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Hoşgeldin, Misafir
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Son Üye: ilytah
Bugün: 22
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Album Reviews: MORTA SKULD – FOR ALL ETERNITY (1995)
Album Reviews Since our adolescence, we usually labeled bands as Florida/USA Death Metal, South American, Sweedish, Holland or European Death Metal. However, there were some bands I couldn't categorize even they were parts of one one those genres and Morta Skuld, which is speacial for me, can be given as an example. They had enough technical capacity to take on most bands but when the members of the bands began to play industrial bullshit in some other bands, it was a big disappointment for death metal scene. They emerged at the same time and played in the same vein with classic USA Old School Brutal Death Metal bans like Morbid Angel, Obituary, Vital Remains, Incantation and Gorguts. The band reached the summit with "For All Eternity" but killed itself with its last album.

You can hear resemblence with the bands I mentioned above while listening mysterious combinations of the band. There are dark guitar sound, shadowy death metal riffs, suffering and grumbling vocals of Dave Gregor. Frequent tempo changings which the band likes, successful guitar compoisitions, short and technical solos and catchy melodic moments come forward in the album.

"Bitter Remembrance", "For All Eternity" and "The Bleeding Heart" are the oustanding songs of the record. I especially like the drumming in the album, it's perfect enough for a death metal album and brightens the blurry sound of the album. There is also a cover of their townsmen, Dr Shrinker, which is a lost death metal band from the same town with Morta Skuld. This album is the top level of the band and if you like classic American Death Metal, you can't resist it.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 11:20
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Album Reviews: EXCRUCIATE – PASSAGE OF LIFE (1993)
Album Reviews Old-school Swedish death metal could be one of the alternative ways for my death. There were many classics at the time to find and listen completely, so finally I discovered another band, this is Excruciate. The band plays what we have known in the name of old school sledgehammer death metal! No compromise, just hellish ambience with doomy atmosphere parts. It’s possible to catch many superb riffs when you listen the entire album. But the vocals would be a little better, this is the most downside of band. I can’t mean he is weak of course but more different vocal style would fit the sound a lot better. Anyway they play the death metal as it should be. There are quite interesting and perverted track names like “Anatomical Self-Fertilization” or “Eternal Incubation”, their imagination was very wide. Some doomy parts can cause you feel the monotonous but you’ll also listen cool funeral ceremony ambience parts almost like a dead one is alive again, and have started to eat itself. In fast-tempo parts, awesome blast-beats make more violent that was extended to Grindcore. Most of the songs were filled with good tempo changes, serial-fire thrashy riffing is more dominant in some parts. Perhaps you say there’s also Entombed, Carnage, Dismember or Grave esque moments. Though the simple drumming patterns I liked the balance with guitars, however it was mixed very well. Buried into the Swedish graves!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 11:18
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Album Reviews There are many black metal/crustpunk bands that increase day by day in the recent years. I recommend some R.A.B.M. bands but I really don’t like some bands as musical in the same movement. Totalt Javla Mörker is already partly piece of scene in my opinion, andi recommend them as one of the best black/crust bands with Skitsystem. Obviously I think everyone can not do such a well-balanced combination between hardcore/crust and black metal because the two genres are quite irrevelant... But.. Totalt Javla Mörker is one of the rarely bands that succeeded the blending black metal and hardcore too harmonic. These guys broke all the thoughts in my head about the topic. This is fuckin violently music like Anti-Cimex, Sodom or Bathory are playing at the same time.

Formed in 1998 in Skelleftea, Sweden, the band's name means "Total Fucking Darkness" in English. Like Disfear and Skitsystem’s chainsaw tunes, it’s too brutal as a fallen sledgehammer on your head, and sometimes it has moments of dark and dirty like Amebix did at the time. D-beat punk blasting of drums and duals of muddy screaming black-death metal, grinding muffled style vocals, crustcore/death metal riffing, the result; their sound is very very insanely madness of unsound mind. Rumbling bass is quite dominant on music, it is another most delicious part of the band. These guys are really pure rage. People who want to listen as reference, they should start to listen the 2004’s "Manniskans Ringa Varde" and 2006’s self-titled. Recommended immediately.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 10:45
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Album Reviews Blending the Old School Death metal with the roots of Grindcore, how many bands have there been that revealed the brutality at the time in this style? Developing the roots so, present the death metal that can offer an infinite brutality? Very, very few… That was one of those myths Impetigo ... At the point of junction of cannibalism and metal, they did two legendary albums and an EP, and left the market. Founded in 1987, the American band’s first album “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” is one of the determinants in the genre, which is a source of inspiration for countless horrific Death Metal and Grindcore bands, the masterpiece still shines in the bright pages of the history. Based to 70s and 80s Italian horror movies on the brutality, this album is in the full of primitive Thrash, Death Metal and Grindcore way as musically, no this is not music, it sounds like a cannibal crew torments you before the lunch. In spite of a lack of tehcnical skill, guitars are heavy as hell, and the riffing has intensity cool, punch vocals have great gutturals like vomitting the intestinals or blooded brain of a victim, scary samples from the famous cult horror movies (remember the story of evil wizard who disentomb the deads from the graves and use them in his gore stage shows) adds great ambience. There are some Napalm Death, Repulsion, Macabre-esque parts on tracks, especially in primitive guitar riffs, if you have fucking technical brain which likes millions of riffs in one minute, then keep far away from this masterpiece. Zombie? Yeah, Dario Argento, go to the Haiti, and escape to the hospital to find the doctor, but no exit they will surround you!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 10:36
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Album Reviews: DISEASE PROCESS - S/T (2011)
Album Reviews At the time, i discovered these psychopathic Australians when i was looking for the new mentally-ill noises. Disease Process is a two-piece d.iy. black metal/grindcore/crust band from Perth, Western Australia that was founded in 2010. As the rough-hewn mix of d.i.y. satanic/anarcho grindcore, crust with death and black metal, this is the first demo tape of band to offer uncompromised noise of uncontrolled barbarism that’s coming from the days of “Death To Capitalist Hardcore” s slap that Sore Throat did at the time in behalf of carrion grind-crust, to the same years that Earache presented grindcore’s 87 model with the bands such as E.N.T. and Electro Hippies and Repulsion dose together with some of black metal hints.

8 rapist tracks in 10 minutes force the limit of animality without any fuckin melodies, any catchiness, that’s the real brutality! Guitar sound is extremely fuzzy like you thought, vocals are extremely muffed, unmitigated drums always dominate the anger, in the result these factors make the noise of that buzzsaw shredding. Some tracks contain good punk-grind riffs in the vein of the old school grindcore bands we mentioned. In fact does not need to explain how it has every aspect of uncompromising, ruthless, devoid in a single tune, and I have to add that like all the these type of records, not get an awful record quality absolutely. In the lyrics, i don’t know enough, but i think their approach is based to topics of hate, chaos, misanthrophy, anti-religion, devil worshipping and anarchism. Not only for grind, crust, i sure it will be also attractive even for the fans of black-death metal i sure.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 10:34
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Album Reviews Need to avoid, because Perversor continues to attack with blasphemic rapid fire that's bombarding us with the flame of automatic hell atomizing weapon. Guys seem to reached to the best black metal bands of South American scene, it can not be wrong to mention i guess. Santiago city is not already surprise, because when it’s in Chile such bloodshedding, and the relentless massacre of black-thrash-death metal absolutely comes from this cursed town. Since the guys have released their blasphemic destruction “Cult Of Destruction” in 2008 under the influence of Blasphemy, Archgoat, Sarcofago, Sodom and Chilean bands such as Death Yell, Pentagram, during this time they provided much improvement. The debut album was also great but the vocals were buried more into the instruments and it was lack of guitar solos, it means never bad of course.

But “The Shadow Of Abomination” is more glorified with successfull production as it should be, neither more, nor less. This time vocals spread the unending profane terror with zestful screams, reverberant growling singing of excellence, and it’s possible to hear a great guitar solo in “Slaughter Of The Innocent”.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 10:01
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Album Reviews: HACAVITZ – METZTLI OBSCURA (2010)
Album Reviews When i first listened “Katun” i didn’t even have any information about the band’s debut. Complete psychopaths that play death metal from the Mexican territory, they destroy by mixing the chaosy guitar sound that creates war atmosphere and demonic vocals of doing damage to anti-christianity. The last one “Metztli Obscura” shows more destructive and mature improvement of band which they oriented on speeding up and ripping. People compare them with bands such as Belphegor and Behemoth, they're right about the musical orientation but i've never liked this comparison until now cause of accepting that as an insult for Hacavitz.

As i've seen band focused on the Mayan mythology, so there are the traces of Mayas including also the name. It comes from the Mayan mountains, but normally mythology was not important for me if they ‘re only oriented on Mayan mythology because a band like Hacavitz should have blasphemic or anti-religious standing at least, already they have.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 09:54
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Album Reviews When I first heard the EP name "Penis Metal" a few years ago, thought an interesting band and how it was something i faced, i asked myself. But later Hades Archer was one of the greatest favourite bands of me from the underground black/death metal scene in South America. Spreading chaos, unholy pervertion (especially with the secret cover of Sodom’s "Equinox”) we encountered with these demons, so their debut album to have such a wonderful does not surprise for me. Of course not, there are some bands to say about that "their ep or demo was much better than the first album, it does not reflect the same atmosphere” but Hades Archer has done the opposite, and they released the "For The Diabolical Ages" curse.

The sound is more black/thrash metal than the EP with some death metal filled parts. Except that "Into The Black Mass" which has the apocalyptic mood, the album creates deadly destruction, crushes all the holy themes from start to finish. Reverberant vocals, fast and brutal thrashy riffs are exploding on your face, the well-written guitar solos, when all these factors together have created a stunning ambience. The cover artwork reflects the perversion theme successfully. "Sodoma Eden" is my favourite as an element of damage which is a full-fledged. "Ways of Bestiality" has suddenly tempo change with a strange passage. The effected brutal vocals almost came out from an exploison of hell. "Daughter of Perversion" was dominanced with more chaos. Reverberant necro sound of South American hell. This fully reflects the terrorism of satanic thrash-black metal you wanted to inhale.

Think "Bestial Devastation" and "Morbid Visions"era, or Sarcofago, Sextrash, Mutilator. Highly recommended! (Note: The Santiago city is really unholy!)
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 20.07.2014 Saat: 09:47
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Album ReviewsDeath, satan, black mass, occultism and a band as severe as a hammer slamming to the head. Witchrist is a side-project by the members of Diocletian, and their debut Beheaded Ouroboros is absolutely one of the most cruel and pestiferous records of 2010. What separates it from other death metal albums of the year is the hellish black metal influence. Pre-90 Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Incantation, Asphyx and some Blasphemy & old Mayhem are the main influences of the record.

There is an intense occult atmosphere in the album. The songs are usually on mid or fast tempos but when you hear the slow doomy parts, often with the help of church bells you are in a demonic trip. The sound is raw but plain. The vocals are mostly raucous roars but in slow & heavy parts you also hear suffering screams. The guitars are down-tuned, occasionally playing necro black metal or devastating and catchy thrash-death riffs. There are also Slayerish twisted solos. The whole album is a ritual and can encourage you to perform black mass in a cemetery.
Gönderen: BluesForAllah Tarih: 14.07.2014 Saat: 22:12
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Album ReviewsBLASPHEMER METAL PUNK! This is an album that can blow the your mind! Formed in 2002, Infernal Stronghold cursed & destroyed all the curches and raped the gods with their flawless mixture of blasphemic black metal and punk. They were influenced by 90's black metal and dark Sweedish crust; early Sodom, early Darkthrone, early Mayhem, Impaled Nazarene, Hellhammer, Blasphemy, Bathory, Katharsis, Anti-Cimex, Disclose, Discharge etc. And with their lyrics talking about brainwashed minds, how bullshit the religion is, calling god dog, breaking into the churches with big trucks, the band distinguish from most of the other neo-crust bands. Basically a DIY punk band playing venomous punk/black metal.

The songs are short, and the album lasts 26 minutes. The production is qulified, but not synthetic or polished. The leading melodies in the songs often remind the ones in Transilvanian Hunger, especially in "Crippling Blasphemous Persistence" and "Crashing Trucks into Churches". They are the most "black meta" tracks in the album. On the other hand, there are more punk-influenced songs like "Taghut" or the last song "Buried by Grime & Crust". Especially the Buried revives the Sweedish Hardcore. Although the songs are fast & furious by the aid of blast-beat assault of drums, there are some slow, dark and doomy passages, too. If you like bestial black metal with some thrash metal & punk influences, this album is just for you.
Gönderen: BluesForAllah Tarih: 14.07.2014 Saat: 22:02
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