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Hoşgeldin, Misafir
Üye Adı
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Son Üye: ilytah
Bugün: 22
Dün: 34
Toplam: 25313

Şu An Bağlı:
Ziyaretçi: 121
Üye: 2
Toplam: 123

Şu An Bağlı:
01 : esucug
02 : ilytah

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Festival Reviews: Brutal Assault Black Friday Announcement!
Festival Reviews Here you can find Brutal Assault Black Friday Announcement;

"Black Friday announcement with ABBATH, MOONSORROW and GRAVE! This time we’re about to bring more orthodox stuff to the table, starting with Norwegian giant gone solo ABBATH! The aptly named DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT will perform their blood soaked ritual at this BA. We are also welcoming the pagan veterans MOONSORROW. Germans DUST BOLT bring thrash metal as well as their partners in crime LOST SOCIETY from Finland. Blasphemous Polish death metal act EMBRIONAL will be part of the line-up as well as Swedish melodic doom/death act OCTOBER TIDE and lycanthro punk originators WOLFBRIGADE. Fans of modern forms of metal would appreciate young Australian metalcore with mathcore elements JACK THE STRIPPER. American songwriter KING DUDE will perform his dark neo folk. Unfortunate news in the end, NILE had to pull out the fest, however we managed to get two other great death metal acts on the bill to compensate this loss. Namely the godfathers of Swedish death metal GRAVE and the returning turn-of-the-millenium Brazilian prospects REBAELLIUN!"

Brutal Assault Official Facebook Page -

Brutal Assault Official Web Site -
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 26.04.2016 Saat: 15:30
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Festival Reviews: Brutal Assault Festival Location
Festival Reviews The place of metal violence call you to Jaromer as every year. Brutal Assault 2016 comes, and don't you still know where the festival will take place again in this year? Then check the link below.

Click here for the location map
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 26.04.2016 Saat: 12:30
(Read More... | Puan: 0)
Festival Reviews: Brutal Assault New Bands Announcement!
Festival Reviews Brutal Assault 2016, new bands announcement really can make you a heart attack! Including Polish death/black metal veterans BEHEMOTH, Californian grinders CATTLE DECAPITATION, and Polish black metallers MGLA that bury us into the darkest depths with last one "Exercises in Futility", there's new announcements!

New bands with Behemoth!

ANIMALS AS LEADERS may currently be the finest progressive / experimental / djent act. Musical prodigy and eight-string guitar wizard Tosin Abasi and his colourful circus of musical variety will debut at Brutal Assault fest. We''re pleased to announce, that Polish stars BEHEMOTH will once again be one of the headlining acts at our fest! Californian deathgrind powerhouse CATTLE DECAPITATION will play this year as they had to pull off the last time. Samurai bulldozer goregrind commando JIG-AI of the capital of grindcore (Czech Republic of corpse) will smash brains and commit seppuku while on the other hand KNUCKLEDUST will bring their London’s filth based hardcore punk while celebrating 20 years of the band; all that without any lineup changes. Also comming from the UK, MITHRAS are experimental death metal act and their music is full of cosmic visions and ambient atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Immolation or Nocturnus. Possibly the hottest act in the nowadays black metal underground is returning to our fest. Make sure to catch MGŁA on the main stage this time. MONO are instrumental post rock stars of Japanese alternative scene and will debut our fest alongside MUTOID MAN – a project of Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die) and Stephen Brodsky (Cave In). Also debuting at Brutal Assault will bet the returning MISERY LOVES CO. These Swedish maniacs blended power and melody, aggressiveness and subtlety and still retained the most important aspect - the song. When the band first signed to Earache, they were a relatively new name to many, but within a few months they had rightly become acknowledged as one of the mightiest discoveries of '95.

Brutal Assault Official Facebook Page -

Brutal Assault Official Web Site -
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 25.04.2016 Saat: 14:20
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Festival Reviews: Brutal Assault Announces New Bands!
Festival Reviews Brutal Assault Festival announced one of the first insane acts of this year! ANGELCORPSE!!!

An unholy death metal act ANGELCORPSE did reunion for the new shows after many years, and if you will be in Jaromer for Brutal Assault 2016 this year then you have very chance to see them in your life one time at least! Also another important announcement is USA death metallers IMMOLATION! Start to book your place in advance! Official Announcement;

Next bunch of newly confirmed bands is here. Among the acts confirmed for the next year are Australian metalcore stars PARKWAY DRIVE and legendary NY deathmetallers IMMOLATION! We're also proud to announce that icon US based death metal act ANGELCORPSE has reformed and will perform BA 2016! Leading groove metal formation DEVILDRIVER will also play next edition and the same goes for Swedish death dealers TRIBULATION and early millenium prospects DISAVOWED, who will present their extreme technical death metal! American progressive thrashers VEKTOR and crossover thrashers IRON REAGAN are closing this batch!

Brutal Assault Official Facebook Page -

Brutal Assault Official Web Site -
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 17.03.2016 Saat: 17:30
(Read More... | Puan: 0)
Festival Reviews Two nights of full vicious and hellish aggression happens in the best way to be in the leadership of "Romanian Thrash Metal Club" in Bucharest ever year so i felt very lucky because of i saw this year's madness. This time Old Grave festival has brought an incredible line-up together again and when i reviewed the past years i was angry at myself why i have not participated in previous year(s)? There's a definite case that this team is very well organized and they did perfect business as i saw for two days! Yep, when you call an organization that you want to be fully attractive variation then you're in the right place to see the hammer of satanic metal that fell down and hailed us with the velocity of thrash & black & death metal. Another attractive situation is the structure and the appearance of the venue which they call us Fabrica Club.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 25.10.2015 Saat: 16:14
(Read More... | 9455 byte kaldı | Puan: 0)
Festival Reviews When we arrived Garde Du Nord in Paris we were worried with a community that surrounded us and thought the case goes in a strange way. Don t know why we have not watched Warmup because drinking beer caused to miss Degial and Obliteration and these bands would not play in the festival again. Night subsequently ended with closing a pub to drink beer until morning, i sure even the pub owner did not expect such as customers at midnight. The first festival day came and when we entered the venue an exquisite book of Chris Moyen "Thorncross" attracted my attention and i bougth one immediately. It contains all his artworks so far, and it has a gift the vinyl of Archgoat & Incantation.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 12.11.2013 Saat: 15:40
(Read More... | 9862 byte kaldı | Puan: 0)
Festival Reviews

Before the festival i thought i could go crazy after watching such bands in two infernal days, it really came true. In my opinion it s not so easy to see these bands together in any organization again. Almost every band has its own ambience, there were visual shows, there was glory.

Saw immediately upon arrival that Postbahnhof is under the invasion of insane metalheads and one of the funniest moments i remember was the confused looks of cashier girl in supermarket to see many bastards who often buy beer without stopping. AO Hostel which is where we stayed is also under the attack of bands & fans, festival has set here as the place to stay.

First night we met with the guys of Kill who are insane and cool and later we went to mighty Black Land club perhaps with the expectation that we will enter the Warmup of festival although we do not have tickets but the principles ruled so we could not enter, we ve already come just for the festival. The night ended by drinking beer in front of the club and talking with guys of Satanik Goat Ritual and Impure Worship.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 15.11.2012 Saat: 18:35
(Read More... | 14250 byte kaldı | Puan: 0)
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