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Son Üye: ivibefega
Bugün: 14
Dün: 35
Toplam: 25340

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Ziyaretçi: 116
Üye: 1
Toplam: 117

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01 : ivibefega

01: 54.36.149 xxx
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16: 66.249.64 xxx
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20: 178.159.3 xxx
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35: 216.244.6 xxx
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40: 66.249.70 xxx
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45: 36.57.176 xxx
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53: 54.36.149 xxx
54: 165.231.1 xxx
55: 66.249.66 xxx
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75: 45.77.218 xxx
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88: 42.115.15 xxx
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102: 46.161.9. xxx
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113: 54.36.148 xxx
114: 54.36.149 xxx
115: 199.116.1 xxx
116: 199.59.15 xxx Interviews

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Interviews It is inevitable to witness a superhuman band when you have crossed paths with Inferno then you will hear a creation of high-level awareness. Czech band especially showed this unique going with their latest full-length "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness", it is serious dark ritualistic assault for black metal fans of the genre. A brand new full-length and their European shows will continue to spread the sounds of eternal darkness in 2016, in the meantime the vocalist Tomas answered our questions.

MORBIDZINE: Infernal hails Tomas! Thank you for taking the time to us. What kind of bewitchment, anti-human and darkness must we expect from the new full-length? Will it be a continuation of "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness" as the sound?

TOMAS: Salve Satanas,

The new album “Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)” will continue in the path and vision of the previous album “Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness” so one can expect compositionally complex and dense, personal music. The album is shaped by our personal approach to various doctrines, ideas coming from the innermost selves, our own spiritual practise and experiences. The album is intended mainly for those who are capable and willing to grasp its substance and potential. We have always tried to portray our own inner movements, our true wills and now we also step over the limitations of the past. We wish to know and see beyond the horizon.

MORBIDZINE: For example; i listen to the albums such as "Black Devotion" ve "Uctivani temne zurivosti" and the latest one. Okay the band goes in the same way but there is still a great sound revolution in the latest one in my opinion, do you agree with me?

TOMAS: Yes that is true. Personally I think that the “Black Devotion” and the period around that album was a milestone that marked a new era of INFERNO. Around that time we moved forward and gained certain distinctiveness which is now evident in the latest works. It ignited a spark that burns inside of us and pushes us towards our personal notion of artistic “perfection”. The main impulse behind the change was the departure of the past guitarist Azazel who also used to be the main composer. This role then passed onto Ska-Gul. Our previous routines and principles were re-evaluated and everything became clearer and freer. Our minds started to work, certain vibrations were strongly felt as well as evoked and we found a good chemistry. We just followed these incentives and knew immediately that the music of INFERNO will never be the same
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 22.02.2016 Saat: 22:10
(Read More... | 13196 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 0)
Interviews When we remind the infernal mixture of death and black metal there is no doubt that mighty Angelcorpse is one of the most important points you will arrive because they ve brought the genre to a significant level in the 90s. Perdition Temple has already spread the curse in recent years but it s so obvious that death metal fans have expected the reunion news of Angelcorpse on the other hand, and another nightmare of all holiness now continues where it left off. Here you can find an interview we did with Gene Palubicki;

MORBIDZINE: Hails Gene! Thank you for spending your time with Morbidzine. I m sure many people ask about a new full-length as they wondered the shows so there s also a lot of metalheads (i m one of them exactly) plan to realize their infernal desires called as "one of the bands i want to watch before i die". Have you set a period limit for the shows? Could you give me some information about the future course of AngelCorpse?

GENE PALUBICKI: For the ANGELCORPSE reunion stuff... there are no plans for an entire full length of any new music... but there might be something we will do... for the events we are attempting to hit as many different regions of the world as possible so there won t be any long tours in any particular place... like in the USA most of all events will be at festivals... All activities are intended for the most part to land in 2016, but time contraints may force a roll over into 2017 for a few territories...

MORBIDZINE: I know you don t want to say definite dates right now but you ve been added to mighty Maryland and obviously we would want to know when the shows in Europe will start? Have you received invitations from many festivals?

GENE PALUBICKI: there are a few Europe festivals set and also what will be an 8-9 day tour during 2016... for USA so far announced are the MDF and CDF festivals... other large ones are yet to announce... we also aim for Australia and South America and Canada...
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 02.12.2015 Saat: 13:18
(Read More... | 7809 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 5)
Interviews GOAT METAL continues to annihilate and slaughter without compromising! Canadian demons NECROHOLOCAUST dominates in every new record and deliver ultra barbarism in the way of GOAT! And it seems that their debut full-length LP "Holocaustic Metal Goat" will hammer again with necrobrutality and command to your nightmares so we wanted to learn Plaga Negra s evil and bestial ideas!!!

MORBIDZINE: Hailz Plaga! Recently listened "Sadomasochrist" from the first full-length so it seems that this time you ve really got intentions of destroying the universe?



MORBIDZINE: Barbaric slaughter continues without compromise but what about the differences between the new full-length and old records in your opinion?

Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 01.11.2014 Saat: 19:29
(Read More... | 7603 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 0)
Interviews Nightmares began to become more terrible after the groundbreaking full-length "Putrid Death Sorcery" and the new 7" named "Even Death may die" says the danger will continue! Vlad now tells what awaits us in the new album and many other things!

MORBIDZINE: Hails Vlad! Honestly, Necrowretch show at the Wolfthrone II is one of the most anticipated moments for me now. You ll bury us into the eternal damnation, I guess?

VLAD: Infernal hails ! Yes, prepare yourself for something really sick as it will be our first show after the release of our second album “With Serpents Scourge”.

MORBIDZINE: An ominous and destructive track "Even Death May Die" seemed before the album and ripped our brains as usual! Like you said before, it really has more bestial, however it s a trademark Necrowretch track so the new full-length started to scare me. Could you give some details?

VLAD: The second album is way more possessed and bestial than Putrid Death Sorcery. We pushed everyone to the maximum while recording the album : playing at maximum speed, inflicting pain to myself for the vocals record and pushing every fucking thing to the limit for the mix of the album. That will be a deadly album for death metal, but far away the best album for Necrowretch.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 26.10.2014 Saat: 14:33
(Read More... | 6564 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 5)
Interviews Releasing their third mastershit Goatblood Panspermia in 2010, Beastial Black/Death Metal goats Sadomator have been persecuting all the virgins and now here is an interview with Seventh Blasphemer.

MORBIDZINE: Bestial hails to Sadomator and Seventh Blasphemer! You accepted to spend your time for us. Totally perverted, goat worshipping, had declared war death-black metal in Sadomator's way like recorded in hell to devastate and desecrate all divinities. Since the debut we can see each of Sadomator albums show the insanely rising of band. Tell us the goat worshipping ideology of "Goatblood Panspermia" and previous recordings in your opinion?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: Hails, sorry about the late reply, things is always busy here and it is more and more rare that I am in the mood for interviews. Better late than never, I hope. The product of Sadomator has been the same from the beginning, as it was with Sadogoat, to spread the message of total death and profanity. Mostly the new album deal with the ever present goatlust in death metal of the underground kind, so this is the way of life manifesting in the music and lyrics.

MORBIDZINE: There's a track named "Goatzone Massacre (1944)". Which side of the second world war this track is based on?

SEVENTH BLASPHEMER: It is based on the side of the Goat Cult, it is an old Sadogoat track which we re-recorded. The lyrics are very short and just tell about how to vanish into the void. There is not much to it, it was written during some occult session many years ago.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 03.08.2011 Saat: 04:15
(Read More... | 12849 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 0)
Interviews Last year they struck the hammer of blasphemic death metal with their excellent debut named "Under The Hammer Of Destruction" and these Swedish guys will release their second album soon, finally here's an interview we did with Matt Mendoza recently;

MORBIDZINE: Hi Matt. Thanks, you accepted to spent your time to us. Firstly, I'll ask what're you doing nowadays? We read Bastard Priest completed second full-length following 2010's "Under The Hammer Of Destruction" madness. Could you tell us something about the new album? Like you did on debut, will we see the pure fuckin blasphemic death metal that's worshipping the old days of genre again on new album?

MATT MENDOZA: Hey dude! Right now we’re working hard to finish the artwork and layout for the new album. Musicwise it’s been done for months now but the artwork has been troublesome for us this time but I think we’re almost there now. New LP is 8 songs recorded November 2010 and mixed and mastered earlier this year. We’re really satisfied with the outcome and it’s gonna be cool I think.

MORBIDZINE: You hit the target although it's a debut yet so Bastard Priest got the special place suddenly for the true metal-punk fans of underground scene. We wonder the band has an history of 10 years. What were the effective occurrences of the debut so late?

MATT MENDOZA: Well, it took us a while to actually do anything and I guess we were too busy with other things. Better late than never I guess.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 10.06.2011 Saat: 01:58
(Read More... | 8209 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 0)
Interviews Released in 2009, Neutron Hammer showed tremendous menacing sound with the latest killer EP named "Extermination Kommand", Finnish perverted guys which are playing old-fashioned black-death-thrash with punk influences, now they're preparing a new album to release soon, and here's an interview we did with Kaosbringer recently;

MORBIDZINE: Infernal hailz to Kaosbringer and Neutron Hammer from Istanbul, thank you for accepting us to spend your time. There's never a deviation from the musical way since "Apokalyptik Attakk" demo. Tell us new destructive stuff after 2009's blasphemic perverted madness named "Extermination Kommand" if you have materials to release soon?

KAOSBRINGER: Hail! Yeah, you´re right, we´ve had our direction with this band since day 1. There has been a lot of fuss with other involvements of the members and that we all live in different cities now so that has been an obstacle for us. We still work on our debut full-length album but there is no schedule for it yet.

MORBIDZINE: What's your view on playing cover tracks? Will we see any cover from Neutron Hammer on new record?

KAOSBRINGER: Covers are nice to do once a while in live situation but we probably never will record any.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 30.03.2011 Saat: 18:26
(Read More... | 8361 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 0)
Interviews These Melbourne, Australian alcoholic guys does never swerve the way what you know about true metal from 80s till today. Combining the satanic thrash/black and speed metal with their intensely interested to the concept of serial killer stories, incorporating the elements of a Motörhead and Ac Dc's rock'n'roll with 80s punk scene or Exciter, Running Wild, Razor sparks, satanic vein of an Hellhammer or Venom and today's bands such as Toxic Holocaust or Gospel Of The Horns and all of other things like these; briefly they assemble all these factors at the same point away from bright & modern productions by their raw metal attitude without compromising.

Now; in recent days we made an interview with Hexx of Trench Hell;

MORBIDZINE: Hi Hushy! This is so cool to talk with any member of Australian dirty alcoholic speedy black thrashers Trench Hell. Thanks for spending your time for us. Let's talk about new crazy stuff following 2008's "Southern Cross Ripper". Still kicking ass like that, you go on the road as a drunk 80s metal, some punk and roll on new recordings again?

HUSHY (HEXX): Cheers mate, Great to hear from you. Yeah its only been 2 years since the release of SCR, Feels like so much longer, We're writing for a new album now so stay tuned for that.

MORBIDZINE: There were European tours in recent months including countries like Ireland, Nederland, Norway, Sweden bla bla. What was the impression of this tour and most crazy country as audience?

HUSHY (HEXX): Yeah we just done 4 full weeks in Europe doing shows all around the place! it was really chaotic! the festivals were great to play, My favorite would have been Headbangers open air, along side so many classic bands!
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 18.11.2010 Saat: 20:31
(Read More... | 8808 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 0)
Interviews Drünken Bastards has pure music, but mentally as well as they like to play dirty and alcoholic metal & punk, if we talk more open they are consisting of five mad Hungarian dudes who have influences of old-fashioned pure black metal, thrash metal from the 80s hardcore / crust and punk'n'roll richness in their music, and running from party to party to lie with big-breasted chicks. The band that's active since 2004, their second album to be released soon, so we contacted with vocalist Blizzard to make an interview, and he accepted to spend his time for us.

MORBIDZINE: Hails! This is great to talk about somethings with any member of that Hungarian pervert punky black/thrash guys. Thanks so much and I begin by asking about Pete Fire's diagnosed with cancer? What's about the situation of illness?

BLIZZ: Hey! First of all thanks for having us in your zine. Yeah the latest news are the worst in the bands history. As we posted it in our official statement: Pete has been diagnosed with cancer, exactly with lymphoma. The hospital treatmens have already started but the whole procedure could take up to 6 months. It means we had to cancel all of our shows for 2010, but we won't stop working and together we decided to write our third upcoming album in this period. So far we have 5-6 new songs and we have an idea for the whole conception as well. Of course all the cancelled shows will be supplied in spring after Pete gets better.

MORBIDZINE: Could we get some information about second full-length madness called "Horns Of The Wasted"? It has some tracks of debut, I guess these are new versions?

BLIZZ: Horns Of The Wasted is simply the best recording that I took part in so far. Raging, violent and massive as a nuclear warhead, I’m really proud of this album. Yeah there are more old tracks on the album than new ones, but we decided to re-record them because we wanted to show the real potential of those songs. I like them in their old format as they can be heared on Posercrusher, but the debut was totally low-produced while Horns Of The Wasted became extremely massive and this new sound gave new life for the old tracks as well.
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 01.09.2010 Saat: 01:04
(Read More... | 9336 byte kaldı | Interviews | Puan: 0)
Interviews If "Disbeat Crust horrorcore" or "Dis-cimex" definitions are reminiscent you can know these comes from apocalyptic crust act Besthöven in Brazilian underground scene of the last 15-20 years that has big importance about formation of South American crust movement and band (project) is tightly bound to diy ethic. There are themes about dark and pains of countries cause of wars, terrible scenes after wars, and social realities in Besthöven's noise which reflects the lyrics or lyrics which reflects this noise very well and for a long time Fofäo Discrust pursues the Besthöven alone. We contacted with him in recent days and he accepted to answer our questions by his full, honest and candid comments...

MORBIDZINE: Hi Fofäo!!! For us it's great honor to talk with any guy from this cult Brazilian noisy hc/metal band. Thanks, and let me begin by asking the story of the split record with Italian rock'n'roll guys Pistöns that was published in March 2010. What's about it? How did the two bands come together in this release?

FOFAO: Thanx a lot for the cool words dude…I am many happy with your interest in BESTHÖVEN ´s work! the Canadian label SUFFERING JESUS asked me to be doing this split with them…so I heard some trax from them in myspace and I enjoyed a lot!! I think that they are really original…great songs!! Cool lyrics!! …so I said= hell yeah! Let ´s do this fucking now!! Haha…

MORBIDZINE: Besthöven is a band who hasn't compromised 20-years d.i.y. raw - dark - anger hardcore sound. Well what's about band's sound character/progressions from past till today in your opinion? Can we say definitions like "Discimex", "Dis-beat crust Horrorcore" are summarizing band's noise?

FOFAO: Well theses descriptions are just something in my mind in right moments…when I started to use the “dis-beat crust” was co´z I saw tons of peoples in many places talking lots of shit against d-beat/discore and crust….so I think it is a bullshit…..why criticize styles of music into punk scene,when we have so fucking shit around us to criticize?? =unemployement for example… I just assumed this position….yeah,is this…I am crust,I love d-beat,I make discore and if someone do not enjoy this type of music can just keep distance of my records when see one in somewhere…horrorcore I used to do some connection with the sonority and the horror of war lirycs…etc….so I used dis-cimex to relate the 2 principal and biggest influences in my work= DISCLOSE and ANTI-CIMEX….etc….nothing so special behind these thermes dude….in the end are the same thing…..chaotic sound+realistic lyrics….. So..since the beguin the sound can be getting “different”…but I do not think it is “so” different in same time…. First demotapes was totally poor recording….bad studios,bad equipment also… today is more easy to go to a better studio and have better instruments also…I think it all influenced the “changes” in th music….but is still the same style….and I am trying always to keep a “characteristic” in my work….so I enjoy to keep the sound more raw,rough and crude always….My demo 95 is totally different quality sound than my last record…..but is still the same feelings….and…the band started in october of 1990…so,20 years will be completed soon…
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 24.08.2010 Saat: 18:49
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