre-Production There Was Only The Flegias Voice Mix Together The Rumenian Guest Nasta Voice....After Some Listening We Easily Feel The There Was Some Missing...So We Called Lady Godyva... We Think The Best Italian Gothic Band... And She answer With The Right Attitude And Recorded For Us Her Fantastic Voice!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:14
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Interviews After 1990, metal scene saw Exhumed's gore, vicious music that is combined with Thrash, Punk, Death, Grindcore, and they have been one of the most intense bands of this arena. Saying more words aren't necessary, made an interview with Gore Metal's crazy guys. We thank Matt Harvey who is the founder, vocalist/guitarist of band, he spent his time for us. A friendly, nice interview...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Matt. Firstly, we thank you for accept this interview and spending your time for us. How are you? We missed Exhumed too much :) Why did Exhumed have a break? What have you done since the band was inactive and do you think reunion?

MATT HARVEY: Well, basically there were a lot of reasons. One was the line-up changes that we went through. After recording the "Anatomy" album, we knew Col was going to leave, but right after it came out, Bud quit, and then right after the touring for the record ended, Mike lost interest. I gave him some time to come around, but it never happened, and we were already in the middle of recording "Garbage Daze" by then, and had already gotten money for recording, etc. and had no choice but to try and continue.

If I had known what was going to happen beforehand, I would have simply disbanded Exhumed a lot earlier, rather than continue on, but because of how everything went down, and because I'm stubborn, I tried to keep going with a different line-up that wasn't really Exhumed. I don't know if we'll do anything again. Col and I wrote a couple of songs last year, but it never got too serious. We were thinking about doing a record in '08, since it's 10 years since "Gore Metal" came out, but the motivation / time / money just isn't there to really make it happen. Maybe some shows in the future would be fun if the timing is right for everyone and it makes sense, though. I've been pretty busy since Exhumed has receded to the background. Col and I did a new Dekapitator record, and I have a new band called Scarecrow which is more like Metallica / Megadeth style Metal. We have a new split CD that just came out on Level Plane Records. I also did vocals for an old grind / deathcore band from around the bay area called Athrenody, that was a session thing. That just came out recently too. I did some shows with Cretin, which was really fun. We have some upcoming Repulsion shows on the horizon, so that'll be a good time.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:11
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Interviews In U.S.A., when "Thrash Metal" is talked for 80s and early 90s, you can call to mind Sacred Reich is one of the specific bands of this genre, especially they have been known with their honest ideologies. Now, we made an interview with Phil Rind who is the band's founder/vocalist, thanks him to answered our questions by Morbidzine.

MORBIDZINE: Hello Phil, before the questions we thank you so much for accepted this interview and spending your time for us. And an exciting return of last years! What's last conditions about Sacred Reich in Arizona and all U.S.A.? What have you been doing since the reunion?

PHIL RIND: Not too much. We are just living our daily lives. We have not been doing a lot band things.

MORBIDZINE: After reunion you gave a show on Wacken Open Air. How was the reactions of audience?

PHIL RIND: The Wacken show was great! The reaction was great as well. All of the shows we did, London, Vosselar, Eindhoven and Wacken were awesome. It was fun to play and nice that someone remembered us!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:09
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Interviews Yes, is with the Thrash Metal masters of UK and world. In 1983, two Punks started the legend and they gave ferocious, wild albums to scene, now today they are one of the greatest bands of Thrash Metal, they proved this with excellent returning album called "Killing Peace" in 2007. Actually, not necessary to tell more, here is the guitarist Nige Rockett who is the founder and leader of band, he answered our questions... A cheerful and long interview...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Nige.. How is it going? Primarily, thank you spend your time for us and congratulations for your killer return by "Killing Peace" in this year. We liked your album too much. What have you been doing since the album was released? What about critics in England and did it satisfy your expectations?

NIGE ROCKETT: Hi My Friend, Everything Is Going Great And Thanks For The Comments.... We Have Be Playing As Many Shows As Possible To Promote 'Killing Peace' Its Been Cool.... The Reviews For The Album Exceeded All Expectations, They Have Been Great And The Press In The Uk Was Amazing, We Could Not Have Dreamed For Better.....

MORBIDZINE: We see that the record productions faced to Northern lands. You and other some bands are last conquistadors of Thrash Metal. Regrettably, we see some people think "Thrash metal is dead". What's your ideas?

NIGE ROCKETT: No, No Way... Thrash Metal Is Far From Dead, Especially In Europe And In America Its Becoming Real Popular Once More..Also In South America And Japan It Has Never Gone Away.. The Future For Thrash Is Very Good Believe Me... A Whole New Generation Of Metal-Heads Are Discovering Just How Cool It Is...
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 19:05
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Interviews They were one of the bands that has perfectly deserved the term "90's underground death metal noise of Central Europe". Heavily influenced from German Thrash and morbid sound of Celtic Frost, the band was formed in the late 80's, so they especially hit the underground death metal scene with "Orthodox" and it has continued until "Dissuade Truth". Krabathor is not active band nowadays, but we contacted with Christopher to do an interview about band's current state and past.

MORBIDZINE: Hi Christopher, firstly we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. How are you? Can you tell us what has Krabathor been doing since the last album "Dissuade Truth"?

CHRISTOPHER: Ok no problem, my pleasure. After the D.T. CD Krabathor played a few more gigs and than we split up.

MORBIDZINE: Why did band leave from Morbid Records?

CHRISTOPHER: We were looking for some changes and the better deal for the band. But don't take me wrong Morbid Records is still good label.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:46
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Interviews This time, is with the Anvil which is the leader of Canadian metal/rock scene.. They knocked down 30 years in their career and they are milestone for Hard'n'Heavy, especially Speed Metal, even so they have went in a modest way. Now, Steve "Lips" Kudlow who is the founder and leader of band, he accepted us, we thank him. An interesting interview and honest answers...

MORBIDZINE: Hello Steve. How is it going? Before questions, we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. 13th studio album called "This Is Thirteen" was released last year and congratulations because we saw Anvil still plays Old School Metal.. Why did you choose the independent release?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: We decided to release independently because we make ten times the amount per cd sold. We have a movie that was made about us and it will provide all the promotion we will need.

MORBIDZINE: What was about critics in Canada?

STEVE "LIPS" KUDLOW: Critics in Canada are very nasty to Anvil. We have never been appreciated in our own country.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:40
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Interviews You know Tygers Of Pan Tang, if you want to say NWOBHM.. They knocked down 30 years and they still continue in the same way. Their debut album called "Wild Cat" in 1980, was a milestone in NWOBHM movement with other classic albums of same year. Later, they have released another masterpieces like "Spellbound", "Crazy Nights" and this year their 9th studio album called "Animal Instict" will be released. Recently, Robb Weir who is the founder/leader and guitarist of band, answered our questions. We thank Robb Weir and band's manager Simon Morton for this great interview.

MORBIDZINE: Hello... Firstly we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. Tygers Of Pan Tang released an EP last year and we saw some tracks re-recorded. What's about critics in U.K.? Especially new versions of "Hellbound", "Rock 'N' Roll Man" and "Take It"?

ROBB WEIR: Thank you for this opportunity to talk to your readers! The reviews we have had have all been fantastic. We have been very careful when re-recording the old songs to make sure they sounded fresh and relevant but at the same time still keeping with their NWOBHM edge and raw- ness..

MORBIDZINE: The new album "Animal Instict" will be released in the forthcoming months and this album is spoken nowadays, it is said to remind band's legend albums like "Wild Cat" and "Spellbound". Well, can you tell us new album?

ROBB WEIR: The new album has a 'Classic Hard Rock,' sound to it, a sound which nobody is really producing now. The songs are in the vain of our first two releases but with the benifit of to-day's technology. So drums sound bigger, guitars fatter, bass deeper and much better vocal sounds. The album really rocks from start to finish, if your readers love eraly 80s British hard Rock its a must purchase.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:37
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Interviews When we firstly contacted with Pat O'Brien of Cannibal Corpse, honestly it was true "we have thought it would be kick-ass and bloody interview". But as we've realized, Pat is very busy or don't want to give a fuck about answering the questions. So while we were mentioning "cruel guys of death metal", the result was the short answers of Pat... :)

MORBIDZINE: Hi... Firstly, we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. What has band been doing since the last album "Kill"? What about critics in U.S.A. and other countries?

PAT O'BRIEN: Yes we are happy with him and will use him again.

MORBIDZINE: You have worked for last album with Erik Rutan, and we saw that album is quite successful. Well, were you pleased from Rutan and do you think working again on new album with him?

PAT O'BRIEN: Yes we are happy with him and will use him again.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:33
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Interviews If you ask one of the 80's most respectable Thrash Metal/Crossover bands, we just point Cryptic Slaughter. Their name is still being echoed, because they are fastest Crossover band in history, as well as they inspired to Grindcore genre. A band who plays Grindcore, certainly you can see they have been influenced from Cryptic Slaughter. Firstly, when they showed the excellent combination of Thrash Metal, Hardcore and Punk, their ages were under 18. The band dissolved in 1990 but their marks in metal history, aren't being forgotten. And interview with Cryptic Slaughter from

MORBIDZINE: Hello. Firstly, we thank you so much for accept this interview and spending your time for us. How are you? What's band's recent position? Can you tell us?

SCOTTY: I'm doing great. And the band has been broken up since 1988.

MORBIDZINE: You released an EP called "Band in S.M." in 2003 which contains cover songs.. What was about the critics in U.S.A.?

SCOTTY: I know the fans really enjoyed it, don't really know what the critics thought of it. We never cared what they thought of us any ways.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:30
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