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Interviews Certainly, Municipal Waste can be pointed among the most dynamic and successfull bands of Thrash Metal/Crossover genre. They released their third album called "The Art Of Partying" and showed us the killer combination of Thrash Metal's noise and Punk's aggression again. The band approaching the peak day by day. And recently, made an interview with these mad guys. We thank Tony who is the founder and vocalist of band, he accepted the interview.

MORBIDZINE: Hi Tony. Firstly, I thank you so much for accept this interview and spend your time for us. And congratulations for killer album "The Art Of Partying". How are you? What has band been doing since "The Art Of Partying" was released?

TONY: Thanks! Well since "The Art of Partying" came out we went on a alot of tours with bands like The Haunted, Toxic Holocaust and Suicidal Tendencies. We also filmed a music video with Troma. We've been trying to stay really busy.

MORBIDZINE: What about critics in Virginia and in the rest of U.S.A.? Did this album satisfy your expectations?

TONY: I think it did. We were all pretty happy with the way the record came out. Most people were very impressed with the way it as well so I guess thats a good thing.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:23
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Interviews After founded in 1980, they became one of the milestone names of NWOBHM scene and influenced many bands, especially they have gone in a different way with dark, distinctive albums with some bands. Legend began with 1985's "A Time Of Changes", notedly, the song called "Blitzkrieg" was an earthquake for Rock/Metal scene... Today, the band released seventh studio album called "Theatre of The Damned" and showed the force of Heavy Metal again. Here is the interview with Ken Johnson of Blitzkrieg...

MORBIDZINE: Hello Ken, firstly, thank you and all Blitzkrieg members for accept this interview and spend your time for us. What has the band been doing since your last album "Theatre Of The Damned"? What about critics in England?

KEN: Hello and thank you very much to yourselves. Well since the release of theatre of the damned , we went back to Ireland for a couple of shows just prior to playing Wacken open air in August, gotta say to date i think all the band would agree that the Wacken show was probably a big tick in the personal lifebox for us all and the feeling of playing to 70,000 metalheadz woah!! Then after wacken we returned home and played a show in our hometown of Newcastle we hadnt played there since Feb 2006 so i think it was good timing, and then we brought 2007 to an end with a live show at the Music Live Expo at Birmingham NEC in the UK. The critics have been pretty good to us in the UK so far (fingers crossed) and we have been gettin some pretty good reviews in Europe for theatre of the damned.. So hopefully in 2008 we can build on that.

MORBIDZINE: In last album, we can still see, Blitzkrieg's strong, dark and aggressive Heavy Metal mood. Good heavy riffs, solid rhythms, melodic touches, your high musicianship and Brian's great singer ability.. Did this album satisfy your expectations?

KEN: I think we are all very happy with the material that was written for theatre, Guy came up with some great ideas which kept that NWOBHM feel but also had a freshness about it. And the track "Into The Light" probably my fave is just filled with emotion and feeling.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:18
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Interviews Hirax is an important Thrash Metal/Crossover band in U.S.A. since middle 80's and today they still go in the same way with stability. As Morbidzine we made a cool interview with Katon De Pena who is the band's leader/frontman. We thank so much him to spent his time for us.

MORBIDZINE: Hi Katon. First I must thank for accepting this interview and spending your time for us. How are you? What has Hirax done since the last EP called "Assassins Of War" in 2007?

KATON: Many tours. We have been in many places. U.S.A., South America and Europe... Especially, we had two successful shows in France and Germany. Response of our new CD and tour were quite crushing. Nowadays, we are being prepared to concerts, shows in Mexico. Well, if I say honestly when we give concert in this excellent country, we display our craziest shows. Listeners in this country are very brutal... I can't find word to say. And we are also quite busy nowadays. We'll come again to Europe with a new tour in May, 2008. Otherwise we have an EP called "Chaos And Brutality" that will be release in Europe by Selfmadegod Records. We spend the time writing songs for new album between tour and concert dates. We are planning all of these by the beginning of 2008.

MORBIDZINE: Has the last EP satisfied your expectations? What was about critics?

KATON: The critics were positive and we've got great reviews. But even so we have never been worried for coming critics. We've tried to make our work and we have dedicated ourselves to play and write true metal music. Considering fans which support us deadly has been the most important work for us. They were also supporter for our new EP called “Assassins of War”. The songs, cover artwork, briefly; all materials of new album satisfied us. We always want to give something for the people who take our music. Highest quality METAL! %100 THRASH!!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 21.08.2008 Saat: 18:08
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